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  1. Dumb question no. 852 (hockey related): who's the guy in the penalty box with the suit and headset? An assistant coach for the relevant team who shares insights with the penalized player? Just some dude in a suit who hands the player a towel and gatorade? I've been befuddled by this for like 20 years. Please help.
  2. Just FYI, I plan to appropriate this zinger for my own personal use. This is both an interesting and sad discussion, whether the cause of the lobster demise was warming waters, pesticides, or both. If you can imagine it, at one point not only did we have a robust lobster population in LI Sound, we also had a viable migrating Atlantic Salmon population (! But that's another sad story.
  3. Great idea because man, for bass in particular, it seems like at least 50% of the fish is wasted even when you do a proper filet. I need to try the boiling/fishcakes idea, but how much of the fish do you boil? In other words, let's say for a bass, do you cut off the head, tail, and guts, and literally just boil the spine/rack portion, or do you leave the head/tail on too?
  4. I'm looking for a good, honest contractor for a kitchen/bathroom remodeling job in an old house (pre-1930) in the Town of Brookhaven. I've got some names but figured I'd check here as well. If you've got a good recommendation please pass it on. A PM is fine too. Thanks a lot.
  5. Adrian Belew: Incredible, innovative guitarist. And King Crimson - Discipline is such a fantastic album. Still holds up 40+ years later.
  6. Tsunami sand eel - great for trolling in LI Sound, especially since you (or at least I) can't cast that thing. It seems to catch strippers when nothing else will (although the blues destroy it).
  7. I need to get an old house in Brookhaven inspected and appraised. If you've got any good recommendations for either please pass them on. Thanks very much!
  8. I want to buy your buddy a beer and pat him on the back. Who hasn't made mistakes? Who hasn't lost a great fish? Plus the guy's drag was busted so his options were limited, and it's too damn easy to Monday-morning quarterback at this point. And as others have said, he had it in his hands and was gonna release it anyway. It stands a better chance of surviving having been "released" that way. In short, I say he should count it and sleep easy. Either way he's got a beer coming from me. Thanks for posting the great vid and story.
  9. I just wanted to take a second to commend you on your patience and thoughtfulness with these responses -- particularly the first one before the sharks came in and ripped the OP apart. We'd all benefit from showing the same kind of patience and civility, both on this site and in any other context. Have a good one.
  10. I think Rodgers makes some decent points here. That said, I wouldn't be willing to make myself the test case! It'll be interesting to see if this develops into anything legally.
  11. The lighthouse webcam definitely suggests that construction is contributing a lot of sediment to the water, especially around the north side. I know folks have said that's normal when it rains, but it sure looks like it's directly related to the construction. If so, it's possible that could adversely affect the fishing (if the fish were around). But on the upside it's only a short-term thing. Crazy that this time of year there's at most 1-2 guys out there fishing whenever I check the webcam.
  12. With this risk there is just no way the Town should ever proceed with condemnation. Basically the Town would be buying the beach without knowing the price, and with no ability to walk away if the price turns out to be too high. No one in his right mind would do that. Better to look for another way. And in 10-20 yrs when the homeowners come begging for beach replenishment because global warming and rising sea levels have eroded their private beach away, the Town can point them to some of the pretty pictures posted above.
  13. This is spot on and already happening on 720s (which I love) and their parts. Prices have gone up 100% on those in the last few years.
  14. Good luck out there and welcome to the site! Montauk's one of the greatest places on earth, even when the fishing isn't great. Have fun!