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  1. Agree. Good info an not spot specific.
  2. Dee Darters
  3. Thank you! You just brought back some very fond memories. I used to fish Puffer's all the time for trout in the spring. I was a fisheries biology major and we would go electroshocking on that little brook that ran into the pond. You'd be surprised at the size of some of the brown trout we shocked up. I saw several over 15" or so... Peppermill Pond in Belchertwon was also a spring trout hot spot back in the day. And of course the Swift River when I wanted to do some serious fly fishing and not drink beers with my buddies.
  4. Lol. Quick question, is that a guitar or a redfish in your pic?
  5. Back when the fishery was in much better shape mid-October was a great time to fish. You definitely had a good shot at a big migrating fish or two. You still have a shot, but you'll need some luck on your side. Should still be plenty of small fish around though...
  6. There is a "funny fish" thread running in the MA forum with daily reports from Buzzards Bay and the South Cape.
  7. Yes, the threat will die out as it gets colder. I think once we have the first frost all the mosquitos will be dead. There is no way to tell what next year will bring.
  8. One of the best days of fishing I ever had was 2 years ago right as Tropical Storm Jose was going by us. Pounded large fish for 2-3 hours. That was in mid-September. I think that event coincided with the new moon or pretty close to it so that helped.
  9. I will be at those spots on Friday morning. I'm not crazy about funny fish, but I need a little break from the poor bass fishing I had over the new moon (north of Boston). Once the mullet start dropping out in the next few weeks I will hit it hard again...
  10. Hey Fellas, I'm planning to be in S. Yarmouth this weekend and want to take my 6yr old boy out to try and catch a few Albies from shore. I only have experience fishing for them in Rhody. Can anyone recommend a spot or two (via PM of course)? I'm about as tight lipped as they come in terms of reports and spots so I understand if this is asking too much. I'm happy to reciprocate if anyone is willing to share and needs advice/spots on Albies in Rhody. Not that it's much of a secret anyways... Thanks! Frezzy
  11. The top one could be a Bassmaster.
  12. I have the Estuary and really enjoy fishing it. I also own multiple rods from every high end rod company and the Estuary is every bit as nice.
  13. Sad news. Thoughts and prayers are with you Tim.
  14. The problem is that’s it’s a lot more than “a few”.
  15. My builder puts the locking nut on top now. I prefer it that way.