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  1. Preface, that I'm a PT who works in outpatient orthopedics. Think about the anterior hip replacement. Less in the way of precautions, easier recovery. Only use an ortho who has done a ton of them though, it seems to be a little more technical of a surgery. I haven't seen much success with PRP or stem cell yet, but haven't had to many of them as patients. If you have little to no cartilage, not much you can do but the THR.
  2. I gotta try this Red Phillips knot, I usually use the alberto, this looks a little easier tho.
  3. Pizza sucks. Nice park about 15 minutes away. Bluff point park in Groton. Good pasta at Paul's pasta in Groton too.
  4. Chainsaw and a dumpster
  5. Over $3 a doz at aldi this week
  6. Great job scoob. Love the BG. Lighter and casts better than the battle.
  7. "Ya piss with the cock ya got" or something like that is my favorite quote from him
  8. That was great. Keep your dick in a vise
  9. I'll take one for my 10 year old son who just started tying bucktails.
  10. Ill take it.
  11. I go with a friend at night in a local park. It's a lot of cardio but a good time at night. Went during the day once and not so fun, plus stayed sober during the day so it could have been that.
  12. I just buy unpainted jigs online. Many sources out there. I powder coat them and my 10yr old son dresses them up.
  13. Thanks Scooby!
  14. Great read!
  15. Could it be the float adjustment?