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  1. I got an invoice and was charged for things that were not shipped. Then I was not able to contact customer service, or get a response to emails. When I had my money accepted and goods not shipped in addition to no contact. I got a little frustrated. My only indication that shipments were on their way was a UPS notification a package was ready to ship. No indication of what was in shipment, nor when it would ship. Just that it was ready. Very odd.But we find ourselves in odd times.
  2. Items arrived today. All is right with the World. I would have been fine, with some information. 3 weeks no response was irritating. The supply house doesn't matter. I am sure lots of stuff is going sideways right now. Thanks. Good ideas. I am re-using frames, and the old foundation were plastic. What I need to do is move bees. Not far, but move them. Was liking the weather last few weeks with days in a row, they didn't fly. Was hoping for some of that so, they wouldn't want to fly while they re-orient. All I can do is go forward. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks, waiting on foundations and gloves, of all things. After just over an hour I got an answering service. I left a message. Crazy.
  4. Hello all. I am wondering if anyone has had items backordered from one of the larger Bee Keeping supply catalogs, not arrive. And not be able to get any infomation regarding items. I have been holding now, for 40 minutes. In the last 3 weeks, I have not had emails responded to, or been able to contact via telephone. Unfortunately, the items shipped were most important, or time sensitive. Just curious, and managing my expectations. These are some strange times. .
  5. This Wednesday, barrel house z, weymouth 8pm
  6. Skunks...While fishing from a popular set of pipes that go from a tidal pond to a river, I turned to walk off the pipe I was on, and had a skunk walking toward me. I clapped my hands, spoke to the skunk calmly, he turned and walked away....But I didn't know to where. I had parked a couple hundred yards away, and was walking down the street clapping and saying something like" don't mind me Mr. Skunk" or something equally stupid. Man people can look at you funny. Or the time I was fishing a section of the Indian Head, and stepped on a piece of wood, only to unleash a swarm of Yellow Jackets. In my waders, got to the road, Yellow Jackets all over me, in my waders, jumping around in the roadway, trying to get my waders off. Cars stopping and staring. Like I were St Vitus. Went into the General Store near by, and all the folks who'd stopped to stare, were there. I got a wide berth.
  7. Sam Adams is in JP, so I would say Ten Tables. May call ahead for reservation. Also, Check out Turtle Swamp Brewery, on Washington Street if you want something more craft and community. In the South End I would say Coppa for Enoteca type Italian, Toro for tapas. Orinoco or El Centro for Central / South American. There is Giacamo's other location also, located here. Gaslight Brasserie, on Harrison, is a good option for great Brunch, or any meal. This group operates a few restaurants in and around the South End. Aquataine being a great example. There is also Tremont 647. The North End. I like Antico Forno.. Seldom a line, but, in season you can sit on a bench with a glass of wine outside while you wait. Also Regina's for Pizza. I like the other North End suggestions, these are just mine. In the Seaport, Trillium for the beer people. This neighborhood is growing so quickly, I have no food recommendation. Sorry. My Chinatown recommendation is Peach Farm. You didn''t mention the neighborhood you'd be staying in. Explore and Discover. Hope you have a blast.
  8. 1 pearl, 1 red head, 1 pink over chartruese please
  9. I am really digging the FM. Tried wifi, tried bluetooth, chromecast....back to the old micro watt transmitter at the house. any radio on property plays my music on a, get this, a radio! Cheaper than buying Speakers for everywhere. But must admit I do use my Klipsch Three with bluetooth on occasion. It's hardwired to the pre-broadcast signal, and has no fm reciever.
  10. 13 Years, hard to believe. Rest in Peace. A true Original.
  11. Mabelline (in a minor key)
  12. Damn
  13. His vocal lines are programmed into the synth. If you see him, you'll hear his voice when he is not close to singing.