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  1. I’ll take them
  2. I’ll take them if they’re still available..
  3. Offer $60 picked long as guides are in good condition. Last pictures shows some guides a little jacked up.
  4. Offer $50 shipped
  5. How about $70 shipped?
  6. Fair price but I’m gonna pass. Thanks
  7. Offer $60 picked up
  8. I’ll take them..
  9. I’d like to offer $100 shipped for the lot if you do decide not to split them up....
  10. Length? Any pictures?
  11. Thanks... fair price but I’ll pass..
  12. Pick up for $130.
  13. $275 shipped.
  14. I’m sure he would prefer a pickup rather than ship it.. Definitely no issue with that from me..
  15. I’ll take it shipped to NY if you decide to ship it. Shipping on me.