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  1. hi mike I’d agree but the problem I see over and over is too much emphasis too early on trying to throw a lot of line before getting the timing and accuracy down with an easy to handle rod, at modest distance. More than ever I see timing, accuracy and being able to get the line to unroll and put a fly down properly, all going hand in hand. If not mastered at modest distance it just compounds with bigger rods and more line in the air. I spent money in the past with casting lessons, but nothing improved my SW cast more than 6 weeks of required precision casting with a rod that was physically easy to cast
  2. you’ve got some great questions and I’m sure the guys will chime in herewith valuable tips. I’ll stick to just a couple of things. id day the easiest rod to start with is a 5 wt and the best way to come up the curve (after watching a few good YouTube videos over and over) is to practice to one foot square at 30 feet, then 40 then 50. I can tell you I’ve been fly fishing for over 40 years. This year -again- I started the season fly fishing for trout with a light rod (4 and 5 wt), for weeks, most of it Was tight precision casts. If you can’t land a fly on a home plate at 40 feet in many cases you just weren’t going to catch the trout. yet again I came back to the salt, I picked up My 9 wt and reliably threw 100 feet. No way in hell my casting could have improved like that otherwise. likewise I’m sure after I get back to bad habits my SW casting will deteriorate a bit my 2 cents anyway
  3. How will history treat this? (In case there is any confusion among the loyalists - and there appears to be- the OP is a Trump Tweet from last week downplaying the threat of the virus. )
  4. im of the school who believes in the former for 9 ft rods in The 9-10 wt category. youll have to deal with wind and waves. There is no need for technical or delicate presentations, or perfecting your timing for an extra 10 feet. Get the heaviest line you can faithfully handle, wind up and let ER go. If it sinks quick enough to get under the washing machine of waves on the surface all the better.
  5. Thanks will take me a few days to measure. I’m Montauk. So if you are Shelter Is this would be convenient.
  6. Not sure if I posted these before. Still doing variations on these lately
  7. Is the hard top glass? Any cracks in the glass? ill take some measurements of my own t top to see if it might go. I have a canvas top now. Who knows ...
  8. I found the 5 min starts to yellow just a little after a month. But after 12 months the flies are yellow as hell. And the 5 min stuff stinks. I do use the 2 ton for volume work. It never sets as well as the UV stuff, but it’s strong.
  9. How can you say that? You guys are informed and articulate people offering great thoughts on social and economic policy. At times, you invite spirited but always respectful debate... kinda leading the way for keeping this a great country.
  10. well, I AM gonna miss you inbreds and degenerates. This page was a daily reminder that people like you actually exist. The current happy thread about the guy driving past barricades the wrong way to run down protestors, killing one, is just a great look for Stripers Online and everyone who chimes in. As long as nobody ever posts they’d like to run you down in a similar way, nope can’t have that kinda talk here, that’s horrible it would get a guy banned. Lol
  11. Amendment ? What are you talking about? You guys can belch about free speech but you don’t want free speech here, and Tim doesn’t either. But you don’t want moderation either. For reasons I don’t quite understand you want one sided hate speech and right wing trolling only. If the stats can be trusted, this political forum, which has only slid further In my couple of years participating. Now has more posts than the entire SOL Main Forum. Complaining about politics eclipses talking about fishing All these hate posts from such a small number of people. That’s crazy
  12. Not doing PG anymore. 1 PG is sliding further into a hate ghetto 2 one of you crying ass babies couldn’t handle a different point of view and reported my post, So much for free speech 3 Tim quickly came back to save you, locked it up, but never had the balls to explain what my infraction was, nor had any interest in really cleaning things up I figured I might as well limit the association with this place, after I realized one can google hate speech terms and get directed to this fishing web page. enjoy your selective “Freedom” here on the 4th
  13. please don’t bring me into anything here, and don’t follow me to other forums. This forum needs a flush, and it’s quite clear it’s definitely not a good time to carry on like a bigoted idiot on a page with such a narrow demographic, even behind a screen name. Stripers Online is about fishing anyway... nobody wants to solve anything here, just spout hate....
  14. Tim you can’t let nonsense go on for months, years even, allow derogatory comments, name calling, derailing, trolling, and then expect the forum to not be a cesspool. You seem to have a huge problem with a name calling reference to a Christian name, you blocked it, but be perfectly ok with the same derogatory comment for another religion, or race of people. My god, folks can now Google racial and hate terms and be directed to Stripers Online. Not a good time in history to have this distinction. That’s a feather in your cap. As I said before, I’m ok with the food fight. It’s kinda fun. But you won’t tell me why it’s ok to allow derogatory racial or religious slurs, but have a big problem if I repost the avatar of a local PG bigot depicting a homosexual rape and asking WTF. or maybe you’ll say you don’t remember, whatever....
  15. I’m not reading your posts I just don’t believe you are being honest. You have a bunch of folks posting really bizarre stuff, bizarre avatars, everybody remembers Tomkaz’s avatar at Christmas but nobody wants to mention it. I highly suspect you know and are just playing here. You say you don’t remember this or that but seem to remember other things like ratios of reported posts by political ideology quite well it really doesn’t matter. This is not a political discussion forum. This is just an angry old man hate group posting memes. Every discussion gets derailed insults are the norm you take offense to the Cheeto name but you are quite ok with The Kenyan the gay dog eater and the derogatory names for Michelle Obama You are NOT interested in cleaning the place up until you decide somebody went too far which is guaranteed to happen when you let the kids go nuts most of the time
  16. how did some of the lefties get banned? Magic? Isn’t it Suppression of free speech ? it don’t matter Tim really I always figured if Tomkaz can have an Avatar of an ejaculating penis there’s really no rules, and you are cool stripers online has such stuff floating around but low and behold there are standards.
  17. this page is ‘moderated’ or supposedly it is. Content is removed, threads locked, people removed. so i don’t get the interest in free speech
  18. Tim honest? did I ever report a post? And what was the reason for locking one of my recent threads? But not mentioning a word about it? And what was the reason for ‘commenting’ in the past that you ‘wish you knew‘ about certain righties making out of bounds posts in my topics? But doing zero? PG is fun for a food fight, but It’s childish, crybaby sensitive types, inconsistent or wink wink moderation, and encouraging off color and inappropriate content from certain members, for whatever reason. But at least it’s contained to PG. if there was some real discussion once in a while it would be worth it.
  19. watching a bunch of angry old men spewing hate And totally off color ... and then finding out some of you report posts to Tim, that was a game changer.
  20. I say this now after learning we have a bunch of crybaby righties reporting posts to Tim and then seeing threads locked of stuff deleted because some rightie had their feelings hurt. don’t give me this half cocked BS free speech thing. You ain’t for that. if you can’t win a debate you want to shut it down bunch of hot mess angry old men
  21. Oh I gave politics a thought. I supported Republicans from Reagan through Bush 2. The Republican Party Was guided by intellectuals and adults. I’ve said this 100 times. I even started threads asking about the changing identity of the Right. Nobody will touch it, and some of you went so far as to ask others to avoid such conversations. Instead you all post blogs from god knows where, and hate memes. Seeing the Republican party now, it’s like visiting an old neighborhood where you don’t recognize anyone anymore, and the values have changed as well. You still can’t even articulate when exactly America was great. You all point to some romantic idea of patriotism that is not even fully accurate.
  22. I hear that. I enjoy a skilled writer and wiling to pay dearly for that. ”My heart was racing as I drove to my spot. I knew they would be there chewing...” no thanks, I can read that for free in a message forum
  23. I never gave PG a thought until the Trump phenomenon started to kick into gear. Most of the other SOL forums have very informed and articulate people driving great discussion. I figured I’d get great insight on the changing political climate here, especially on the right - and possibly learn some things. Man oh man was I disappointed. Such a hot mess of angry old men with no willingness or ability to engage in real political debate. Uneven moderation. It’s fun at times to get involved in the food fight, but this forum needs a reboot and 2/3 of the frequent posters permanently booted. Not much more reason to visit. There are a number of very intelligent people on other forums who Really know politics, even conservatives, who won’t come here. I understand that.
  24. let’s start this again, I guess somebody locked a thread because of some rule about posting...which of itself is very timely as conservatives fight against having certain social media messages flagged or locked. So it’s ok to start a thread that says ‘liberals have lost their minds,’ and it’s ok to start a thread of ‘Democrats A pictorial.’ And neither starts with a post of anything substantive to say, and no honest question... that’s one thing. If that’s the accepted norm, it’s ok. Let’s be honest, we have a free for all here. Free for all’s can be fun. Looks like many of you enjoy a good free for all too, and consistently look for ways to push the bounds of what’s acceptable. And there’s reason to believe the frustration with social norms (political correctness) is what is bringing some topics here in the first place. But if your highly unusual and even disturbing Avatars - that decorate every topic and every thread - and suggest they say F this, F you F that, and one of you even decided to go with a depiction of a penis ejaculating, how in the world can there be a topic or a post out of bounds? And how can there be a thread considered a ‘troll?‘ If the objective is to ‘try’ to have adult conservation on politics, don’t the participants have to at least dress and act the part? or are we way past that, that’s not the objective?