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  1. His thought pattern is obviously beyond your comprehension. Not often two mental behemoths surface the same week Historic times we live in. Yes sir. Historic.
  2. It’s unfortunate that people either can’t or aren’t aware when medication is needed. Seems all their problems are some one else’s fault. Very prevalent in a child. No so much in an adult.
  3. Pretty straight forward question. Would you have a personality such as his around your kids?
  4. Would any of you have him in your home and around your kids?
  5. Cant stomach saban, and don't really follow them, but they've done this before? Look unbeatable then they step on their dic at the big one?
  6. He’s Barry in a bulldozer. Killer safeties are a dying breed.
  7. So I take it you’re a kanye fan? Don’t find anything a bit off with him? It’s always my side your side? Regardless of his party affiliation, or being white, black, yellow, brown or red, he’s a freakin loon. Always was. He should have had his insane azz knocked out when he interrupted Ms Legs award.
  8. Nice try Uncle Tom, but no cigar. He’s boarder line and should be medicated. He’s losing touch. Trump wasn’t looking too comfortable during that moronic rant.
  9. Kayne went from a bad azz rapper, hate whitey felon, to a pile of loose dog chit you see now. Tuff guys. Gotta luv em.
  10. Some people on this site get a very wide berth when it comes to personal insults. Regardless of the forum.
  11. Your point might be more valid if you didn't use that idiot as an example. Are you f**king kidding? The guys borderline insane.
  12. Beware of the dead cat bounce. LOL
  13. Market timing is a brilliant strategy. Do you track lost opportunity?
  14. Every day there’s a new explaination. Days like this baffle me. Tomorrow might be worse. Nothing like a few hours, to let full panic mode set in. There’s no logical reason.
  15. Sorry , can't blame him. And he shouldn't get any credit for the run up either. It started under you know who.