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  1. Thought I had responded...thanks for the reply.
  2. Perhaps a location would help others know if they could attend?
  3. Nothing in my area of Western Plymouth County.
  4. R.I.P. Walter
  5. Says permenantly closed in red, if Googled. not that it means much.
  6. Thanks, I go back and forth. Braid is a mixed blessing for me. Appreciate the input.
  7. Been some etiquette questions, so......Bump
  8. @Clambellies, That is amazing.
  9. Are you jealous of our property values? Or do you fear being away from Capes made of brick and aluminum siding? I'm sorry, I guess you may just like the fish to arrive later and leave sooner. I could be wrong, It's happened. There are many towns within 20 minutes of Carver that cover the spectrum of pricing in the area. As well as access to myriad of fishing oppurtunities. Lots of choices. I would look at the NewEnglandmoves website. You can enter more criterea than Zillow in your search. Good luck.
  10. I thought there might be something for more distance/capacity. I'll keep on going as is. Thanks
  11. I thought I'd seen a taller spool for the 704, A search turned up nothing. Am I crazy? (not that this would be the cause...) Curious if there is a spool that the line would come off easier. Thanks.
  12. Assuming the dial on the closed face is some funky drag? I love look and colors.
  13. It was given to me, and I dunno who made it. It's been fished, and was in the bag for a long time.
  14. Thank you.