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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Flashman ? ?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by sardean Checked the SFZ a couple times today. Noticed birds picking away from the rocks unlike the last 2 weeks. Not sure if the crabs ect are spread out due to the waves or if bait (sand eels) are getting pushed around. There hasn't been this kind of swell for a while. Perhaps after the fish will gather again. If not I will have to wait till winter flounder season to wet a line. Yesterday same. The crabs are taking a beating. Body parts all over the place. It was some strange water. If you ventured out at low tide, eerie, just a big wall crashing way out ... never could tell when the swell would roll in deep. Tried for half an hour and packed it in.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by techdiver Back to the mantis again, there was an interesting show on TV about them around a month ago. Damn things are dangerous, I found this segment on one species. There's a few they covered, they either cut or punch. The show was "Killer Shrimp" and I wish they'd show it again since the dive shop didn't know about them. Oh yeah, my drysuit is done, hopefully pick it up and be back in the surf on Friday. Smart buggers too. They are like pets if you keep one ... feed right out of your hand and tell you when they're hungry. Last one I had was quite a while ago ... the great Cornholio:
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by levari The Pickles show... ... Those pickles are like crack I swear. Can't leave there without em.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by fd4mcola what the law should allow the game wardens to do, because we all know they will never show up for court, is arrest them and make them post bail to get out, bail should be around $2,000 & up and confiscate their equipment, this way you allready have the fine money and they can put out an arrest warrant. Good plan but doesn't work that way. Lock up an illegal that doesn't speak english and no ID and doesn't give you an address and all your doing is wasting taxpayer $. Police call ICE, ICE no show, after 3 days they walk. If you could get $ out of them, Manasquan (edit) would have the kitty full instead of illegal loiterers hanging across from the police station at the ACME. Now if those were your kids hanging out there, the boys in blue would waste no time breaking them up and ticketing them for loitering. Screwy system ain't it.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by vpass Even if the Ranger fined him he wouldn't pay. They get away with everything!!!! Can't really fine a man without an ID and address I would think. And 3 hots and a cot just fines the taxpayer. Great system they got there.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Darth Baiter Pretty much the same here but double surgeons loop to attach the teaser and also make a loop at the other end. Teasers are pre-tied at 10" or 12". I see the reason for crimping as knots with 60# line are awkward. I do 40# max. That's also my Fluke rig with baitholder hook with Gulp instead of the teaser. Bucktail/Gulp on the bottom but the teaser catches the most. Dropper loop off the mainline helps the teaser stand off and away. I might look into crimping, good idea. I've been using double barrel crimps from a company called leadertech, based in the UK. Crimps as small as .07 can handle 40# mono. I bump to .08 for 60#. Have not had one fail yet .. especially if you torch and mushroom one end.
  8. Small stiff dropper off the leader 8" down.. Each Teaser has an 8" line, both ends looped. Have switched to crimps over knots. Like fly fishing, loop to loop the teaser to the dropper. 60# line for the teaser keeps it out and about, stiffness of 60# keeps it away from the leader, loop in eye of teaser lets it swim a bit. Easy change up whenever you want. Has worked well for me over the last few years and have gotten comfy with it. Also a small dropper lets you go teaserless with no real drag. Just my 2 cents and what works for me. I suppose a fast clip might come in handy for speed, may integrate it. Sounds good in thought ... wonder if it'll wrap more or give the braid something to grab.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by sethATC water absorbs your saying red is first to disappear? i always thought theres nothing in the water that looks like an electric pink needlefish lol so i always assumed more natural colors regardless. but ive seen videos of those neon colors workin like crazy. thanks for the tip! yep, light is the full spectrum seen as white. Imagine water is a filter and gets denser as it gets deeper. Red goes black within 10 feet. Ever notice the films of deep water are blue/purple unless they have a light on them ... the light if strong enough recharges the ability to see color in a way. Also, what the spectrum of color bass see is different, so don't get hung up too much on color, think light or dark.
  10. Teasers ... start with white. Then yellow over white, then chart over white. Safe bet. Water absorbs color. Spectrum starts at red, ends at blue/purple. If your surfcasting, things don't change much in the first 10 feet colorwise, don't sweat it colorwise in the beginning. Stay white under a light color ... think baitfish and where they are, bottom ... top... what are the bass seeing.
  11. Just a thought, It wouldn't hurt you to hire a guide. A few hours with a good experienced surfcaster wouldn't be a waste of money. At the very least, it can speed up your learning curve and maybe spot any problems you might be having besides no fish in a given area. Remember you'll always be learning in this sport. Some have the luxury of living near the water and can observe tide changes, spot bait, watch birds etc day in, day out. Being far from the water, some experienced instruction can make up for the distance. Keep at it and learn to read the water. passiton gave some spot on advice. Its hard and takes time to understand. Realize every place is different. This sport is one big learning curve that keeps going and going and going ...
  12. I cut the several tips off the AS gloves, thumbs, index and the 3rd on the right to snag the line on bailless. Works OK but have to stitch them soon. I'm thinking of neoprene diving gloves, then figure a way to cut certain fingers, then stitching and sealing them with aquaseal or epoxy may do the trick. Thing is, once your hands are in the water, at least the neoprene with contain the body heat except the tips. It semi-works with the ASs but they are domed to fall apart soon.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by flukeit That fish looks just like forest gump
  14. Haven't been tying much lately but wanted to try some larger sandeel patterns combined with Clear Cure Goo I just got. See what you guys think as its a combo of many SandEels I saw here looking at the pics. Hands down loving the CCG. Previous batch were smaller but indestructible, Same teaser fought quite a few bass with no damage and they like it! I don't think they were shy as to the size and thickness. And in current distance conditions the metal got it out there to some hungry fish. They also double as a giant Skate magnet! Finishing layer was a quick Sally's to get that tack off. Only thing I don't like about the CCG. Let it cool to touch before Sally's though as Sally's will tighten up too fast. Going just paste the EZ Body with the CCG cures the frayed EZ Body problem after a few catches. Will try and test this batch this week, 8" is the largest in the pic. Pic is just on a scanner so detail/focus is off but you get the idea. Basically big surf candy. Materials: S74sss hooks (held up really well) mono White BT White Euro-Hackle/Saddle Various Flash and mirage Gradual buildup of colors of Euro/Saddle Hackle (usually 3) interlaced with flash/mirage (Hackles put on sometimes flatwing, sometimes V, sometimes 1 perside) Colored BT to match Tried Peacock but am liking a long black hackle flatwing on top, either 1 or 2, depending on width, sometimes in a V. Sometimes Mylar wrap, sometimes Bodi wrap, sometimes nothing if enough flash is showing EZ - Body tied down Eyes tied down, some flat, some 3D Red marker on mono wrapped for gills Marker for coloring here and there CCG - Liking the thin, have to work faster moving the fly on the vice to get it even so it doesn't drip but the end result is more even and flow time longer, Thick was interesting but felt I was waiting a long time for it to flow flat. Sallys
  15. Sunfish. One in the inlet the other day, you could almost touch it leaning over.