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  1. All that money over the years with lawyers, title searches and what not would be a lot quicker and cheaper to just walk around and piss along my boundary once in a while.
  2. Mexico is paying, right?
  3. This could be a good thread but it won’t be First of all, there is a huge difference between nationalism and territoriality Further we humans (or at least some of us) aspire to live in a civilized manner, with a much more developed code of behaviors. We have have come to believe in the value of rules and laws that often contradict or avoid the harsh consequences of survival or natural selection we can thank religion for at least some of our beliefs but I do understand that we do indeed have a sub population who still operates at the animal instinct level. One can generally find such specimens roaming freely at a Trump rally reminds me of a T shirt a buddy of mine once had Brooklyn: Where the weak are killed and eaten
  4. The government has been in a partial shutdown for weeks now call it a shut down call it a dumpster fire its a revolving door of WH officials Unfilled positions significant amounts of time spent fighting news agencies as of now Republicans have house and senate so it’s all on them if they can’t get out of their own way lately Trump is tweeting juvenile memes and silly spelling errors It must really suck to be a government worker these days
  5. I guess you are leaving out the progression from hunter gatherers to agricultural and industrial eras ah yes A pack of wild animals with litters from multiple females, just like Trump
  6. Actually There is this thing known as “civilization” It has to do with the stage of human organization and social development however its quite clear we’ve still got some people who insist on living like a pack of wild animals
  7. A pack of wild animals fighting for survival all bets are off when one area runs out of food
  8. Not sure, but you can see by the stats they are more likely to turn the gun on themselves
  9. 3 States with the highest death rates. USA Today 3. Louisiana Firearm deaths per 100,000 people: 21.2 per 100,000 Total firearm deaths 2016: 987 (suicides: 440, homicides: 526) Violent crime rate: 566.1 per 100,000 (5th highest) Permit required to carry handgun: Yes Poverty rate: 20.2% (2nd highest) 2. Alabama Firearm deaths per 100,000 people: 21.4 per 100,000 Total firearm deaths 2016: 1046 (suicides: 550, homicides: 454) Violent crime rate: 532.3 per 100,000 (7th highest) Permit required to carry handgun: Yes Poverty rate: 17.1% (7th highest) 1. Alaska Firearm deaths per 100,000 people: 23.0 per 100,000 Total firearm deaths 2016: 177 (suicides: 113, homicides: 45) Violent crime rate: 804.2 per 100,000 (the highest) Permit required to carry handgun: No Poverty rate: 9.9% (6th lowest)
  10. One of them openly bragged of using their position for sexual assault and offered roles in tv show Was the other sexual assault ? ah never mind ... you are on a role
  11. 4 years of investigations + lying about sex = impeachment is that the standard?
  12. I was fishing for stocked trout at a local river as a kid. I used worms and velveeta cheese. Around May this one year the trout started eating bugs and wouldn’t eat bait i needed to imitate the flies My uncle had given me a “lucky” fishing hat with a bunch of his flies stuck in the hat from his Catskills and Adironecks fishing days I took one of the flies out of the hat and casted with my ultra lite spin outfit best I could i caught a brown trout. That was it. I took all my paper route money and bought a fenwick fly rod outfit. Then I taught myself how to cast best I could Some kids in the neighborhood saw me practice casting and they thought it was cool and they bought fly rods too we used to practice cast in the street or the school yard to this day pretty much all those guys are still die hard fly fishermen
  13. Yeah let’s investigate how Mueller served in the Military while the Orange Racoon did not