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  1. like the bailed had bailess did not like it because in a little wind the arm would catch line and you will get your plug back in your face like the bailed mod better
  2. sorry dave c to far for me not worth the drive cost more in gas than postage
  3. pyramid mold sold to catch this 6 molds left new price 65.00 plus shipping
  4. will accept your offer for the cast iron pyramid mold 35.00 shipped
  5. the penn mold goes to 10 oz
  6. from 2 oz to6 oz
  7. have 7 for sinkers molds don,t want to split 75.00 for all 7 picked up on lbi nj if you want shipping add 20.00
  8. go to costco they cost about 45. per pepper 22 for 9,95 great price
  9. wood or plastic? have some rapla
  10. brown
  11. yes 0/6
  12. f/s mustad circle hooks 39960 st 25 for 10.00 shipped or 75 for 25.00
  13. have a new still in box gold 5500 500.00 picked up on lbi nj
  14. please close no interest
  15. f/s some new lures rapala /bomber 10 all together 50.00 shipped located on lbi nj