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  1. nice video. good looking water
  2. any intel on large horse mackerel? Been finding tinkers but not as thick as last year in my opinion.
  3. yes stopping the giant corporations from overfishing menhaden will improve our fishing for all species. two or three companies catch 95% of the menhaden quotas. also we need to stop buying and supporting omega -3 dietary products. those drive most of the demand for menhaden. comparing the commercial striper fishery to the corporate menhaden fleet is like comparing apples to oranges. Forage including menhaden is the key to a healthy food chain. As for BFTs - these fish travel the world and there simply hasnt been enough research to get an accurate gauge on whats going on. I know of only a few biologists that actually study the behaviors of BFT in a scientific manner and they will tell you the exact same thing. The scientific data simply isn't there to make a definitive assessment of the stock. We base our quotas on anecdotal evidence and the prior years combined harvest. Yes like most species the overall biomass has decreased due to fishing pressure, pollution, etc. Unfortunately, it has proven very difficult to regulate a species that crosses international borders and is fished via a variety of techniques depending on where you find them. If the species is in such decline, why are incidental catch rates by longliners up 300% while at the same time the worldwide longliner fleet has been reduced by 70%? I am a CCA member and typically think of myself as conservation minded. IMHO, shutting down hook and line artisanal fisheries such as striped bass and tuna is not going to have an impact on the overall biomass of the species, but rather put some hard working guys out of work and take a few hundreds of millions of dollars out of our local economies.
  4. the fish go where the food is. there hasnt been alot food inshore in my experience the last few years. while I have landed fish to 49" in shore I observed many more of the true large fish offshore outside the 3 mile line on the ledges in the gulf of maine. They are there gorging on herring. Its the same story in the tuna world - "I haven't been catching that many so they must be damn near extinct, quick let's shut down some else's livelihood so i can keep fishing the same way I have been for years and keep getting the same results." We need conservation of the basic first links in the food chain and everything else will work itself out. Also, stop polluting the largest spawning areas and guess what? The fish will be back to normal. Bring back the food source to inshore and the fish will come back in to inshore waters. Making the entire Striper fishery C & R is a reactionary response and basically admits defeat in resolving the source of the problems instead of offering a proactive approach to correcting the problems. Shutting down some other guys source of bringing home the bacon wont make your fishing any better - end of story.
  5. i mostly use eagle claw circles - the model I like are the ones intended for billfish like sails, etc - I use a 7/0 to 9/0 size with about a 90% hook up rate all in the corner of the mouth. I have had more gut hooks using gami and eagle claw octopus in line circles even though they are branded as tournament approved. Also FYI - I believe the tube and worm rig is exempt from the circle hook reg. thanks to input from a couple sharpies down Saco area.
  6. Friday March 15th 8pm Port City Music Hall 504 Congress Portland Tix $15 Music by Pete Kilpatrick Band Get together, drink beer, listen to music, talk about fishing, check out the raffles & silent auction items, and help raise some money for the Coast Conservation Assoc. of Maine.
  7. Great job getting the kids on some big fish! How's everyone been doing on the bass? I have been chasing Uncle Charlie for the last couple weeks and he is making me crazy! In the last 3 trips Ive hooked up 5 times and lost them all. Getting some good experience though I guess. I have a feeling that the bite will be on for a few more weeks and will get at least one or two fish on the deck. Might try and hit my usual striper spots this Saturday or Sunday. Good luck with the rest of the season guys.
  8. they look like snapper blues - do they have teeth?
  9. What do you think the will happen to the fishing with the big seas coming through the area? I know for me it will make boat fishing impossible. It is a bummer because it seems like this season has been good fishing for a few weeks then something comes along and screws it up. Takes another couple weeks to get consistent again then bamo something else changes. Also, I have noticed peanut bunker in my marina for at least the last 3 days.
  10. I fish from Portland to Biddeford pool so I dont have much intel on York. I do know that they are schooling up and getting ready for the fall run for sure so now is the time to get out there. Speaking of which .. gotta run if I am going to make bait and be at my spot for prime tide!
  11. I have the AM of 9/13 open if interested. I do a 30% discount for SOL members. I fish live bait on light tackle - St. Croix 7ft rods with Shimano Baitrunner 3500's. I have won the Casco Bay Anglers Club Striper Hunt 3 years running. Wallace is tops for fly anglers - depending on the day you may need to meet him at Pine Point or Camp Ellis as he does fish outside of Casco Bay all the time. Over the last two trips out my anglers & I have boated over 50 bass with 4 over 40" and 2 of those broke 30lbs. Send me a PM or email me at
  12. got 35 last night on Daiwa SP minnow and Black Mambos. Lost a sweet needle fish plug too! They are schooling up for sure!
  13. Climbed out on the rocks last night and nearly broke my neck all to take the big skunk. I just dont think there are the numbers of fish there than there used to be. Between monkeying out on the treacherous rocks and the parking issues it just doesnt seem worth it to fish there. Im going to head south - i hear there is quite a bite going on down there.
  14. it is worth the run to start the day with 60 killah baits! You are well within sight of land and cell phone service.
  15. go to the ledges just before the 3 mile line - chum and slow troll for macs till you get into them. use sabikis with a large crocodile spoon on the end. when you get one hooked trolling stop the boat and reel them in slow and bring the school to the boat and fill up the sabiki rig if not allready full. chum like hell while doing this. the school should then be at the boat and in the slick. if done right you'll catch 6 tinks at a time until your livewell is blacked out. discard any mack that is bleeding at all and use them for chunk bait. The blood will take the O2 out of the water in your well. they are there. have not seen or heard of blues since last Saturday/Sunday.