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  1. Could we do a little closer, I am exit 120 on the parkway.
  2. Central Jersey. I’ll get those pics tomorrow afternoon
  3. I would be interested in the Lami. What are you looking for in a spinning. I have a 8’ avid surf 3/4-3 avs80mmf 5 yrs old and a 10’ avid surf 1-4 avss100mf2 3 yrs. old. I could get pics tomorrow in the daylight if your interested.
  4. Mine is the sharplet, “peanut”
  5. I think I brought these eel punt swimmers in 09. I know that I got them in the old sol store, just don’t remember who the maker was, any ideas
  6. Standing in the wash having waves hitting me in the face, not sure I would like a plug bag in front, but that’s just me
  7. Nice fluke action this afternoon, 4 shorts and 1 keep about 21”. Kastmaster and teasers did them in. Seen another 1/2 doz caught gouging on bay anchovy’s
  8. I go with floating, if I wanted to sink, I would use a bt
  9. I’am In
  10. Bucktail-White, olive/white, blue/white, red wine. Plastics - bone, blurple, chicken scratch,
  11. My ultrafire lite works well with ccg and bugbond
  12. Last week my brother in law was getting out of my truck, as we both closed our doors, he was holding on to the inside arm rest, I heard a click as the door closed. Noooo!!! Luckily I was able to borrow someone’s truck and drive to my house to get my spare. Very informative thread, I’ll hide a spare this week
  13. I drove past today, looks like there still working on the parking lot
  14. I have the Kast gloves, I get a size bigger , I don’t care how good they are, if your fingers are tight and the blood ain’t flowing, there going to get cold.
  15. I had this same situation one time, I was throwing plugs, with no takers but a fly fisherman was killing the bass every cast on a small profile fly. I switched over to a reverse dropper loop rig, putting a crippled herring metal about 4 feet in front of a clouser and dragging it along the bottom. That’s all I needed to start catching. The casting egg is a good idea too.