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  1. Thanks for the offer but I'm holding out for more.
  2. Respectfully declined.
  3. I'm 5' 7 too but probably weigh a bit more than you as I am of stocky build with a beer gut. I normally wear a L in a jacket. I just tried it on again and pretended to paddle - there's plenty of arm room. It was snug to slide the tunnels down my torso but was fine after that. I would guess you would have room to layer up underneath.
  4. Still available - Springtime Bump!
  5. Last bump! buy it for Christmas!
  6. Last bump - excellent Christmas present ! - treat yourself !
  7. Quakertown, Bucks County.
  8. 2 x Oakley Golf Pants - Brand New with Tags. Both pairs are 36w x 32 but measure larger. Pair 1: Oakley Take Pants in Grey - $50 shipped PayPal Actual measurements: Across waist measure 19 inches. Inside Leg 33 inches. Total length up back of leg is 44 inches. Pair 2: Oakley Cross Town Pants in Blue Depths Color - $50 shipped PayPal Actual measurements same as above. Both pairs are brand new with tags and bag. I ordered them online but they do not fit me. Pickup is available.