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  1. I received a photo yesterday from a friend in Italy. So I tried to work out a play on Fabrizio's Adriatic bait fish during my sleep last night... rather than putting the Bob Popovics Fleye Foil on top of the monofilament EZ body the foil is under the braid and then then a silver tape eye is applied over the top.... under body is silver Bill's Bodi-Braid and then a wing of silver Krystal Flash all on a Veniard Osprey saltwater size 4. It is hard to see in the photo but the foil does retain is holographic sheen... but on a micro basis as the monofiliament creates scale effect over the top of the gut sac... Next time smaller... [img=]
  2. I posted this on Dan Blanton's board the beginning of April... rather than retype I'll quote myself... hopefully if it doesn't fit your trip it may help answer a question from someone else... "I have got the guy for you... Simon Graham (a pal of mine) is a South African who has made his home in Finland... Guides predominantly for pike and you can get him via His website Very successful guide... "Guiding has taken up 16 hrs of my day for the last month or so so sorry for the lack of posts recently. My fingers are swollen from yanking up the anchor rope so many times,have panda eyes from wearing the polaroids and I need a shave. Fishing has been consistant with yesterday giving us a 2 hrs session that only comes around once a month. 7 fish over 85cm the largest 97cm. 19 clients and 1572 pike caught so far this spring. Have some awesome film footage as well from the last couple of weeks. Anyway just bare with me over the next couple of weeks I'll try and post as much as I can." That was Simon's blog post from June last year... Over a 4/6 week period... Have fun! David" Tight lines... and yes that was 1,572 pike... not a typo!
  3. For some reason the images didn't come up and I can't edit it???? However click a box and they come up... ADMIN HELP PLEASE! Update... weird... they did in the end!
  4. I haven't posted in an age here... as I've been really busy... I've dropped in once in a while though to have a look. I am very pleased to say that stock is being prepared for distribution outside the US and its arriving soon! To show you that mere mortals can use these foils (rather than make copy a surf candy - BobPop is the Candyman!) I decided to try and put a spin on some EZ Body baits.... I think there is so much potential in these foils and am pleased that Bob asked me to look after the guys outside the US. So I attach a few photos of the 4/5 examples I've tied... the two small baits are tied on size 4 & 6 Veniard Osprey saltwater hooks and the EZ Body baits are on Mustad 34011 3/0 [img=] [img=] And they swim nicely too... just got to wait for the sea to warm up a bit and the fish to move in!
  5. From the album Forum Attachments

  6. Love the reels Pete and now I know you do have a Stealth 9600... have the blacked out bullet proof 4x4 ready for my touch down on the Cape
  7. This is THE thread with Brad's top tips... I've bookmarked it as it is such a useful thread! il
  8. Does Penguin like herring???
  9. OK today I took the fly for a swim... this fella was the first of 5 for 2011 on the first fly of 2011 for 5/5... scored about 4lb on the door... rest not any bigger but good to have a line tugged on a new tube! A not so good view of the fly in the water (rod in one hand and mobile phone in the other!
  10. Well if I'd have seen it over this side of the ditch for that price it would be sitting here right now... really nice piece... I'm sure you will enjoy tying at it whilst contemplating your next fish. Regards David
  11. Thanks for sharing...something for the weekend!
  12. When I walked into Genty's tying room almost 12 months ago I thought I had died and gone to heaven! And Jonny it is entirely normal behaviour its that perhaps some guys just ain't as fortunate to have partners who put up with it.... I am treading a very fine line at the moment Yeeha!
  13. That Moby Dick is a fantastic fly... Thanks for sharing.
  14. Nice tie Ron.... you are on a bit of a roll at the moment... you seem to be tying a fair bit at the moment.
  15. Jonny... great ties... I've found the rainbow's in a local fishery are very partial to perch pattern baits tied on 3/0 for the pike Like Greg I was impressed by those C&F fly holders you had at the Symposium.