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  1. Is there any disadvantage to using rounds with aluminum or steel casings ? I have used steel in my black gun with no visible effect. I wonder about using it in my GLOCK
  2. To what local FFL do you have your ammo shipped to? Cost? Need new location since the Army store on 112 closed. Thank you
  3. Thank you for your reply..
  4. Does any one have a load for these bullets using Varget powder in 308 Win? Even a starting load would help. I have yet to find a reloading data book that includes 147 Grain bullets. For use with my M1A Thank you in advance....Phil M.
  5. Google Earth has a great shot of this inlet...
  6. I have tried both types. RCBS and Lee. After resizing the both cases fit perfect in my case guage and no problems firing>>
  7. Well, it was just a matter of time before some nut decided to attack the innocent public. These people make it very hard for us law abiding citizens to enjoy our rights and legal gun use and ownership. I am a gun owner, shooter and re loader for most of my life, Honestly I must admit that I see no valid reason why bang stocks and high capacity magazines should not be forbidden by law. What legit reason do we need 20, 40 and 50 round magazines? They only serve the purpose of these murder crazy nuts. Why out law automatic weapons but allow bang stocks. The present proposals concerning bang stocks is the first time politicians are talking about bans that make sense and don't hurt the honest law abiding citizens. Not like here in New York where they banned muzzle breaks and bayonet mounts and pistol grips. How many people were killed last year by rifle mounted bayonets or muzzle breaks? These bans only show the stupidity of the elected officials in Albany. My prayers to all the victims and families from the Vegas horror..
  8. Reloading for my 308 M1A. Is there a difference between a Small Base Resizing die and A Lee full length resizing die? If so what determines which one to use? Thank you in advance.
  9. Cart sold Listing Closed.
  10. OK, I will be here...
  11. You can come any time thats good for you. My Phone Selden NY 11784. I will be home all day..Phil M
  12. PCstriper.. I sent you a PM concerning pick up...
  13. The NY compliant M1A comes without a muzzle break. I am concerned with the recoil and would like to hear from any member who has fired this weapon without a break. Thank you in advance.. Anyone who fires 1 2 or 300 rounds at the range should be concerned about this re coil..
  14. I found it very hard to photo an 11' rod. However here is a picture of the guides to answer your questions
  15. Correction...This rack is not adjustable up and down or in and out however it fits perfect. Great buy..