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  1. It's really not even fair anymore. Question is, will she destroy him? She might just because she can. She's a world class bitch. Good for her.
  2. We're in for a rough ride with this idiot.
  3. All its showing is how little we need the whole bloated system. Fire 1/2 of them, give the remaining a 5% raise. There's the wall for doofus. Only because our lives are so threatened by this crisis, in the last 3 months. And any chance of his re-election.
  4. Eh.... Little billy in ne has a uncanny resemblance to Emperor Palpatine. So don't laugh too loud. Except The Emperor had a better personality.
  5. Picking on someone’s outward appearance is childish and immature We all need to grow up a little. I’m sure there’s a explaination for his rather odd twitch. Maybe it just sunk in he’s the new Jets HC.
  6. We’ll see who’s laughing this time next year.
  7. Maybe not. He already made every mistake a coach can. Now, learning from his mistakes, he'll be a much better leader. Going on that theory, the future is sunshine and blue skies.
  8. Well yes, he was very very short when he played. Funny thing is, he’s 6 3 today.
  9. I'm sorry. I threw reality into the Pat fan luv fest. Carry on.
  10. You got a excellent QB. Completely different game now. Don't ever compare it to when football was football. Brady would be dead if he played when Bradshaw, Namath, Stabler, or even Joe played. Think he'd survive a hit by Ray Nitschke or Butkus? All the flowers and stuffing would come out all over the grass. HaHaHaHaHa DEAD. Morto
  11. In NJ, we need a permit for a caulk gun.
  12. He seems like a simple (not stupid simple) kind of guy. I'd take what I have, along with a intact brain, and say adios to the NFL. But be in clear view so he can rub the front office's nose in doggie dodo when wonder boy breaks a nail. He didn't lose that game. Unfortunate flub, by an otherwise excellent receiver.
  13. Foles led you to the playoffs last year. Beat the sissy boy and won MVP of the super bowl. Came in and woke the team up this year, led you to the playoffs AGAIN and could have been in the NFC championship game. The pass was perfect. He almost beat one of the truly best of all times. They could probably spank the Rams too. Thank him for the only ring Philly has. And I guarantee you will miss him. I hope he excels at whatever team is lucky enough to land him.
  14. I don’t know. The law is the law. Maybe they should go back. Seems cruel if they’re established. They have to pay taxes. Absolutely. With interest. That’s the pathway? But then, they won’t be able to work cheap. So they lose their value as bargain workers. No education, or trade for the most part. It is a mess. A mess that we’ve created by lack of action. A multi billion dollar wall is a bandaide. A cheap off brand bandaide. Trump can’t solve this problem. He really isn’t that bright. Obama, the Bush’s, Clinton all sidestepped the problem.
  15. It’s stupidity in the highest order. Our new gov is as big an idiot as trump. Just the other end of the spectrum.