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  1. 7’ mojo inshore with a 3000 sustain 10lb test suffix 832 braid. I can feel the fluke pissing on the gulp.
  2. I personally think the gulp juice is overrated, it’s all about the wiggle of the tail.
  3. I have had the beans for over 8 yrs, probably 7 pair. If you alter them, will they Honor the warranty if they fail?
  4. Is this rod one piece or two.
  5. Exactly, wait for them to place it in there vehicles then seize them.
  6. Stung one time two yrs ago, fishing and wading up to my waist. At first it felt like a bunch of braid wrapped around my legs, about 6 ft long. Then the pain came, I thought I was going to pass out, only had enough piss in me to calm one leg.
  7. I think wed-thurs
  8. Sorry, wrong dates Lou, my son was out there I think, yesterday and today. Sounds like a good trip.
  9. Lou, you missed a good trip. My son was out there, 6 guys 32 keepers between 7-12lbs.
  10. I had it paired on my Blackhole Suzuki 1/2-2oz and even though the rod held up to the pounding of those monster blues,( never seen a rod bend in half like that without blowing up) I couldn’t horse them in so I had to let the reel do most of the work, that Drag was screaming.
  11. I blew up my anti reverse this past spring with a doz 12-16lb blues and a few 20lb bass. This was originally a vr175, I downsized to a 125 spool/rotor. The body is the same for the 125-200, you just need the different rotor for 125/150 or 175/200. I had it repaired and all is good, but was told, keep it away from 16lb blues.
  12. Just wanted to say, good choice. I have the 7’ 3/8-3/4 excellent rod for fluke. Good luck with your search.
  13. I use a 7’ mojo inshore rated 3/8-3/4 , I have two reels that I use, 2500 and 3000 sustain with 10lb braid. I even bounce 3oz Bucktails on a boat with this setup.
  14. I have a 3000 sustain loaded with 10lb suffix braid on my 7’ mojo inshore 3/8-3/4 casting up to 1oz. I’ll even bounce a 3 ounce bucktail off a boat with this rod.
  15. Glad you said it, I have one for bait and would never use it for throwing light plugs.