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  1. thats funny ” you are a cry baby .. and I’m going to tell Tim on you”
  2. If somebody’s avatar is the character from a movie of a brutal rape, or an ejaculating penis, I’m not sure how you can think the intention is legit political conversation and “making the place better” , it perfectly ok. The banter and nonsense appears to half the fun. Make that 90 pct of the fun so why try to pretend ?
  3. We should be able to ask the identity of the whistleblower
  4. Yet we have a baby here who cried about the thread yesterday
  5. That would be good. whatS bizarre is that on one hand there’s an acknowledgement of dysfunction
  6. the conclusion is that SOL as a whole is still moderated quite well, but PG is the pimple on the ass of it. but some infections, like participants, thrive in such an environment The only way to have a legit political conversation here would be to clean up all the dysfunctional avatars and weirdness, and completely disinfect
  7. would be fun to see who reports posts here, and if they are also complaining about Twitter flagging Trump Posts there I bet a few
  8. Reporting a post? Really? From PG? People really do that? Given all the recent crying over social media moderation? Wow, that’s crazy, reporting a post PG where 2/3 of the stuff on any given day is offensive and intended to insult. I guess that’s the difference. I’m not a little bitch looking to cry about it.
  9. That’s impossible. I’ve had countless posts be about me. As an example, the morning after Trump was elected I got a private message from somebody here asking if I checked PG there were numerous posts or threads about me. So I looked...And there were. which is fine...I thought. So there is a rule ? Another selectively enforced rule? Also, so I cant post ‘about’ somebody, but I can call them an idiot?
  10. let’s start this again, I guess somebody locked a thread because of some rule about posting...which of itself is very timely as conservatives fight against having certain social media messages flagged or locked. So it’s ok to start a thread that says ‘liberals have lost their minds,’ and it’s ok to start a thread of ‘Democrats A pictorial.’ And neither starts with a post of anything substantive to say, and no honest question... that’s one thing. If that’s the accepted norm, it’s ok. Let’s be honest, we have a free for all here. Free for all’s can be fun. Looks like many of you enjoy a good free for all too, and consistently look for ways to push the bounds of what’s acceptable. And there’s reason to believe the frustration with social norms (political correctness) is what is bringing some topics here in the first place. But if your highly unusual and even disturbing Avatars - that decorate every topic and every thread - and suggest they say F this, F you F that, and one of you even decided to go with a depiction of a penis ejaculating, how in the world can there be a topic or a post out of bounds? And how can there be a thread considered a ‘troll?‘ If the objective is to ‘try’ to have adult conservation on politics, don’t the participants have to at least dress and act the part? or are we way past that, that’s not the objective?
  11. No doubt, if Tim allowed a picture of a dick, I’m sure one of you guys would post it as your avatar oh wait Tomkaz did that
  12. Righties go for the most bizarre shots. There’s some psycho analysis to be had here. i wish I studied more about this
  13. So exactly how did each of you decide the picture represented you? Seriously, not a troll, what do you think a psychologist would conclude?
  14. nice avatar picture. duck duck go? it looks like TimS allows links on a partisan basis