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  1. So I read the CNN account and the Fox News versions I was actually surprised Fox did not see this as a Caravan of 4000 just looking to get into the US for free stuff but seriously doesn’t analysis of the problem start with detail on why they are leaving from Honduras in droves?
  2. Thats for the guy who started this thread im not feeling any worry about a “caravan” but you guys should continue to watch crazy ass right wing outlets and fasten your seatbelts and maybe take some meds
  3. ‘You mean Trumps been in office how long now? and border crossings are INCREASING?
  4. ‘Sure if I really think it’s necesaary one memorable day was once when my spinning reel broke, I was going to quit but rea;ized I had I fly rod in the jeep so what did I have to lose
  5. But but but Hillary
  6. I guess the republican mindset of 25 years ago is no longer an option ? its got to be the dog whistles and obnoxious stupid deplorable party? so those are my choices
  7. Tied a few last night. These are about 6 inches. Craft fur, rabbit or regular hackle generally this has all worked for me.
  8. ‘Waiting for the Tea Party to regroup to rescue the country with fiscal responsibility
  9. No I watch Fox now n then. And I read their site daily Fox is great for ratings. It’s entertainment. Deplorables will never watch PBS. To much detail and too dry. And they want a bleach blond hottie to look at too. Id favor outlets that do more detailed investigative reporting. At least I can see the details. Fox ain’t doing that. It’s a Jerry Springer style of news.
  10. The main problem as I see it is the Media likes to do their fact checking and Trump makes so many outrageous claims and lies the reporters really don’t know what to do. Watching CNN is boring anymore because their heads still explode when Trump tweets Horseface or 5 year olds are still separated from their parents sad but true we have to accept that deplorables are a powerful voting block for the time being. CNN should run a comedy segment in between the regular slots to lighten it up. Ya know pick a public policy situation and then ask “what would Trump do?” Or “what you a deplorable do?” Fox is hopeless I’d rather read the Enquirer about alien abductions
  11. Not sure this will ever impact me. Never ever buy items from overseas like that and certainly avoid US Post if I can. They are the worst. Of course if someone is buying Me Love You Long Time discount sex toys from China you’ll have to pay a bit more I guess
  12. It’s refreshing to see the President behave like a 12 year old. I’m sure it emboldens millions of old deplorables who feel trapped they can’t carry on like that at home.
  13. It’s perfectly normal for a President to call a woman Horse-face the media is out of control the way they treat Trump ha