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  1. A few custom RG’s to go with his repaint of my Everlasting Shad from Sharpeye.
  2. Check out the Black Hole Rods. The 10’ Suzuki 1/2-2 might be too light, but the 9’6” I think is 3/4-3
  3. A South Bend rod that my dad and I used at the Long Branch pier in the early 60’s
  4. In the fall, they were bigger then the bass.
  5. My light is the ultrafire, takes 2 123 lithium batteries. I use the ccg, bug bond, and also the salareze uv with this lite. No problems with any of them as far as cureing, it only takes a few seconds . Ccg and bug bond were tacky, but wiping with alcohol fixed that. What is the issue. Originally I had the lite that took 3 AAA, not good.
  6. Glider
  7. Not the high end, but I have a mojo bass 7’ in good condition rated med/heavy 3/8-3/4. $80. I don’t have paypal, would rather do cash, located in central jersey. I can do pics if your interested.
  8. This should be easier to throw then that^^^^^^.
  9. Well, I don’t know how I’m going to fish this, but I’ll figure out something. Maybe a casting egg.
  10. Just seen a article about transparent Lures, there’s a pic of a bluefish with three treables stuck in it, that’s two too many if you ask me. I don’t know who took the picture but I’m sure he’s got a lot of scars on his hands .
  11. Jesgord, you inspire me.
  12. Any combination with white is good
  13. I have been fishing for 50+ years, you never stop learning. A detailed log is important. Storms wil change structure, where you caught last year on a certain tide might not be the same spot this year. Beach replenishment isn’t helping either.
  14. My fluke rig is a 8 “ twisted dropper with a sinker or bt 10” from the dropper knot.
  15. I would try that eel on a twisted dropper loop, the loop being at least 8 inches long with a 1/2 oz sinker on the bottom