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  1. Looks like Slater’s
  2. My go to for gaters
  3. I would get rid of that rear treable
  4. Found this almost a month ago, and with the help of a friend, found the owner. We’ll be meeting up this week so he can get his plug back.
  5. Good question, because if you park at the lighthouse and fish the Oceanside and make your way to the nun’s beach which is the bay and catch a 17” fluke( which you guys down there call a flounder) which would be legal there but walk back to your car on the ocean side and get stopped by the ranger, could you get fined because you’re holding a 17 inch fluke on the ocean side beach
  6. I lost my bone coltsnipper, no one has them, I need 3, one to use, a back up , and a backup to the backup
  7. You need stuff like this
  8. If you wanted to go a little longer a triumph salmon/ steelhead rod could be an option but they’re 8’6”.
  9. I have the old mojo inshore 7’ spinning, with a 2500 reel with 10lb test suffix braid, I can feel a fluke piss on the gulp, so yes it is sensitive
  10. I watched a guy walk out to the beach with a new vr50 , hook into a half doz good size fish, 15-20lb bass, then walk back to his car shaking his head. As I was leaving I asked, you caught some nice fish, why are you leaving, he said he blew up the vr50. He handed me the reel, a few cranks and it felt like a coffee grinder . This was a new reel.
  11. Like you said, the reel body is the same for 125 to 200, but the 125 /150 take one size rotor and the 175/200 take a bigger rotor.
  12. Also, if your getting there after 5am but before they open the gates for the paying people, the Ranger will give you a free parking pass.
  13. Yes no fee, when I pull up they see the rods and say have a nice day,
  14. Magdarter in red/white or the old bronze
  15. One guy asked me if I had a tape measure to measure his fish, I said, if you wanted to keep a legal fish, you should keep a tape with you or better yet make a mark on your rod when you get home. I let him use the mark on my rod, Stanislaw said thank you .