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  1. Ok Dave, ya beat me by 7 hours....(i knew there was a reason i never posted on this forum)
  2. Ive seen that stunt done with a plastic gallon milk jug and a length of fuse...but a 55gal trash bag?!!....you are really looking to get seriously hurt...not for anything, you shouldnt even post "inventions" like that here....all it takes is one dumb, curious kid to venture into his Dads shop....im sure you can guess what could happen....Chas
  3. http://www.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/asiapc...ut/index.html#
  4. Jesse Jackson's depression episode Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, on his way home from work at City Hall, came to a dead halt in traffic on the Dan Ryan Expressway and thought to himself, "Wow, this traffic seems worse than usual. Nothing's moving at all." He noticed a State Trooper walking back and forth between the lines of cars, so he rolled down his window and asked, "Officer, I'm Mayor Richard M. Daley, what's the problem; what's holding everything up." The trooper replied, "It's the Reverend Jackson. He's so depressed about the thought of everyone knowing about his extramarital affair and his illegitimate child, that he stopped his car in the middle of the Dan Ryan Expressway and is threatening to douse himself with gasoline and set himself on fire. He says the country and his congregation are blaming him for his infidelity and doesn't know if he can live with the shame and embarrassment. The people in the halted cars along the expressway are taking a collection for him." "Oh really," replied Mayor Daley. "How much have they collected for the Reverend Jackson so far?" "About 300 gallons," said the trooper, "but they are still siphoning."
  5. Krusty, im pretty sure i saw your Dads car..very clean machine if it the one im thinking of, (ya know theres a sea of camaros there)....I ended up going yesterday (saturday) instead...got there about 1;30pm, just in time to see a vette mow down the tree (yeah, he ran right into it)...took out the tree and the base. Needless to say there was quite a delay and racing didnt resume til around 4:30, followed by a few minor oil downs and a guy who tossed a blower in a TA/FC goin thru the traps right in front of us..(THAT was quite a loud BOOM!)....Nice class of stocks and the Altereds were, as always, entertaining....Chas [This message has been edited by Dusky (edited 05-26-2002).]
  6. Yeppers!...Yer right about that Krusty....I liked the pro stockers when they ran small blocks and actually used the clutch for each shift..The heads-up classes (IE: Super gas, etc) definitely puts more $$ thru the back gate and more heads in the grandstands,which spells money for the promoter...But theres just something about a car thats runnin on a 9.90 index that has the potential to maybe run in the high 7,s thats ridin his brakes the last 300ft or so of the track that doesnt appeal to me....now Super stock and the like, where ya haveta weigh so many lbs per cubic inch, ya gotta really use the ol noodle.......anyone headin to the Grove today or this weekend?....ill most likely head up this afternoon....Chas [This message has been edited by Dusky (edited 05-24-2002).]
  7. .....got behind a Jeep with a NY license that read "JPL-1" in the vicinity of Abington Hospital...then i heard the church lady whisper in my ear "Well, isnt that special"
  8. Tom, thats great to hear that you had a good trip with the crew of the Disorderly Conduct . Even better is the fact that you found out about then here on SOL..It sounds like the kind of charter that would be nice to take family members, girlfrieds/wives etc.....and it sounds like they really worked hard to put you on the fish.....Chas
  9. Dubs,you are bad! [This message has been edited by Dusky (edited 05-21-2002).]
  10. That was Definitely one of the closest Pro Stock fields ive seen in years...its unbelievable just how far theyve come over the last 30 years and how much horsepower theyre making on gas & carbs...aside from the Superstock classes (read: thinking mans racing), they are the most competitive....Jeff, wasnt the qualified field in Pro Stock separated by something like a tenth of a sec?...and while i was really hopin for that cutie, Angelle Savoie, to win in the bikes, Antron cut a .417 light and clearly left her on the line.....Gotta luv da SummerNats!
  11. Finron is right...Id check on the legality of it b4 ya hook one as bait....Gettin busted for that would be pretty embarrassing
  12. Why didnt the guy in the picture just keep one scale from the fish and let him swim away?...thats common practice....a better way to guage the size of the fish and ya dont need to senselessly kill it just for a picture.....BTW, is a Tarpon that size considered to be a giant in SC?.....Iknow it wouldnt be in Fla.
  13. Happy day to you ,Dave
  14. Easy guys...i deliver milk in Glass Bottles ....anyone remember the "rag man"?....how about the guy in the truck that would holler "doggie dimes"?:squid"
  15. Hi Bob, howya doin?
  16. Well, while im sure an "itchy and burning sphincter muscle" is nothing to laugh at, the bright side is that Douggie will never have to worry about hemmorhoids....after his last posting you can be sure that he,s a perfect ******* [This message has been edited by Dusky (edited 05-10-2002).]
  17. Thanx for the kind words Douggie....Dont forget to mention PA...If ya dont, Dave and i will feel left out....Chas
  18. ....that should explain the gamey smell in Cecil County
  19. ..will get a laugh outta this...i know i sure did...just make sure your sound is turned on....Chas..... http://people.cornell.edu/pages/slp29/insane.html [This message has been edited by Dusky (edited 05-01-2002).]
  20. The ones that Sudsy left out are here are over here-> http://www.tshirthell.com/ ....definitely not for the faint-of-heart....Chas
  21. One things for sure if he does resign, they are certainly some big shoes to fill....I think hes done a great job in all hes been involved in.
  22. Mrs O'Donut shouldve worn a rubber [This message has been edited by Dusky (edited 05-01-2002).]
  23. There have been plenty of big bass caught at the CBB over the years....I know guys who,ve fished that area for the last 15 years and a 60lb fish is not out of the question.....Usually they,ll fish 5 or 6 bloodworms packed on an 8/0 for the LARGE