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  1. This is a casting rod. Sorry
  2. Classic Loomis Hotshot rod HSR 1021-c, GL2, 8'6", 2 piece casting rod rated for 3/8-4oz and 10-20lb line. Power rating is Mag-medium and the action on the blank is Ex Fast. The rod is in like-new condition and has only been fished 3 times. Looking for $180. Thanx, Chas
  3. From the album Avatars

  4. Even though its very close to home, ive never gone to this venue. Just curious if many folks are planning to attend. Think im gonna check it out.
  5. Interesting clip for sure. Whats even more amazing is that it was found off of Japan, considering the way the Japanese cull anything that swims with no regard for the long term life of any species
  6. I have a 757c on my Robalo and it worked flawlessly last season. I added a Navionics Gold card and it does everything i need . Just keep in mind that if you use the supplied transom mount transducer, placement is very critical for optimum performance. Make sure its not going into "dirty water" as you may incur interference from the cavitation. I fortunately got the placement part perfect and have experienced no static or screen blips at all up to 40mph. I got the whole kit and kaboodle from a dealer on Ebay for like $450 shipped and im real happy with the performance. Hope this helps.......Chas
  7. Heres a bump 4 ya Ed.........Howya been?
  8. Glad to see you and Pam pulled thru without harm . Believeit or not, YOU are the main reason i logged on, just to see if anyone knew how you were fairing thru the whole hurricane Ike thing. Im glad this thread was started as i was gonna start a "Any word from Walkin Jack" thread. PM is on the way as it has been way too long since we corresponded. .....Chas
  9. How are ya Mike? It has been awhile since i posted here. Im sure CM is around in the woodwork. He and Bill Klein are the only ones that im still in contact with. Good to see you are still keeping the peace around here. Chas
  10. Bought a second boat in the early spring and when im not fishing or fixin one of them, im workin my tail off. Shoot me an email sometime, maybe we can hook up and wet a line. You arent that far from me.......Chas
  11. .Brian, ya still owe me a drink ;-)
  12. pm sent. Thanx.
  13. TriMoto in good shape mechanically, starts up on first or second pull, strong motor, good tires. I have owned this for 10+ years and used it to haul firewood around the house. It has never given me any problems. I moved 3 years ago and no longer burn wood, therefore have no use for it. Im asking $350. Battery was cranking slow. I will install a new battery for buyer. If interested send PM. Thanx, Chas
  14. Ill bet Dave C knows.
  15. ...for $60 shipped if its still available. Chas