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  1. oh it how, like touchy feely how, like if somebody hurts your feelings
  2. You have nothing better to do on a great year than start fing odd threads on the PG deplorable ghetto
  3. So it would seem we are not supposed to post about members, but it looks like everyone does it, so it’s not really a rule, but if people post about you it’s on you to cry about it to TimS. this is the Deplorable Ghetto
  4. We got 3-4 active threads right now about riots...
  5. There needs to be a playbook for dealing with a virus like this. Fairly detailed and it should include a very contagious and deadly virus. it’s worth a Congressional review But nobody wants to spend time and money on something they cant see here and now. years ago I authorized a division wide desktop exercise. We took a slow Friday in the summer and I asked each business manager what they would do in the weeks of a deadly SARS like outbreak. We gave them estimates week by week of employees calling in sick, and then employee deaths. I had no wisdom that something like this might occur. But I chose a pandemic over other possible national emergencies that would be highly disruptive. It was painful to get people to engage on a Friday when it was clear they all just wanted an early dismissal and a head start on the weekend. then about two years ago I had a protracted debate with a salesman. He Challenged why I was considering a ‘downside scenario’ of how bad numbers would look if we had another 2008. ‘C’mon John you and I both know we will never see anything like 2008 again in our lifetimes, so why are you subjecting me to planning for It.’ Pretty much all the industrial countries chose to close down major parts of their country and commerce. Some were much more successful at it than we were. We got a call from friends in Ireland weeks ago. They had a lockdown where citizens were not allowed to travel more than 2km of your home, and there were checkpoint where you had to show your identification to pass. the most deplorable thing we can do is open the economy back up and avoid any detailed conversation and plans for what to do if it happens again. But it looks like that’s the suggested path.
  6. so the chess game right now has the Democrats proposal being shot down by the Republicans with No interest in any stimulus talk til late Jun or even July. Now Democrats Will have to look like the bad guys if they are forced to a bill that is much less generous than last time. Companies might not have the same incentive to hang onto workers if there’s not a PPP round 2. This could lead to more layoffs. if the stalemate continues into August + its going to be a blame game who done it going into the elections. unless anyone is seriously thinking 40million jobs will be created and filled between now and then
  7. thats funny ” you are a cry baby .. and I’m going to tell Tim on you”
  8. If somebody’s avatar is the character from a movie of a brutal rape, or an ejaculating penis, I’m not sure how you can think the intention is legit political conversation and “making the place better” , it perfectly ok. The banter and nonsense appears to half the fun. Make that 90 pct of the fun so why try to pretend ?
  9. We should be able to ask the identity of the whistleblower
  10. Yet we have a baby here who cried about the thread yesterday
  11. That would be good. whatS bizarre is that on one hand there’s an acknowledgement of dysfunction
  12. the conclusion is that SOL as a whole is still moderated quite well, but PG is the pimple on the ass of it. but some infections, like participants, thrive in such an environment The only way to have a legit political conversation here would be to clean up all the dysfunctional avatars and weirdness, and completely disinfect
  13. would be fun to see who reports posts here, and if they are also complaining about Twitter flagging Trump Posts there I bet a few
  14. Reporting a post? Really? From PG? People really do that? Given all the recent crying over social media moderation? Wow, that’s crazy, reporting a post PG where 2/3 of the stuff on any given day is offensive and intended to insult. I guess that’s the difference. I’m not a little bitch looking to cry about it.