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  1. Sold to who ……… no one responded here. Guess you listed it elsewhere too which is against the rules
  2. Payment sent ……. Please use the pp shipping address and send me the tracking
  3. I’ll take it if everything in the picture is included
  4. Next in line if it doesn’t work out
  5. In that case, I can offer $60 for both.
  6. I can offer $75 shipped pp for all 3. Have you found the 3rd?
  7. In that case, I’ll take it for $150 shipped pp. Just a little extra to help out. Hope she fully recovers.
  8. Payment sent …… please send me the tracking
  9. Since you snoozed ……… you lose. Instead of taking my offer to take it, you elected to give it to the questioner first. Offer withdrawn. A bird in hand guy.
  10. I’ll take it
  11. I’ll take lot 1
  12. I can offer $80 shipped pp
  13. I followed the rules and said I would take this for the selling price then the guy refuses the sale to me because I wouldn’t do paypal ff and changed the ad. This guy posts the Camera for $50 then tries to get me to to use Friends and Family paypal. I said that was against the rules so then he demands that I pay the fees. When I said no and I thought that was against the rules, he ghosted me, posted no thanks and changed the offering. I’m not sure that is fair or allowed. Jus sayin.