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  1. The idea of using a dehydrator is only a plus if it is for heat…epoxy is not drying…it’s curing. Heat makes the chemical reaction happen faster and heat can also change the viscosity of the epoxy. That’s why heating plug works well. The epoxy thins and then when the plug is cooling it sucks the epoxy into the wood pores. boat builders use special slow cure epoxy in the summer because it can cure before you finish spreading it. Generally epoxy will not cure below 65 degrees. if you use a wire to hang them overnight it helps to turn the wire after a couple of hours to keep it from getting glued in. If it does take a blow torch or something the next day to heat the wire and it will free up. acid brushes work well to spread epoxy. I’m not sure the through hole is done until the epoxy drips out the other end. Then use a pipe cleaner to get the excess out.
  2. Try putting your brushes in the freezer before the epoxy sets up. epoxy won’t set in the freezer so you can reuse the brush fairly common practice with boatbuilding epoxy
  3. Yes but that section was also missing a lot of sand back in June. The town of Orleans does everything they can to keep it open.
  4. Twice in the last year I renewed registrations on line with the RMV, which you would expect is easy for them to complete. well , both times I can see the transactions are completed , But my stickers never arrived. Wait a month or so and send them an email. No response, call them and they say I have to pay to get a duplicate sticker and registration because it’s been ‘ too long”….once I can maybe blame on the mail? But twice ?
  5. Yes you can shape ‘ flatten most lead weights with a hammer, not that hard
  6. I think if you were doing a few of these you could make some jigs to hold the work tight while running it through the router also if you seal the template with epoxy it will give a harder surface and not dent as easy
  7. In the past the biggest reasons they didn’t have a surcharge for using a credit card was that it was a violation of the visa agreements. Not sure if that still exists. The reason you see small shops pushing you to cash is that the rates they pay MC/VISA are a lot higher. The bigger you are the lower your rates.
  8. The Parker river refuge will sell you permit for night fishing …at the entrance or at their offices…you can fish from shore at the point or along the beaches. That time of year is when the small bait is dropping out of the Parker and Ipswich river. The folks at surfland will let you know what’s working ..not a bad time of year to be out there…just saw your comment about night ,,,,never mind
  9. I’ll take it if $160 shipped is still acceptable
  10. How many years have you had the XTD ?
  11. Just picked up a case on my way over the bridge tonight. they are pouring 5 - 8pm wed thru sat 2 - 5 sun
  12. The absurd other side of this seal problem is the seal rescue folks. They are spending thousands per seal,to rescue them from the beaches. I was reading one of their web sites today and they are saying one of their current health issues with seals is THE LACK OF FISH
  13. They are also a bee friendly tree and provide a source of pollen for your local bees this time of year.
  14. I’m in mass,