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  1. cwm15.gif I have a 757c on my Robalo and it worked flawlessly last season. I added a Navionics Gold card and it does everything i need . Just keep in mind that if you use the supplied transom mount transducer, placement is very critical for optimum performance. Make sure its not going into "dirty water" as you may incur interference from the cavitation. I fortunately got the placement part perfect and have experienced no static or screen blips at all up to 40mph. I got the whole kit and kaboodle from a dealer on Ebay for like $450 shipped and im real happy with the performance. Hope this helps.......Chas

  2. TriMoto in good shape mechanically, starts up on first or second pull, strong motor, good tires. I have owned this for 10+ years and used it to haul firewood around the house. It has never given me any problems. I moved 3 years ago and no longer burn wood, therefore have no use for it. Im asking $350. Battery was cranking slow. I will install a new battery for buyer. If interested send PM. Thanx, Chas

  3. I bought some things at The Ancient Mariner a good 15-20 yrs ago. Bill was a crochety complainer back then, so im not surprised to read that he still is. The place has been for sale for as long as i can remember. And dont you just love the 5ft tall bright yellow EELS sign? I used to buy a lot of stuff at FishHeads, but now i spend my $$ at Tonys in Mannahawkin when down on LBI. (on a recommendation from Ed J ). Andy is as friendly a guy as youll find at a tackle shop and the prices are fair. Otherwise i buy as much as i can locally at The Sportfishing Outlet in East Norriton Pa. The MOST well stocked shop ive ever been to and the owner is good people. Its amazing how he fit so much tackle in that place!............Chas

  4. Jack Blades was where my father bought me my first surf rod some 37 years ago..(im now 45). They dealt in mostly high end custom offshore stuff, but sold crab traps, bait, and surf rods. His custom stuff was worth the money. If you happen to be interested in selling one of those rods, let me know. Chas

  5. Thanx for the input guys. Ive been eye-ballin some prepaid phone deals on Ebay and did see where some are offering minutes that expire in a few monthscwm13.gif . For the amount id be using it, ill have to steer away from that type. Once again, thanx for the input. Chas