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  1. I have for years a 9wt sageX as my primary Striped Bass Rod and purchased an 8WT meridian as a backup and keys bonefish rod last fall. the 8wt Meridian is Sooo Nice!!
  2. RM Smith Possibly
  3. Save a little more money and buy a shimano Stradic or Sustain. Although it costs a little more it will last you many years with little more than a quick splash of the hose when done for the day.
  4. i flew february to the keys with a fishpond dakota case with three rods reels and spare spools Randall tackle as a carry on. was no big deal.
  5. I'm interested in the Sage 12wt can you send a pictures and condition?

    1. mightyrime


      here are photos




  6. anyone have issues carrying fly rods in Sage Ballistic rod tubes or other carry on alternatives?
  7. can you send pics of scuffs?
  8. PM me your email
  9. pay pal better for me ill cover fees
  10. is PayPal ok?
  11. hows $500 shipped to N.Y.
  12. why are you selling?
  13. just purchased last week a boat in Delaware and trailered it to long island. Halfway home we lost a wheel to broken lug nut studs. I had to tackle the wheel as it rolled down the highway bouncing off the median.
  14. One of the worst brand names in boating.