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  1. I’m been thinking about this. I said something stupid and out of line. I apologize to the people in this thread if I upset or pissed anyone off. It’s too easy to get caught up in this arena. I dislike him as a person, but do have much respect for the office. Much more than was shown. Again my sincere apologies.
  2. It wasn't a threat at all. Your reading into something that's not there. He'll be gone soon enough, via Mueller or next election. Dispatched, all nice and legal. Now, while on the subject of threats, upon reading that there is a conspiracy to destroy the democratic party. How that going to work? I assume Putin will be involved?
  3. This POS should have been dispatched a long time ago. The new face of treason
  4. You wont think so when your Mako is lithium ion powered. With a sail and solar panels. LOL
  5. Man, a 85 lb chick has all these flag waving bad azz MFers in a snit. And they are going to destroy what , WHO? Bring it on. Wear name tags.
  6. Yes it is. Global warning is just a money making scheme. Yet no one know who’s going to make all the money. Maybe “Q” knows.
  7. Agreed. And the mono should be the plain jane Ande pink. Its incredible just how strong that stuff is. Its dirt cheap, so there's no reason not to try it. Then make a decision.
  8. And she’ll learn quick. Nancy should have a sitdown with her. Maybe Nan can show the little kitten the left nut recently cut off trump.
  9. Why the question mark? Yes, this is exactly how its starts. Just throw anything out there. Someone will bite. As they just did.
  10. I don't know which is worse. Having a package stolen then getting stonewalled by the USPS Or mans best friend F--king you over.
  11. Aren't the brown devils are already on staff at the tower. Why waste his money on a wall? The wall is for the terrified sissy minions.
  12. A normal state of the union. It's a stage for the president. Doesn't matter which hat they wear. Same old chit. It's like listening to an insurance salesman. You want to believe, but you know you're going to get corn holed in the end.
  13. Best reason of all the reform immigration.
  14. I believe republicans are close to extinct. They better come back, erradicate the present stench, as in trump, and then keep the other side in check. That will fix all our problems. Always did. Always will.
  15. Socially, I want to hang out with ACO. Preferably in a booth of a small Italian restaurant.