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  1. I had a Pepe grinch for the holidays so I thought you meant that
  2. I used to get the Johnny Depp comments or Billy Corgan with hair. Never heard of dexter we travel in different circles
  3. Yeah if you don’t like my avatar you don’t need to view it. What happened to if you don’t like my post just click past it. Same thing isnt it? tim most of the hard core righties got some serious demented avatars. Political or just wrong. They scream troll me baby i figured this was the accepted social norm for PG
  4. This is before and after the 2018 season. The boat got the orig bottom paint job in May of 2017 head scratching ( I got a guy to to this in the spring )
  5. We had/have guys using demeaning pictures of black people or violent rapists as their profile picture, but we need to watch the off topic posts ?
  6. Tying Trips to Keys Booze Surfing Photography i know soon enough it will be March/April and I’ll be rushing to get the boat in the water while trying to squeeze in some trout fishing
  7. FYI I posted pix of the bottom after it came out of the water late November here is what it looked like going in the bottom paint looked good from the previous year no?
  8. Ha ha I see judicial watch has collapsed their org structure to a board of directors of only three! but they are looking for new members. And donations of course the website design looks very much The Gateway Pundit thanks for this post. I’ll have to check in with them once in a while
  9. I’m still hoping Trump and the deplorable administration will do something productive like call out insurers and im still looking for that one deplorable with the cojones to trade in the markets with the conviction of being contrary to belief in climate change WSJ The price of homes on the U.S.’s eastern seaboard battered by fiercer storms and higher seas is lagging behind those inland. The price of farmland is rising in North America’s once-frigid reaches, partly because of bets it will become more temperate. Investors are turning fresh water into an asset, a wager in part that climate change will make it scarcer. Insurers are at the forefront of calculating the impact. “We don’t discuss the question anymore of, ‘Is there climate change,’” says Torsten Jeworrek, chief executive for reinsurance
  10. I can’t talk to your chart but I thought the trends in sea surface temperatures were common knowledge ? in terms of “disasters” I’m not sure where sustained winds of180 and gusts to 220 ranks on your scale of something to pay attention to.