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  1. Sold and shipped. Thanks
  2. Ok, pm sent with payment info. Thanks
  3. Open this back up at 30 shipped.
  4. Ill pass. Thanks
  5. Cash price?
  6. Built by Derek Gustafson back around 2011. Excellent condition. Only been on a beach once. 10'6 1-4oz. 250 shipped PP.
  7. Excellent, thank you! PM inbound
  8. Reel is in good shape. Some paint worn on the spool but thats about it. 60.00 shipped PP
  9. Ill post some pics later. Its in the shed and Im not home. Its the SU1264F. I had it on the beach once. Id look for 220 shipped PP.
  10. Have a like new custom Rainshadow 1264 spinning. Its 10'6 if an extra 6 dont matter. 1-4 ounce. Very nice rod. Built by Derek Gustafson.