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  1. One guy knowingly helped Russians set up accounts. He reportedly did not understand the “full extent” of what he was enabling but got some jail time the report describes Russian operatives targeting far right bloggers or followers to promote content to sow discord they were able to reach over 100 million viewers eventually, especially in battleground states, though there’s no evidence US citizens knew they were being duped by Russian engineered content that’s what the report said. kinda scary when you think about it youll never hear about that over at Fox
  2. Mueller describes that too
  3. Muellers report goes into great detail how Russian agents worked with the far right on social media
  4. Not sure what you mean A past and an active business interest in Russia His campaign manager with a past and active business interest Ukraine and Russia a highly disruptive and unprecedented active cyber espionage campaign launched from the same country the candidate challenging or dismissing the US intelligence evidence of contacts offering intel from same foreign country long time political advisor openly bragging he had an inside track on the stolen communications and there is this idea that the warrants were were politically motivated this is awesome but it does challenge the fundamentals of this country the objective was to sow discord and damage democracy and the extreme right continues to lap it up
  5. Has there been a past presidential candidate with an ongoing active interest in a large business venture in a potentially hostile foreign land?
  6. Almost done with the report the Trump team had a highly unusual (friggin weird) level of contact with Russian during and just after the campaign. Trump lied his ass off - it’s now documented proof his people lied their asses off - it’s now documented proof the willingness to dismiss the Russian espionage and implication for the US concept of free and open elections is off the charts there were people like Manafort who were full on monetizing their political position for influence of foreign affairs there are at least 12 other criminal cases that are still under wraps Roger Stones day in court will be another media circus that cannot be blamed on democrats Congress now has to balance the need to protect the constitution and send a message that a sitting president is not above obstruction of justice, even if it means going after a president so popular that statements about grabbing p@ssy and Trump University didn’t bother them in the least
  7. The current legal read is that Mueller could not make the obstruction decision but referred it to Congress. Not the AG. But we shall see. He did say quite clearly that he could clear trump if the facts allowed, but he could not. Mueller did imply that subordinates who did not follow Trump’ orders (Don McGahn) actually did him a favor. McGahn ultimately resigned and didn’t want his name associated with a Nixonian Saturday Night Massacre . thats an odd scenario, follow Trumps orders Fire Mueller, the investigation folds, obstruction of justice is realized, but the evidence is torched
  8. Sloppy Sarah admitted to Mueller she decided to take a shot at the FBI, but she decided to blame it on her being in heat instead of admitting DJT told her to push the idea that the FBI had lost faith in their head. Thats really F’d up.
  9. Thats not what mueller report says
  10. Bannon explains the campaign was too uncoordinated to make proper use of it in a conspiracy sort of way I honestly don’t think Trumps people understand what smells wrong or what is illegal
  11. There is no conspiracy in the legal sense and collusion is not defined and used in federal legal terms there was coordination in terms of sharing information, tons of offers to share information, but not in a way that can be described as a coordinated conspiracy in a legal certain manner so yes the was collusion but not the kind that can be prosecuted. Thats a satisfactory analysis from the report
  12. No they had an SNL sketch on it. They called it pee pee tape turns out Cohen got a text about a Russian associate who knew about the pee pee tape and the Real Estate company that was supposedly in possession of it. the tape was reportedly from when Trump had pageant there but the Russian contact later questioned authenticity and or Mueller could not investigate further because of people or evidence in Russia
  13. Didnt break any laws but there are ongoing criminal investigations not so fast Numerous confirmed instances of lying, a number of confirmed instances where he askedothers to break laws or lie for him too Some loyalists got thrown under bus zero faith he would ever do the right thing Mueller did indict him as being a scumbag and harmful to the institution
  14. More So there was inde details on pee pee tapes from inside Russia but authenticity in question Trump repeatedly told subordinates to lie for him. One got fired and one resigned when they refused. Oh And one lied and said she was just in heat
  15. Punts the question of obstruction to congress so much for game over dangled a pardon to cohen told manafort not to cooperate Russians offered Jared a backdoor if Russia could still control Ukraine a US citizen with knowledge aided Russians but did not know extent of it multiple trump people were contacted by Russians traded inside information but did not rise to level of active conspiracy there are still a bunch of criminal cases that we don’t know about that were referred out much more to read winning fer sure