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  1. No one answers phone, and I have 3 outstanding orders there dating back to 11/12. All show as in "packaging" . No responses to my emails, getting ready to notify my cc company to stop payment.
  2. send me your address again- just loaded a box for you and want to get them shipped first thing in morning.



  3. I do epoxy for sealing wood baits, I do use Minwax Wood Hardener for doing casting eggs as I can soak 25 to 30 at a time, fast drying, then just a double dip in minwax polycrylic. I do however do the hardener in my garage due to the fumes.
  4. Exactly
  5. Most of the ones I have seen are in that range.
  6. I use the 4 mil bags from uline - mostly the 4x12 which run me around 45 dollars for 1000.
  7. If you would like it, it will be there for you.
  8. Sorry- just back in states and getting all my messages. I am in CT- As for reel being magged- it was purchased / built years back from Trey Irbis at Hatteras Outfitters as a custom upgraded reel. Was loaded with all upgraded bearings, but I honestly couldn't tell you if "magged" . Would be happy to meet up if you are nearby in CT, or I will be set up at the Narragansett Surf Day and will bring the reel there - will have it for sale. Not really interested in trades.
  9. Forgot this was still floating out there from december- braid was removed- drop price to 140 including shipping. Check or mo only .
  10. if you have anymore stuff you are basically giving away give me a heads up.  i'm in central ct and can give you cash and save you shipping.



    1. MarineSniper


      You can call me- (860)306-0454  I am in Newington.

  11. They look for the most part 2/0 or larger- there are some smaller ones mixed in. I will send it out to you- pay me once you check them out. Sold to Iceman2017- PM sent
  12. Sold to Travel4Fish- PM being sent-
  13. 43 pcs- most are new- various head and sizes look to range from 1/2 to 3 oz. just found another few not shown in picture that I will throw in. $28.00 Check or MO only.
  14. I am not a fly fisherman, but I got these from an older gentleman who could no longer fish- 70 flies - various sizes - Plus 4 fly wallets- $40.00 check or MO only please. Shipping included
  15. All yours- PM sent