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  1. Guys, the Hall of Fame thread was satire on how the ‘Patriot’ behavior in the country has gone horribly wrong. To use one of the most frequent rightie catch phrases, it was ‘butt hurt’ and some of you (in my opinion) just couldn’t handle it. FlybyMe posted the street address of one witness during the impeachment trial and nobody had a problem then. Supposedly it was already on social media and part of the public domain. But it’s a new day and new rules I guess. It’s Tims rules and I’m good with that. About a month ago Tim gave me ‘points’ for posting a supposedly vulgar meme to the Parking Lot thread. I took this as odd as I’ve seen similar content for years. it took me about 9 seconds to find hundreds of instances of so called vulgar language here and elsewhere on SOL. See search results. I’m not looking for equal moderation, that’s not gonna happen here, but it gets stupid to witness so called moderation because somebody pissed in your Cheerios.
  2. So reposting an asshat, some who already gleefully transmitted his or her image to social media for taking part is an historic but deplorable event, or gets mentioned multiple times on MSM outlets, is doxing? But no need to lock a thread that contemplates assassination of elected officials. things are getting really weird don’t need to give me points. I’ll close my account.
  3. as a shareholder im ok with this. They need to break with being a misused tool for dysfunctional US policy.
  4. The irony is that the word “Patriot’ will now have a double meaning in everyday conversation. Referring to somebody as a “patriot” might now mean the guy is a right wing zealot nut case
  5. Ill settle for seeing every Jan 6 ‘Patriot’ behind bars, and then putting Trump in there too, so they can take turns on him
  6. looking back over the last four years.. He ticked all the ‘unfit for office’ boxes, but at least he didn’t shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue.
  7. Four Seasons Landscaping will have to pick up the slack
  8. ^^^ The retired officer’s family and friends expressed concerns about his radical political views. “I don’t contact him anymore ‘cause he’s gotten extreme,” Bill Leake, an Air Force officer who had served with Brock, told the New Yorker. ...Leake said that he believed the same intense commitment that had made Brock an effective fighter pilot had led him to this week’s events in the Capitol. “Torch got all in on Trump,” Leake said. “He went all in on the alternative-news-source world. He actually believes liberals and Democrats are a threat to the country. You can see how the logical conclusion to that is, We’ve gotta take over.” ya think?
  9. Great stuff, between the phone call to Georgia and the fun and games on Jan 6, we need to be told by Republicans that impeachment may be too divisive lol
  10. two extreme right wing groups who were there boasted of having members who are law enforcement. that will play well in the press
  11. Let’s add Mindy Robinson to the list. Mindy and her deplorable friends decided the failed insurrection in DC was not enough. She posted about it on Twitter (see below) They decided to air their grievances on an American Airlines flight from DC to Phoenix - until the Captain came on and threatened to land the plane in Kansas and leave them all there. Separately Alaska Airlines on Friday said it banned 14 passengers on a Washington D.C.-Seattle flight. The travelers "were non-mask compliant, rowdy, argumentative and harassed our crew members. Their behavior was unacceptable," said Alaska Airlines spokesman Ray Lane. "We apologize to our other guests who were made uncomfortable on the flight. There have been reports of Airlines reminding such Deplorables of the steep fines for being disruptive on a flight, and potentially banning rowdy Trumpers or somehow putting the worst ones on a do not fly list.
  12. There exists this cult on the web where fact and fantasy are easily blurred. A very significant portion of the country has been gobbling up this belief that DONALD Trump is leading some righteous crusade, and still others are using this phenomenon to advance their own sick ambitions. Nick Mulvaney did the talk shows this morning, in a pathetic attempt grab a quick shower after spending years in the whorehouse. He made a laughable case that he didn’t see anything like this coming, and then went on to make a case that he knows what happens next. A significant number of Republicans are denouncing the actions of Jan 6, but many are still measured in their words, as they lay low and monitor the political climate on the right. One would think that inciting the invasion of the Capitol would be grounds for removal by immediate and unanimous consent of the entire Congress. Instead we are hearing BS about legal techincality and timing. What we don’t know yet is the extent to which public opinion has radically changed either. I’m sure some of you got a kick out of seeing the Confederate flag being carried through the Capitol. Have any big time right wingers here changed their views, and do they support having the President removed? I think not. Some Republican voters still see this as a game, push a conservative agenda even if it leaves a stain on the Constitution. A smaller percentage talk about further violent escalation.
  13. the images suggest pockets of law enforcement accommodative, some showing restraint, and some engaged in very physical confrontation. that doesn’t sound like a plan, hope we get more info from an investigation
  14. I enjoyed reading the BS from the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters. Two modern day Brown Shirt organizations. They claim to have ties with military and law enforcement. Hope it’s not at all true
  15. This “Permanent” banning of Trump on Twitter is a good thing Let the adults sort out the mess if Trump has anything truly important to say let him hold a press conference like adults do maybe when things stabilize they can reassess mitigate the damage he can do to the Twitter franchise and the country they can give him back some functionality you know maybe Twitter can give him points like Tim does