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  1. Best method would be LLBean Helix-style Waders with a set of Korkers. I've used this setup for the last couple of years and couldn't be happier.
  2. Ok, PM for payment on the way for the 2nd T-Bone peanut PM for payment on the way for the 4 Med Basswood, 2 Guppys and 2 Bodega. PM for payment on the way for Sparkle basswood pnut
  3. All new lures: 1. 2 Guppy Pencils JoBo Jr- $22 each [img= 2. 2 Jointed Bodega Bay - $25 each 3. T-Bones - Medium swimmer - $25 & peanut $ 18 4. Basswoods - Medium swimmer - $25 & peanut $15 [img=[/img]
  4. It's 5&1/4 inch and weighs 2 oz. $40 is fine. I'll PM you the info
  5. I'm interested in the Z6500 Spool. Would it fit my Z6500 Dog Fight as a backup spool?
  6. Any other kind of plugs? T-bones, Bernzies, Basswoods or Jigman?
  7. I have these 2 old BM needles. The 2 oz bottom on is used - $17 shipped and Gibbs style needle is mint - $23 shipped.[ATTACHMENT=10530]Red old BM needles.JPG (89k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  8. I have this large pearl deep diver GRS, looks mint but I'm gonna call it used. There's a 'D' stamps on the lip. $40 shipped[ATTACHMENT=10525][ATTACHMENT=10526][ATTACHMENT=10527]Lg GRS Deep Diver 3.JPG (71k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]