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  1. I guess I should explain why I cut it down, I fished the 10’ Suzuki last fall, hooking into 25lb bass and actually didn’t like the hookset , just me I guess. Thought the tip was a little soft, so to make it more of a medium action I made it 9’2”. Sweet.
  2. I just wanted to reiterate my love for the 10’ Suzuki. Even though I did cut it down to 9’2” I find this rod amazing. From 15 to 25lb bass off the beach and also using it trolling on a boat catching 15lb bass, to 15lb bluefish on the beach using magdarters, sp’s, little neck poppers, ss bottledarter, RG gliders, 2oz Bucktail and metals. Actually blew up the AR on my VR 125 on those monster blues and the rod showed no weakness in taming Those big fish. Ksong, your BH rods are Tops.
  3. This is nice in the fall when the punts are around. I like the white, and the yellow.floating and sinking
  4. My Alberto knot lasted longer then the reel
  5. Do not catch 15lb bluefish with this reel, I caught 1/2 dozen last week, and blew up the anti reverse on the reel. Also caught a few bass between 15 and 25 lbs. It is now down at Fishermans Headquarters getting repaired.
  6. Same here, no issues. I use 30lb on my plugging rods and 10lb on my 2500 Stradic for fluke.
  7. I have a older Shimano tiralejo rated 1-3 10’ medium power fast action. TRC100M2 this is a sweet rod if you can find it buy it . I use it for plugging. It has handled 15lb bluefish, doubled over with no problems.
  8. J hook for 15lb blues, don’t leave home with out it
  9. Most impressed with the Alberto knot which lasted longer then my VR135. Totally blew up my anti-reverse . Time for a rebuild and service.
  10. Last two days , beating on the beach, and I’am the one who got beat up. Nonstop blues, hide the woman and children,these guys are big. Some up to 15lbs
  11. The plover signs should be going up shortly
  12. One hint, if your at the tip DONT wade out, its 20 feet deep 10 ‘ out. And, if a oil tanker comes by, get out of the water. The water will disappear from your feet and the tanker tsunami will rise up and you will be swimming with the fish. And your only hope is if someone can hit you with a bunker snag from the beach.
  13. Were there other fishermen out there, were they catching and you not. If so, just stand back and watch what there throwing and how they are fishing. Some guys might let you in on what there doing, and some won’t. Throw sp’s, magdarters, metals, bucktail. If know one was catching, then you didn’t miss anything. If you were alone, just enjoy it, because if there were fish around you would have 30 friends fishing next to you
  14. 30lb mono leader to 30 lb braid