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  1. Too bad you don’t like the split grips, mojo inshore is a nice rod for fluke. Matched with a 2500 reel 10lb braid and gulp. A total of Over 1200 fluke these last four years
  2. Love the light setup. I have a 2500 sustain, 10lb braid, and a 7’ mojo inshore rated the same. I tell people that I can feel a fluke piss on my gulp.
  3. Are you looking for the peanut color or the small peanut body style of the sharplet
  4. I’ll use both also, but I still love casting my abu’s. A educated thumb is all you need. Not too many of us out there plugging conventional.
  5. Most times I’am not even using a jig, just gulp on a twisted dropper with a 1/2-3/4oz sinker retrieved painfully slow twitching the rod, keeping contact with the bottom
  6. I have two records 6601, a 6501, and 5501 and love them all, I also have a akios 651csm, which seems to be a knockoff of the abu’s But a very good one, built better then the adu’s in my opinion. I have it paired with a Shimano Tiralejo 9’, cut down from 10’ . The rod is only rated to 3oz, but that’s ok I am usually using it in the spring fishing worms with 2oz lead, but I have used this setup throwing magdarters and sp’s.
  7. I watched in the fall, fluke going airborne in 1-2 feet of water chaseing mullet, catching them at my feet in the wash on a bt or magdarter. Gulp should be outlawed, they don’t stand a chance when you make the gulp dance in front of them, it’s like crack to them. Except for a blue, I think they are one of the more vicious fish attacking there prey .
  8. There’s only a number on the bottom of the reel foot , 300.
  9. Outgoing tide in my fav. Channel, casting up current with the least amount of lead to keep in contact with the bottom (usually a 1/2oz) and just letting it bounce and swing.
  10. are you using a swivel on your leader, if not, maybe your line is twisting causing a loop.
  11. When I’am fluke fishing and the snappers or crabs take the tail of my gulp I leave the body on and just add some pork rind or otter tail for the flutter, And Let them chew on that for a while.
  12. Not sure who will be doing seminars at surf day in February, but you could get some info there, or the Saltwater expo in Edison.
  13. I was told that it’s a jack Cravelle
  14. Heard of something similar at the hook this fall, those giant oil tankers coming close to the tip create a tsunami As it’s going by and if you’re not watching that wave comes rolling up behind you and sucks you right in.