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  1. Water is very high now. Really limited my fishing areas this weekend.
  2. Finally broke 6lbs this morning. Landed this giant 6.9lb Smallie on a big jerkbait. Also got a pile of Lakers including an 8.2lb beauty. They were chewing ahead of the weather this morning.
  3. Ugh, sad news. Looks like a great pup. Sorry Bob.
  4. Hey Beastly, I'm going to pick up a 8'6" Dialuna for Smallmouth fishing a big reservoir from the bank. Did you go with the medium light or straight light? I will mostly throw larger jerkbaits with it in spring/fall up to .75oz and topwaters up to about 1oz during the summer. I'm leaning towards the medium light. Thanks, Frezzy
  5. I use hi-vis yellow braid at the Chu all the time with no issues at all. I run long flouro leaders though. Usually between 10-15' for my leaders. The only time I use a mono leader is for topwater Smallies. I use either and FG or Alberto knot to connect braid with leaders and have no issues with reeling the knot onto my spool.
  6. Got 4 Lakers this afternoon. Nothing big. All about 3lbs or so. Blade baits. Still looking for my first Smallie of 2021. Tight lines! Frezzy
  7. Nice fish bb1. They looks fat and healthy.
  8. That’s a beautiful Smallie! I will be out a few afternoons this week looking for some of those. Great job.
  9. 5 rat Lakers for me this am. Jerkbaits and blade baits. Saw A handful of others caught on shiners as well. It was cold. Ice on guides was quite annoying.
  10. Yeah, I use Sufix 832 as well and have for many years. I have pretty much experimented with all the high end braids and always go back to 832. It's just a great all around braid. I use 10lb most of the time to maximize my distance.
  11. It's interesting. A lot of serious bass fisherman always say to use a shorter rod for jerkbaits and it makes sense. Like a lot of guys on this forum, I have been fishing redfins, sp minnows, etc. like jerkbaits in the salt for 20+ years on 10' and 11' rods. I have zero issue working a jerkbait on 7'6" rods at the Chu. I'm also a little taller at 6'2" so that might help a little.
  12. Yeah, I completely agree about most 8' rods being too heavy for FW. G Loomis makes a 7'5" GLX model in MH that throws heavy jerkbaits really well. A little on the pricey side at about $475 but it's a great stick. I like jerkbaits from 5-6" and around 3/4oz. That rod handles them with ease and they cast a mile. I also use a 7'6" Daiwa Steez AGS for my Vision 110's. Its an incredible jerkbait rod, but on the expensive side and really hard to find.
  13. Sure, shoot me a PM.
  14. Early spring is jerkbaits and jigs for me. Chu Smallies just smash jerkbaits. Use big jerkbaits. Nothing smaller than 110 size. I go much larger. Perch color is tough to beat as an all around producer. White in cloudy/low light conditions. Ghost/transparent colors like pro blue or elegy bone in the sun. Casting distance is critically important for consistent success on Chu smallies. Long rods with 10lb braid to 8-10lb flouro leader. Focus on secondary points leading into spawning coves. Hit me up during the season. I will be out there 3 days a week chasing the brown bass. Happy to share reports.
  15. I know it’s spring when I see the poor turkeys splattered all over 495...