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  1. Traditionalists... Here...read something. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/food/where-did-barbecue-begin-virginia-he-says--and-he-stands-by-it/2016/08/28/c441d8d4-6ae5-11e6-8225-fbb8a6fc65bc_story.html
  2. I know plenty of Black Men who are excellent role models. But unfortunately there are also plenty who aren't buying what they're selling. And there's the rub...
  3. My Buddy Lou and I have done probably a hundred over the years... It was the third anniversary of his passing a few days ago. I miss my Buddy. I have since "trained" his kids in the art. We together had five hanging two years ago. I'd show them on one and make them do the other four before we moved on. What a challenge...like pushing a rope. But I can now say that they either have it or they don't. They've killed a few since but I haven't inspected their work. Did bring me hearts and livers out of some young ones so I know at least part of it took.
  4. Post hoc ergo propter hoc Convoluted mess this is... I believe it is very hard to perform the duty without becoming jaded.
  5. 0
  6. What...no Dyson vac ? They're the bomb ! Suck all that stuff up and then pull it out from inside of the vac with your hands...dig around in all the little cracks and clean all of the filters. Try not to breath that stuff. All the cool kids have them.
  7. Work weekend just past at The Cabin. Bush-hogged the roads, field edges, power lines and then diced up the big lower game field. Stand maintenance and cleared downed trees off of the logging roads. Ten or twelve guys plus some kids...I fed them homemade deer scrapple and sausage with one of the guy's raised eggs (those bantam eggs are small...you get three of those) plus a big pot of BBQ made from shanks. Caught catfish on Saturday evening and had a big flight of geese sit down on the water right at dark. Probably going down this weekend to finish repairs and get the boat in the water (the coast for fishing is going to be a blow-out) The following weekend is the annual dove hunt where we'll have around a hundred.
  8. The stages of sex in a marriage... First there's house sex...that's where you have sex all over the house. Then there's bedroom sex...kids and whatnot so you go in the bedroom and lock the door. Lastly there's hallway sex. That's where you pass each other in the hallway and say,..**** you !
  9. Not sure exactly what the twist rate was/is...but the older Rossi "Puma"92 in 44 mag won't even shoot a 240. Patterns not groups.
  10. Winchester made an "angle eject" 94AE which allowed for a conventionally mounted scope over the axis of the bore. This in 356 win is a favorite.
  11. You can sleep in the garage every night... that doesn't make you a car.
  12. " We're sorry...but we can't insure you anymore."
  13. Red passes as a human being... sometimes.
  14. Get up real close...well as close as your facial hair will allow. You know something...you're special. You're just not that special.