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  1. Thanks Gil ........ they will get good usage. They are for my grandkids to teach them fly tying. payment sent ....... please use the pp shipping address and send me the tracking
  2. I’ll take em
  3. I’ll take it if it falls thru
  4. So ......... there are also a lot of guys doing the same thing with Yaks with engines on them. I said that there are people that trade their boats for Yaks and it is basically what the title says. Also, that boats and Yaks have different purposes and it points to being able to get closer to the fish holding pilings with better control and stealth. A Yak engine gives you more range and more time fishing as well as power to get out of trouble when winds and tide kick up. It also lets me rig and do other stuff while running. My PA setup allows me to use my engine and Mirage drive together giving me more power and speed. The new Torqeedo will give me more power, range and speed. Shoot, the engine actually costs about the same as the gas I used in the boat in a season. But the PA loaded like I have it cost more than the boat.
  5. I just read this article and boy is it just at the right time. https://kayakanglermag.com/stories/columns/trophy-box/why-you-need-to-trade-in-your-boat-for-a-kayak/?utm_source=Kayak+Angler+Magazine&utm_campaign=7b434065fa-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_10_18_01_46&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_603ed3208e-7b434065fa-89986541
  6. Hummingbird 360
  7. Then you need to change your thinking. You may buy a yak cause you can’t afford a boat and that’s ok. You know there are a bunch of people that have sold their boats because they were having more fun and catching more fish than they did with their boats. I know I did ......... and 1 yak has a Helix 9 with all of the whistles, a 360 that is not installed, an electric downrigger uninstalled, a Torqeedo with spare batteries that I’ve never needed etc etc etc. It cost more than the 18 ft center console with a ttop and 115 hp engine I had and sold. Jus sayin. This post was not to debate Yaks etc. It was just to give you information about the new Torqeedo
  8. Well great for you but what's Your point .......... a yak is not a poor man’s boat and shouldn’t be compared that way. You can also spend $100,000 or more on a boat too. Yaks and boats have different purposes. I have a boat and 2 Yaks. The Yaks cost as much or more than the boat and I like all of them. Can’t use the boat effectively in shallow water snakehead fishing or as easy when fishing pilings but I can’t take others unless I use the boat. PLEASE STOP THINKING A YAK IS A POOR MAN’S BOAT ......... PLEASE.
  9. Dang .........Sorry that I didn’t recognize your screen name. I’m use to just talking to you on the phone.
  10. I have 2 Yaks........ a PA and an Ocean Kayak big game ..... both have Torqeedo Ultra Lights on them. I’ll probably put the new one on the PA next year
  11. I tried to pm you the link but it says you can’t receive messages
  12. Well ......... a yak is not a boat. I have both and prefer the yak. In fact, I sold my center console. Both have their places. I have never run out of power. The great thing about the Torqeedo is it tells you when you how much power is left and how much time and distance is left. In addition, the engine automatically limits your power so you can get back when you get to a certain power level so It’s on you if you run out of power. Anyway, I was just trying to get some info to you if you were interested. It’s funny that I got the same arguments when I bought my first one. Now it seems to be in the mainstream. I just love it when The same guys that are against motors on Yaks are stroking hard against wind and tide while I circle them yelling stroke .... stroke ...... stroke while circling them. Just kidding ....... but I have towed a few in.
  13. I posted the link but it was taken down by the administers because it was a Facebook post. I’m just giving you guys information that came out today that a lot of people were asking about on other sites. Sorry that’s not appreciated here. I won’t make that mistake again and probably others too. Too many trolls.
  14. Battery comes with it. Here is a video of them testing it.