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  1. F&R, my sincere apologies to for forgetting you . I mustve been introduced to you by your real name and not your SOL handle. Welcome to the BSC
  2. ...it was good to meet you guys last night at the club meeting. See you next month.
  3. "Inkfest 2004 is in the plans Im sure we can get DC to make the scene . Welcome to the club Just be sure to forget the stringers ....good to meet ya
  4. Ill give ya $45 and throw in a quart of Chocolate milk
  5. CM, I wish i had known you were gonna sell it. I would've gladly bought it from you.
  6. Unit is in nice shape. Firebricks are in great shape and this puppy will take logs up to about 26". It throws off some serious heat. Asking price is $200 and it must be picked up. Chas
  7. I believe they offer a free 30 day trial. Cant get hurt tryin it for free
  8. Dan, it all depends on how strong you set the filtering. You set a "friends list" and a "blacklist". Takes about a week to get it setup to your liking. Seems if you set the filtering strength to maximum, it will dump all forwarded mail, (which is fine by me as i usually delete forwarded crap anyway). Best part about it is that spam and viruses never make it into your system, (ie: outlook, etc) unless you allow it to come off of their server.You can look at the content with no fear of infecting your system as long as you dont let it go into your mail client. And it WILL tell you if theres a virus in email. It bounces mail if you want it to. I like it.
  9. www.firetrust.com Mailwasher Pro is outstanding. Bounces spam, checks with major spam databases and lets you know when an email contains a virus. Between this proggy and a firewall, you'll be good to go.
  10. Gene, just outta curiousity....that wouldnt happen to be your artwork now would it?
  11. *snip* *snip* *snip*
  12. A cure for Diabetes and another pair of Ocean Waves shades.
  13. .........kinda like a pocket fisherman with balls http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3645153763&category=11 727
  14. Im curious as to the depth range you guys fish in for the Tilefish and what kind of tackle is the norm ..Tile is one very nice eating fish
  15. FishinFEEver, you hit the nail on the head
  16. Me too HaysWalt , but i was actually replying to the question of the thread.
  17. Why? So it could end up being like a saltwater version of the WWF ? Billfishing is being exploited by what seem to be a bunch of high-dollar yahoos. The Bassmasters has become a media circus and has been beaten thoroughly into the ground. Theres enough pressure on fish stocks as it is. Nothing needs to be piled on an already fragile situation. My $.02
  18. Bill and Plug, you guys put on a very nice spread and should be commended for it . It was nice to finally put a face to the names of SOL members. The crab soup was outstanding as was all the other foodies . Poppy, it was nice to talk with you. Andy (Chief 500), lemme guess, you heard the snoring from the pavilion? . thanx to all for a good event
  19. Hmmmm......Navy Captain + Earl pier....seems like an easy equation to solve
  20. heres one with lotsa detail http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=19958&hourly=1&yday=324&weekday= Friday
  21. Why not stick around to see if ya win?
  22. The powdered graphite thing worked fine UNTIL the innards (sp) got wet.. Im not talking about fishing in the surf where a reel continually gets doused with water, im talking back water. Just from the line getting wet it seems to work its way inside and eventually into the drag system, rendering it as useless as before they were treated with graphite. I should try the Extreme Smoothies or better yet, ive heard of Penn HT100 drag washers being installed in Abu's. That would probably be the best setup. I aslo know that the drags are supposed to be installed dry, but im sure Lithium grease might not hurt it. If nothing else, i know it wont fly off
  23. Too bad they arent using thier nogging to do something better like furnishing reels with drags that actually work without the need to be replaced almost immediately.......one of the finest casting reels but the drag system definitely leaves a lot to be desired
  24. Tim, i just added Stripersonline.com (without the "www."), and that did the trick. I already had www,Stripersonline.com and now after the change, i can see without feelin "nekid" Thanx!
  25. Golden, if you are by any chance begind a good firewall, you,ll have to basically turn the settings down...way down. I use Zone Alarm Pro (which is the best rated)and i have to enable all kinds of things that you normally could surf with on. Cookies are a must, ad blocking and pop-up controls must be turned off etc. I can post with it turned up to the max, but i cant see pix that are posted unless i turn the wick way down.