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  1. ‘I enjoyed that. I was expecting a Darwin Award nomination at the end
  2. Mexico is gonna pay for the wall Yet this thread will go on and on
  3. .
  4. Can’t fix a problem until we know how it became a problem i don’t remember seals like that 30 years ago until we know more about how and why they came and increased in population it gets hard to suggest a cull of seals or sharks
  5. I don’t know. Has anyone produced a study as to why so many seals ? Is there that much food for them? Breeding area? swimming is definitely out
  6. As foretold in the book Behold A Pale Jack Ass
  7. Yeah leads to Pizza gate im with you! I believe !
  8. Ha ha you sound pissed they are handing out indictments like candy yes how many Benghazi investigations and all you got was a bumper sticker? dont worry Rudi will go on Fox and tell the loyals that Conspiracy Against The United States is not a crime
  9. There is a liberal force field that alters broadcasting transmission signals and gives them a leftist spin
  10. For Surfcasting I opt for the bucket method that means I should be able to pick enough lure for a tide and hang them in a bucket the few I think I need go into a single row bag. Maybe some darters or redfins. But really that’s it if I’ve chosen the wrong stuff at this stage of my life then I’m an idiot and deserve to get skunked 50 Plus pct throwing bucktails anyway for fly fishing the same holds holds but I should be able to fit everything fly in my shirt pocket when I’m on the boat the most complicated thing is figuring out what drinks to bring, and always a beer to celebrate at the end. We fight over the playlist at the end as well. Usually The Dead, Allmans, Stevie Ray, or something like that. the rest of my stuff is a beautiful mess and it’s fun to go see what treasures I can find
  11. Gotcha So would you call this the ‘deep state’ theory or ‘the liberals secretly control the world’ phenomenon?
  12. This is f ing hilarious Trumps campaign manger “Guilty of Conspiracy Against The United States” ...but do go on and on about kneeling during the National Anthem
  13. Yep that would be Trump’s campaign manager thats the only reason there are not 23 active threads on it here
  14. Ah “when snowflakes turn deadly “