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  1. I tried the same concept on a point Jude wobblehead and added a stinger hook at the tail even tied a few shorties
  2. I feel bad for the fish These last few days they’re taking a beating and people have no common sense. making a photo album and then sending it back into the water doing cartwheels
  3. I just finished fishing 4 hrs in a typhoon, didn’t catch, but the guy cotton kept me dry.
  4. No, that would be called Staten Island
  5. There quality is excellent, I have had mine for about six yrs. I am a large but ordered the 2x. Over a sweatshirt and the waders plus you want some room to move/cast. I would go to one of the local stores and try one on you don’t want to get one that just fits you need some room in it
  6. My smallest at 5”, not sure of the builder
  7. A fresh bluefish head does wonders for tomato plants
  8. Looks like Slater’s
  9. My go to for gaters
  10. I would get rid of that rear treable
  11. Found this almost a month ago, and with the help of a friend, found the owner. We’ll be meeting up this week so he can get his plug back.
  12. Good question, because if you park at the lighthouse and fish the Oceanside and make your way to the nun’s beach which is the bay and catch a 17” fluke( which you guys down there call a flounder) which would be legal there but walk back to your car on the ocean side and get stopped by the ranger, could you get fined because you’re holding a 17 inch fluke on the ocean side beach
  13. I lost my bone coltsnipper, no one has them, I need 3, one to use, a back up , and a backup to the backup
  14. You need stuff like this
  15. If you wanted to go a little longer a triumph salmon/ steelhead rod could be an option but they’re 8’6”.