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  1. I love how they worship some guy who’s knocked up three different women - as if that’s not a root cause of problems in the country - but their undies get into a twist with made-up stories of being born in Kenya and eating dog
  2. Castoberfest 2019 Sage and Rio Products are pleased to announce “Castoberfest 2019,” slated for September 29th and 30th 2019 at the historic Montauk Lake Club and Marina in Montauk. Castoberfest covers two days of demonstrations and hands-on lessons, featuring a lineup of high performance fly fishing tackle. Hours will be 2pm to 7 pm each day. Joining Sage and Rio will be a host of local fly guides and businesses, including Tim O’Rourke of Montauk Point Fly Fishing, Andrew Derr of Long Island On The Fly, as well as Brendan McCarthy of North Fork Iron Works and Paul McCain of River Bay Outfitters. Complimentary beer will be supplied by Montauk Brewing, and a BBQ will be served courtesy of North Fork Iron Works. Those attending will automatically be entered into a raffle for a Sage HD Salt Rod, matched with a Spectrum Max Reel and spooled with Rio’s Quickshooter line. Other prizes will include a half-day trip with Guide Tim O’Rourke and a FishPond Castaway gear bag, a Yeti Tundra Cooler and Yeti Gear, Additional raffle tickets will be sold at $20 to increase your odds. Fishermen traveling to Montauk to attend this event are strongly urged to finalize related fishing plans, as the “Fall Run” should be approaching peak by the end of September. The Montauk Lake Club and Marina is located at 211 East Lake Drive, Montauk, NY. Please direct inquiries to Tim O’Rourke at (516) 443-6351
  3. Synthetic yak hair type deceivers but the fish you want the big ugly ones finning that can take you into backing those can be picky
  4. Its all fun. Deplorables are funny
  5. I know Have a filter impulse control respect of other people and allow dignity compassion of those less fortunate tolerance real radical leftist stuff like that
  6. Nonsense its not a condescending thing at all. I mean, if somebody has really bad BO you should tell them, right? As a favor? Think of it sorta like that. Proof? How I wish Tim could un-edit all those posts where even you guys went too far....or put them in a post hall of Shame nobody admits to tracing back to Africa ok hmmm
  7. Well sorta, there’s also a learned behavior thing, based on accepted social norms
  8. We all have our favorite Albie fly then we all acknowledge there are days when they just don’t want our favorite my favorite for years was a very small white deceiver
  9. Same Journal say Out-of-Africa versus the multiregional hypothesis Broadly speaking, there are two competing hypotheses on the origin of modern humans: the Out-of-Africa hypothesis and the multiregional hypothesis. Both agree that Homo erectus originated in Africa and expanded to Eurasia about one million years ago, but they differ in explaining the origin of modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens). The first hypothesis proposes that a second migration out of Africa happened about 100,000 years ago, in which anatomically modern humans of African origin conquered the world by completely replacing archaic human populations (Homo sapiens; Model A). The multiregional hypothesis states that independent multiple origins (Model D) or shared multiregional evolution with continuous gene flow between continental populations (Model C) occurred in the million years since Homo erectus came out of Africa (the trellis theory). A compromised version of the Out-of-Africa hypothesis emphasizes the African origin of most human populations but allows for the possibility of minor local contributions (Model B). of course then we have the new theory that Neanderthals interbred with Homo sapiens in some parts of the world, and some living today have traces of Neanderthal DNA. I totally agree with that, they came together to form the Freedom Caucus
  10. He’s got genetic similarities ..,but he never evolved
  11. And since we are closing in on 50 years... a little bit of context “...We are stardust, we are golden We are billion year old carbon And we got to get ourselves back to the garden..”
  12. This thread has possibilities
  13. Please do t step on this thread with idiot talk plenty other threads to **** on
  14. Planet is flat too right?
  15. I love it almost as much as your highly accurate Avatar