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  1. I still think the inshore would work, it has a longer butt for more support for you forearm, when you hook into a stray Striper or blue.
  2. Your right it’s not 8’ it’s 7’. But not a broom stick, even a 7’. It’s rated 3/8 to 3/4. Right in that range of throwing light stuff, even 3/4 oz bt. I use mine for fluke, paired with a 2500 sustain with 10lb test suffix braid.
  3. 8’ mojo inshore
  4. I should have added that the rod did hold up, but the vr125 was the casualty. I blew up the anti reverse. I now have a vs150 on the rod.
  5. A 10’ BH suzuki paired with a vr125 was fine for schoolies, but when the 25-30 lb bass and the 16lb blues showed up, it was not good. You never know what is going to show up for the party
  6. Suffix 832, 30lb test on a VS150 paired with a BlackHole Suzuki
  7. I love these for big water and 20 in your face, they’ll dig in and you can punch a hole in the wind in your face.
  8. You didn’t lose a nice fish, you just released it early. My thought is, a bend it the rod and a few cranks on the reel, good for me.
  9. There really liking this
  10. Well, it’s 13 days since he opened up the parks, over 1000 new cases . Curious to know if it’s more elderly or the people that were hanging at the parks
  11. My thought is, in the early spring, the fish are rutting for worms or clams during the day, and that’s your opportunity to fish if I remember from our pm’s. But once the bunker show up and the water warms, all bets are off, the fish are more active at night, there best time to ambush what there chaseing. The night time is the right time.
  12. I don’t know if you follow the water temps, but it went from 59 to 45 in two days, that will put any fish lethargic
  13. I wouldn’t say they took over Jackson, but Lakewood borders Jackson, brick, Toms River, Manchester Twp and a small corner of Howell Twp. When you have a bomb explode, you feel it all around the area.
  14. I would say more Mexicans out there. Florida would be Cubans, Washington state Chinese, Wisconsin would be Canadians , Long Island would be Jet fans, Bergan co, Giant fans, and below route 195 would be eagle fans.
  15. If its If it’s in a nursing home, third world employees. I don’t want to get into a pissing match with you, but after making deliveries to these places for over 15 years, most caretakers are from south of the border, or the islands. In conn, or mass, if there owned by the men in black, I say third world, islanders.