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  1. I've been fishing a lot lately. Only targeting Smallies though. I'm getting 4-7 fish each time out on average. It's been one here one there type of fishing for me. Lots of walking. Can't find any concentrated fish. Mostly on jerkbaits and some top water. Got a nice 4lb fish this morning on Rt 70 side. Got a 5.5lb Smallie over Memorial Day weekend. Beautiful fish...
  2. Thx Sanbars. Appreciate the help.
  3. Can someone please let me know the best gate to access Bull Rock? Thanks!
  4. Got 3 lakers and 2 nice smallies in the snow this morning! Isn’t it May 9th?
  5. Thanks bud. The Vision 110 is a great bait.
  6. Nice! That’s a tank. Congrats. Would you mind sharing what you caught the smallies on?
  7. Fishing was tough for me yesterday and today. Skunked both days. Wind was bad. Didn’t see any fish caught either.
  8. Does anyone throw tubes at the Chu for smallies? Tubes are a staple for smallies all over the country. Don’t hear about them much here though.
  9. Didn't hear any turkeys. I did hear two back to back shotgun blasts though. I'm guessing that is a dead turkey now.
  10. Thanks Zak! The smallies were choking the jerkbait this morning. Vision 110 in French Pearl. Got 6 or 7 with two of them right about 4lbs. Got soaked and cold and had to leave. Tight lines! Frezzy
  11. Anyone catching Smallies on artificials? If so, on what (if you don't mind sharing)? I'm going at first light tomorrow AM. Now I need to decide on the gate.
  12. Remember when people actually used to save money before they bought something? Now people just take out loans or use credit cards. Our entire economy is built on credit. It’s a real problem. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that so many people struggle immediately after losing their jobs. Regarding the recent run up in the market, it’s a forward looking indicator. I agree there is to much optimism about how quickly our economy will recover. I just don’t see it and personally feel it will be a few years at best. I’m sitting on cash waiting for the retest of the March lows which will come later this year IMO
  13. Ned rig is a upper Midwest finesse bass fishing technique that’s become very popular all over the US in recent years. It’s a Small 3” soft plastic on a light jig head cast on lighter spinning gear and 5-8lb line. Very productive and big fish eat it as well. Apparently the lakers like it cause I got 2 more today. Can’t catch a bass though. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.
  14. Well I didn’t catch any smallies, but I did get 3 lakers on a Ned rig. Go figure.
  15. Wow nice fish. Congrats to your son!