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  1. 1 getting used to the heavier gear and throwing more line. 2 line handling and the retrieve. You’ll be dealing with so much more line in the air or in a stripping basket. You’ll also need to get in the groove with a single strip or putting the rod under an arm and using both hands 3 wade fishing or boat fishing offers different challenges, primarily about dealing with waves and wind. You’ll almost certainly need to practice casting in a backhand style or in reverse when the wind in coming at you from your casting side. lots more to say but you said stop at 3
  2. Was at the Miami Boat Show and played with the displays at Garmin and Simrad for almost an hour each. Garmin just seemed more intuitive. But it did help I knew two marine electronics guys who both told me they thought the fish finder Tech was slightly better with Garmin. Of course Garmin a bit more I have separate Radar , gps and depth now. I can’t wait to rip it out
  3. This is not a Bernie Bashing request. You are all good at that. Me too. This is about the history of his political thinking, call it the motivation. Anyone can call the guy with a different opinion an idiot.
  4. I was NOT posting on PG in 2008
  5. Its almost like a warning label, just like on a pack of smokes the free market wants to get you on them
  6. Fair enough people have a hard time dealing with uncertainty. Leads to panics landmark policy decisions that created and Fed or created Deposit Insurance were just ways to deal with situations when humans got crazy and stopped trusting one another we can all go back to growing our own food, hunting and horseback riding and there would be less need for currency to support specialization and trade
  7. How so? How does that work?
  8. I do agree with Bernie in one area- that a perverse outcome of our version of free markets is for wealth to be concentrated to so few but i don’t think he’s got the answers
  9. Well you come closest to providing some content to your answers what about his long term voting record? Some of it seems a bit libertarian
  10. I do know he grew up in Brooklyn in a family of limited means. He ended up at Univ of Chicago. Was heavily involved in desegregation. Moved up to VT early in life,did not like city Held a variety of jobs from carpenter to film maker to professor at Harvard. Became Mayor of Burlington and reportedly did very well in that role. Has a long standing belief that wealthy people and PACs have way too much influence in public policy and that seems to be one of the major driving forces in his positions more to look into
  11. Ok let’s try this is it possible that members of the PG actually can try to rationalize how Bernie Sanders comes to the views he has? Is it possible to do so without mocking his views but just trying to explain them in an almost respectful kind of way? Cause I really don’t feel it from him. But I guess I have to better understand why he thinks the way he does.
  12. A law that mandates that calories be listed on a menu is a critique of capitalism too
  13. I got interested while watching a cult of personality consume almost half the country