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  1. sold to bank disc thanks sol /
  2. current value of harnell 511
  3. will sell without lures 35.00 or best offer if you want and will get better pics
  4. 151/2x 16 glass is 83/4x 8 location is barnegat light nj 08006
  5. best offer for 1 or all
  6. lure display plus lures 70.00 shipped
  7. have 3 reel f/s 1 penn 320 1 penn 420 1 mitchell 320 all 3 shipped 115.00 all in working order
  8. have inking of 50lb striper 50.00 pick on lbi nj
  9. sculpture pic of striper by artist who worked for edward beam in trenton 28x 21 225.00 pick up on lbi nj
  10. some pics thats just dust on right hand side also have 8 rolls of film ,lots of booklets. some odds n ends make offer
  11. right hand side is dust
  12. some pics
  13. have one it,s in phila now will get it and send pic have a couple of lens for it
  14. thanks will call them
  15. looking for a ac installer near lbi nj