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  1. Sorry to hear this news. Skitter seemed like a real good guy. RIP.
  2. This post is exactly why we are headed for a moratorium. Enough with the excuses guys. You are not helping the bass. The problem is that recs and coms are killing way too many large breeders. End of discussion.
  3. Hate to be a debbie downer, but it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.
  4. Maybe we should all be required to carry a portable genetic test and prove we tested our fish for genetic quality before harvesting?
  5. Striped bass never stop breeding. Doesn't matter how big they get. And a bass that makes it to 50lb certainly has good genetics. So IMHO killing a 50lb bass with its superior genetics does a lot more damage than killing a 30" fish.
  6. My money is on DP
  7. Yeah, but the winds will be from the NE this weekend! There is a HUGE difference between NW and NE winds in the fall in terms of how good or bad the fishing is. I am salivating over 20-30mph NE winds this weekend. Will be fishing south in Rhody...
  8. Thanks guys! I will give the cut 4/0 and siwash a go this weekend.
  9. How are you guys rigging the new torpedo? Cut 3/0's on front and back? I plan on drifting them on a dropping tide at my local inlet this weekend.
  10. How do you guys feel about afternoon/dusk for Albies? The only time I have ever really fished for them is first light/early AM. I was thinking about hitting some of the rock piles in RI this weekend around 3/4pm for a few hours before stalking the beaches with eels at night for bass.
  11. You could just use one of those orange lip grippers that the new breed of fisherman are using these days. Problem solved.
  12. They are probably just dead, like all the large breeder bass.
  13. Please stop blaming the damn seals for the lack of bass. It is only masking the real problem, which is both the recs and comms are killing way too many large breeders...
  14. Download a weather app and use it. You don't need to be a hot weather babe with fake yatties to determine if a storm is likely in the area you will be fishing or not.
  15. Thanks Dinghy.