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  1. Spawning fish,...stacked up,...guilt complexes.....blah, blah, blah.....i think i like the "yakety-yak" one the best.....you guys are too much.....strong opinions that differ at times are what gives this place that nice "homey" feel.....take out the papers and the trash....or you dont get no spendin cash..and tell them hoodlum friends outside..hey, i like the song......Chas
  2. Jack, so good to see you posting here...you always add to any board ive seen you post on, and im sure this wont be any different...all i can say is,"its about time!"..Chas
  3. Bassaund, in your initial post you referred to bay fishing as "spike a rod and wait"....whats that all about?..are you strictly a bait fisherman when it comes to the bay?...just curious what you mean by it....Chas
  4. Got mine on saturday...girlfriend also got hers ...still waitin for the BLUEFISH BONUS TAGS...this is the one that allows you one Bluefish over 40lbs...Brian, did ya get yours yet?.... Chas
  5. Congrats Grampa.!!...my lil sister was due on march 10th and is runnin late....im just waitin for the magical call myself..any day now...Chas
  6. Sergio.....I have a style called the "Tarpon" and theyre green tinted....green tint is supposed to be better for shallower water fishing such as back bay, flats and surf, and the deep blue is good for offshore stuff..the nice part about the ocean waves is the fact that they dont "wash out color" like some polarized glasses do...they really are good and crystal clear...no eye strain whatso-ever..also, whatever kind you get, make sure you get the sideshields..they are invaluable....hope this helps, Chas
  7. Ocean Waves get 4 thumbs ups from me....lookin to get another pair.....and yes, they do have prescription optics available from what im told. Chas
  8. Id go back to shooting Sprint cars and racking up un-godly miles on my car in my never-ending search for the all important "perfect panned shot" of guys like Steve Kinser on any dirt track within lets say 500 miles.
  9. Milkman....i am the milkman......im the milkman!!...arggh!!
  10. ....sorry.....reel has been sold. [This message has been edited by Dusky (edited 03-13-2000).]
  11. As im sure many do when they log on to this website, I often skip reading what Tim types....I refer to this as his "daily sermon"....well, I gotta say that what you wrote today was good reading Tim....I enjoyed it and often think along the same lines when I see people facing east and wonder what theyre thinking and what kind of mindset they are in at that moment...keep up the good work, Chas
  12. I need info on the G.Loomis SUR-1087,2pc,9ft rod...i cant find any info or prices for this in my 1999 catalog or online at Loomis 200 catalog...i need to know what the price was on this rod...sounds more like a Lami number to me....any help is appreciated, especially the price that it went or goes for....thanx in advance, Chas
  13. Mike, you were right on the money, again....i called Loomis and the girl i spoke to told me that it is a discontinued rod and that the price was probably like $185....i saw it on a Tackle shops website advertized as a "clearance item" reduced to $174.99 and thought it was worth a look...thanx for the help guys.....Chas
  14. Can anyone recommend any good books on building rods?...i know there are a lot out there, but i was counting on input from this board to help me weed thru the BS....thanx in advance , Chas
  15. I tried Dave and they didnt have anything there..(guess they couldnt find em), however, i did find a site that did....the site is http://www.icantfindem.com/J.M./note.../cgi?/BS..They have all kindsa "hard-to-find" tings and a "lost and recovered" bin you can dive in...Chas
  16. Thanx much guys....looks like Clemens is a good bet.....FM, ill check the website..Chas
  17. Dave, check out "virtualoutdoorsman.com. theyve got one that sounded kinda good..its a deep-sea trophy game complete with chum...actually, ive got about 10 games...i just cant find em Chas
  18. They do cast a mile Tim...I have a 229-5 and its as nervous a reel as you can buy....John, shoot me an e-mail when you get time or call. Chas
  19. and all along i thought that garage on 10th street was safe from guys like you...bastids!
  20. What a coincidence Dave...Ive got 10 of them...i just cant find em