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  2. Welcome!!! StripersOnline Rule #1: No one talks about specific spots, unless it's a big, obvious area, like "off Old Orchard Beach." Anyway, around Pine Point is as good a spot as any to find blues. Try trolling anything shiny, or any swimming lure. If the fish are there it really doesn't matter what size or color. Blues just don't care. And if you're successful, let us know and post some pics!!! Ish
  3. All you lurkers out there!!! Take 2 minutes and register, and join in on the conversation. More participants just makes the forum better!! Tell us about your fishing, and ask your questions!!! Us folks in Maine are friendly, and won't bite. Only the fish do that!! Ish
  4. Greetings from a fellow former Great South Bay snapper fisherman!!! My best friend and I used to SLAY them,
  5. Perhaps put the pics on some flyers with "POACHER" in big letters, and put them up around the parking area, and on people's windshields?
  6. Yeah, I saw a pair of porpoises last year, right off the pier in OOB. We didn't see any noticeable dorsal fin, though. It was also accelerating rapidly across the water for a long distance. I don't think porpoises do that.
  7. Depth was about 20 ft, if I remember correctly. Certainly not much more than that.
  8. I was out in Saco Bay today, about a 1/2 mile off of Ferry Beach, and we saw something BIG break the surface a couple of hundred yards away. It sprinted across the surface very fast for 50 feet or so, throwing up spray, It was chasing something. I didn't see any obvious fin. It was too big to be a blue, and I don't think seals do that. Sturgeon definitely don't. The only thing I can figure is that it was a football tuna. Anybody have any ideas?
  9. Trolled for 2 hours off of Bayview to OOB - nothing to show for it.
  10. Believe it or not, I like catching blues. I've been out a dozen times on my boat off the Saco River trying to find some, and nothing!! Either PM me, or I'll take you out on my boat and you can show me
  11. Went out last night to check my lobster traps. We saw some birds working off of Negro Island and I casted into the flock with a crystal minnow. One my third cast I hooked up. The fish wasn't behaving like a bass, and I was a bit confused. I had a good laugh when I got the fish to the boat, and it was a 20" mackerel. The biggest I've ever seen. Not a bass, but still pretty fun.
  12. Hope no one got caught out in the storm. We were out off of the Saco and saw the clouds coming, and felt the wind change. We reeled up and high-tailed to the launch ramp. 10 minutes after the boat was parked in the driveway it was so dark that it looked like 9pm. The sky opened up with the worst rain I've seen in a while, plus ridiculous wind. There were a lot of boats just heading out when we were coming in. I hope there weren't any serious problems out there....
  13. Knuckleheads? This is nothing up here. One of the things I really love about boating and fishing up here is that there are so few people around. You should see what it's like in NY. Tons of people with more money that brains at full throttle all the time, and crowds of boats at every good fishing spot.
  14. We got into a big school out on the boat around 7:30 on the Saco. They were busting bait all over the place!!! It was nuts. All of 'em about 12"