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  1. It’s not tuff if you read the rules like everyone else. Rules say that you can’t sell other places while you list it here …….. very simple. People here are friendly and willing to help if you ask but not when you ignore the rules …….. just like any other site.
  2. Has this ever crashed
  3. Next in line for the buck
  4. I’ve had a problem of some posting something for sale and ignoring responses saying that I would take it or when making an offer. Can you please make it the same for those not responding to their for sale posts too?
  5. Thanks …….. payment sent ……. Please use the pp shipping address and send me the tracking
  6. I’ll take it $150 shipped pp
  7. I can offer $125 cash when picked up or PayPal now
  8. Ok …… $42 shipped PayPal …… pm me your pp info
  9. I can offer $40 shipped pp
  10. Next in line
  11. Please pm me your pp info
  12. I can offer $50 shipped pp for the Yak Power power panel. Also, I don’t see a price for the battery
  13. Yes …. Agreed. I need your PayPal info to pay you. I’ll pm you my address.
  14. To send a pm just click on my name in my post. It should take you to my profile. There should be a box toward the top that says message. Click on that and type your message. My message said ship to 21234 ……. That’s my zip code. PayPal is how I will pay. It is not the way to ship.
  15. I don’t think you are allowed to advertise it here and elsewhere. You may want to check the rules