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  1. Yes, can really lean into a fish. i dont need any more rods but I still buy them lol now on the hunt for a 4 wt i got ideas...
  2. You bet! Rod is awesome!!! Took it out when I took these pix. Was tight to a fish the very first cast. That’s mojo Ya know I gave the TFO owner a hard time asking why he discontinued the Ticrx he says something is coming out this year. hope you can come up some time to MTK debating politics is best practiced in person over tight lines and a few beers : )
  3. Oh Lord Tomkaz you are drawing me back into PG? i totally gave up on PG after Tim’s repeatedly juvenile and absurd referee rulings on what he suggests is trolling and what is not. He can give me another 5 penalty points for calling him out on it here for all I care. I hope all the Righties here see their kids get a fine education at Trump University and get great jobs at Trump Casinos Atlantic City. if you want to talk fishing you’ll find me at Fly Fishing and other threads. Over and out.
  4. Good Point its just safety equipment any sensible captain would have at a bare minimum
  5. I guess buying a boat it like getting married. You have to be in love and you have to be committed. It’s gonna cost big bucks either way, so if you are not in love you are just gonna be miserable. Just upgraded my electronics yay can’t wait til my wife sees that bill
  6. I second that! these types of reports are so factual it makes our own local saltwater reports sound like they are written by a caveman Quote- We have never seen a June like this with the low temperatures stretching the Spring hatches into what is normally early summer conditions. As we usually see it, the best dry fly activity is in the evening with spotty day time activity. The nymph fishing has been great during the day, most of all if the sun comes out. Hatches are currently Green Drakes (8), Isonychia (8 - 10), Blue Sedge Caddis (14), Sulphurs (14), March Browns (8 - 10), Gray Foxes (14), Tan Caddis (16 - 18), Blue Quills (18), Yellow Sallies (14 - 16), midges (22 - 24), Beetles and Ants. Beaverkill / Willowemoc Rivers The Beaverkill and Willowemoc are clear and wadeable. The flow at Cooks Falls is 809 cfs with a water temperature of 56.1 degrees. March Browns have been hatching intermittently providing good prospecting with big dry flies as well as nymphing on big nymphs. The evening has offered good activity and spinner falls of some of the larger bugs! The inonychia nymphs have offered some excellent nymph fishing as of late. -unquote
  7. Getting really into candy type stuff. Currently the target is sand eel but the end game is a line of better bay anchovy for the fall Lotta time at the table trying to fine tune. Not quite there yet but getting closer I think
  8. The Delaware River Club has a blog on flows, temps and hatch activity. It’s now my go to. A couple of other shops have similar. You can use the links to get almost real time flow information It’s quite refreshing...a non-hype factual fishing report. They will even advise you NOT to fish when temps get too high or conditions not good For me Each stream has an optimal (personal favorite) flow rate. For some smaller streams I found you can interpolate, but this is where it pays to visit streams. Like now I really know what a West Branch 800 flow or a 1500 flow feels like, and with a bit of additional info on recent rainfall you can make an educated guess on some smaller streams.
  9. For me best bang is TFO Ticrx but this is not a steelhead Rod arent you fishing light tippets for that?
  10. The Roscoe area offers a variety of streams and stream conditions. The level of water flow also matter significantly most everybody “ checks the flow before they go” last year I got a TFO Pro II 9 ft 5 wt and I’m still very happy with it. do t judge your brief visit these streams change and the bugs ( or lack thereof) change hour by hour
  11. Very interesting how did you find out about them? i looked myself and noticed a bunch of stuff but mostly to 8 wt and not much sinking line do they have a web site where the full range of offerings is listed out?
  12. Really depends what stream and stretch you were fishing and the range of things you could be throwing, plus the water level and the extent of how much wading you can do For me, 5 wt 9 foot is the standard if you think you’ll need to throw nymphs to some dries on most of the Beaverkill or Willowemoc. 4 weight 8 foot if you think you’ll be focused on smaller streams and dries that day and can easily wade to get close enough for a best presentation
  13. A few more from my latest trip this was a cool trip because I had to figure it out for myself ... well sorta Big shout out to the guys at Dette Flies in Livingston Manor and of course Delaware River Club for pointing me in the right direction
  14. I practice when I’m waiting for my wife to get ready to go out for dinner. Which means I got all the time in the world to practice We live next to a grass field. i usually just take a 9 wt and practice landing on an imaginary target about 50 feet away. consistency is most important because if I can consistently come close I must be doing something right then i back up 10 feet, then another 10 feet etc. i get lots of car horn beeps and smart ass comments from neighbors driving by
  15. Ok I got a great fly rod from Tomkaz so I’m good there for now still looking for an extra 5 wt type reel. Maybe a medalist or an Orvis battekill