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  1. Payment sent
  2. They are also a bee friendly tree and provide a source of pollen for your local bees this time of year.
  3. I’m in mass,
  4. Ill take it
  5. When do you guys start checking water temps ?
  6. Thanks for taking one from the herd that is eating everything that grows here in North Andover. I have to keep my Springer on a rope when I take her out at night because there are deer standing on my lawn watching us about 3 nights a week. If the dog isn’t leashed I am asking for trouble cus the deer get blinded by my flashlight long enough that the dog almost catches up to them.
  7. Take into account the amount of carbon being loaded into our oceans by the use of fossil fuels and you will see those windmills as part of the solution
  8. Not surprised to hear they are coming in closer. In the few times i have been on the spit this year it seemed the seals are staying in closer. This was the first time I remember seeing the big seals drifting with the tide between the people wading and the beach.
  9. Get some shad spoons there are lots of shad and herring in the river right now. stripers are coming up to.
  10. The Merrimac water levels finally started dropping today. Give it another week and it should be better
  11. There was a study released recently disclosing the level of some pesticides or herbicides found in some of the most common beer brands. Now compare that to the high level of testing done to all of the pot sold over the counter here. It’s possible that your beer from the store is worse for you on that level. I wonder if half the fruit etc at the grocery store is even clean enough to pass those tests.
  12. I’d be also be concerned about the known leaks in the system that they haven’t gotten around to fixing ( there are a few that I know of) that might have have been further weakened tonight.
  13. It’s surprising that they were able to get to the ones that they did. Andover and North Andover might see a fire a week. North Andover had twenty tonight. I am on the cape right now but was lucky that a friend stopped by and shut of the gas at my house at the meter for me just in case. This could take days to sort out and decide who’s power and gas to turn back on in what order.
  14. There is a commuter train to Newburyport but there are no fish there