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    Fishing tattooing
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    I make surf bags in my spare time
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    Tattoo at Davinci Tattoo in Wantagh come get em!

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  1. Offer 60 for the SuperStrikes thanks
  2. Held the new one the other day. Feels like a fat clumsy tinny VR.
  3. Borrowed an airbrush from a friend for a winter project. Fun but tons of work and quite a pain in the arse tool.. rattle can and a can of clear just put like 3-4 coats of that 2X clear on them they last pretty good
  4. Ok no problem PM coming
  5. Sorry zip Code is 11783
  6. I’ll take it if you let me know shipping cost first? Sorry for the delay
  7. You willing to ship?
  8. I can take some. I’m o man Long Island though shipping ain’t really an option..
  9. It’s a CTSPJ1006-1 10’ rated 2-4 mod-fast built by Lou Caruso in Long Island
  10. I got a 10’ CTS if you wanna trade that Stealth?
  11. Looks pretty nice man I was actually looking for a 1201m.. anyway you’d be into a trade? I have a 10’ CTS surf and Jetty built by Lou Caruso
  12. Ok got ya yeah I’ll take a look at the other photos
  13. Who built it?
  14. I got 2nds on the surface cruisers if the deal falls through Thanks
  15. I’ve had a gold150 for years but looks mostly silver now from sun fading from being up on top of the buggy.