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  1. I saw pretty much the whole thing first hand, in the building and on the street you saw some crazy doctored version on the Internet I never thought the day would come when some crazies would try to challenge what went on that day. Then again I remember the thing about folding a $20 bill a few times a certain way and supposedly you can see the twin towers on fire.
  2. Ha ha ive already thought about knee pads for the waders so I can crawl more and keep a low profile.
  3. All great points I guess one of the true isms of smaller stream fishing is the overhanging growth. all the shade keeps the water colder and the fish happier At times some places are really unfishable with even a 5 foot rod not sure how crazy I want to get here
  4. 2 wood Gibbs 3 Oz bottles 2 wood sm Gibbs darters the bottles may have been in the bag, but I doubt ever casted i doubt the darters were ever used $38 PayPal includes shipping $32 Montauk pickup
  5. I don’t have a price point but I really liked the Orvis Superfine and the TNT. Super light and well built but the Orvis Clearwater was good too 250
  6. This year really got into small stream stealth fishing I will be doing much more later in the year and next ill also be getting a proper rod i have an 8.6 5 wt but need to scale down a bit. I catch too many branches and branch trout don’t fight much in thinking it will be a 4 wt bet 7 and 8 ft what are are your favorite rods for this? i like the orvis superfine, Clearwater, Thomas and Thomas makes a nice rod in the 500 range I also see folks using glass this is all about crawling upstreams on knees if necessary and delivering a near perfect cast knowing you might only get one shot. What a blast what say you?
  7. Your outfits sound good My leader is 40-30-20 and then 16 flouro for Albies Maybe I’ll experiment a bit lighter this year but pretty happy with that setup
  8. The resource is stressed and all the signs are there. no need to debate it, I’ve played the game for too long
  9. Like them all but really really like the red with green in last one
  10. I tested that rod out versus the other higher end rods I really like it i bought the reel a few weeks ago but you can’t have too many click n p reels like that Targeting native brookies doesn't get much better
  11. That Capt Jason Dapra’s Boat you should pop him a note with the question. He seemed pretty happy with it
  12. If you don’t sell this outfit I’ll probably be looking you up this winter ill be looking for something like this for the spring trout fishing in NY