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  1. It also looks like they fixed but dramatically shortened the pier, right? But maybe that's old news. I haven't been down that way for a while.
  2. good for you for trying. That wind was nasty!
  3. Up visiting my parents, central north shore. Took dog for a walk on the beach this morning and was surprised to see a large number of seagulls working along the beach. They were braving the strong northwest blow to pick some type of rain bait or smallish bait out of the surf. I doubt there were any fish on them but you never know. I don't have my fishing stuff with me so I couldn't test it. And it was tough keeping the dog off the dead bunker...
  4. Really interesting article. Some good news in there (we're seeing the benefits of the reduction in the commercial bunker quota), and some bad (the lack of predatory fish). Thanks for posting.
  5. Thanks for the insights. Hopefully it's just due to an over-abundance of bunker in constrained areas and not a sign of poor environmental conditions. That seems unlikely because from what I saw of the Sound visiting my folks this fall the water was cleaner than I can ever remember it.
  6. My sister's down visiting my folks in Suffolk/central north shore and reports that lots of dead bunker have washed up on shore. What do you think is the cause? I doubt it was gator blues or stripers terrorizing them - seems too late in the season. Water temps maybe? Sudden drop below lethal levels?
  7. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh, and glad you had a good outing.
  8. Respectfully offer $30 shipped paypal for the 720.
  9. Got you. I'm with you 100% on this,.,
  10. I want to ask you about the "keep quiet" part. I'm with you for the most part, but the silence thing can get a little extreme. I was lucky enough to fish Montauk a while back and I joined in the North Side "conga line" early one morning. Man it was slow. Still, guys filled in around me ... and nobody said a thing for like 2 hours. At one point a boat started pushing a school landward and I said to no one in particular "maybe he'll push them into casting range." That elicited some gruff remark about how "all boaters suck" and then we all fell back into sullen silence. Come on man can somebody crack a joke or something. Even when the guy next to landed a decent bass I said "nice job" and all I got in return was a look of shock that I had broken the code of silence. I'm not looking for incessant chatter, so I'm with you on that, and trust me I'd much rather be fishing alone in some secluded south side spot... but if we're all gonna be fishing 5 feet apart for 3+ hours an occasional joke or some banter how the Giants suck, what lures might work, etc., would be welcome. In those circumstances, we're all in it together. Might as well lighten up a bit,. Am I way off base on that one?
  11. I want to thank you all for the lure recommendations. I had an interesting trip . Here's a report in case you're interested. I understand the sensitivity about reports, but I personally enjoy reading them and this info is dated now and not site-specific. So hopefully it doesn't offend. First day I got the yak in the water around 1:00 p.m., trolled a tsunami sand eel and immediately hooked up with an 8-lb bluefish. A little later what's that over there a school of adult bunker. Clipped on a large piece of wood and more large (for me at least) blues. Followed the pod which, of course, was moving against the wind, waves, and current. Arms dead tired from rowing the yak (no pedals) and hauling in blues on my cheapskate setup (8 ft Cabella's whuppin stick with ancient Penn 720). But what's that over there birds working on rain bait. Rowed over clipped on the smallest metal I had and hooked up with a nice 20-something inch schoolie. Waves getting big now, so I row in to a protected cove and what's that 30 ft off shore another bunker pod being terrorized by something with a large tail Pull the up yak on shore clip on the large wood and hook up with a 31-inch 12 lb striper. For me, that's like winning the lottery. Next day: dead. Nothing. No sign off life. What a difference a day makes. Next day surrounded by large fish breaking water throw everything I've got with no result. Frustrating as hell. Heard guy on the beach say he'd just caught an albie so maybe that's what they were. Don't know. Didn't have an epoxy jig. Tried skimming a small metal across the top but it was a joke. Plus I think they were stripers. Next day, my last day, surrounded by breaking fish again. Lightbulb goes on - somebody on this site told me a while back that when stripers are on rain bait try a small bucktail with no trailer. So I took the otter tail off the 3/4 oz Spro and clipped that on. Immediate hook up with decent schoolie. Finally. But now it's 6 pm and (of course) the south wind is blowing me out to sea. Another cast and bump but no hookup. What 's wrong? Check bucktail. The bass that bumped me broke the hook off the bucktail (user error - the hook was rusty. Lesson learned). Clipped on a larger jetty caster bucktail but no takers. Rowed back home in the dark against the wind and current. But now at least I gained some knowledge about how to work the rain bait bite next time. That's thanks to this site and you all. Good luck out there and be safe.
  12. I may be heading up to LI next week and plan to fish off the beach for any stripers or blues that may still be around. I haven't fished the area (Central North Shore) this late in the year in a really long time. What lures would you recommend? Too late for stripers/blues off the Central North Shore? Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Nice man. Well fed beauty!
  14. That's interesting. Which two offerings have they been taking if you don't mind me asking? If you do mind me asking, then disregard the question but accept my congrats on finding the two that worked!