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  1. difference in value between the two! not really UNLESS someone is looking for one, I have one on my 9' jetty stick that I made bailles and love it..
  2. I converted my Glock 27 in .40 to 357Sig plus use the Glock 23 mags in it with finger slide to take up overhang, I found it Much nicer to control and a few more rounds.
  3. I Love my Crack 100's and fish them all the time, Your problem is the anti-reverse spring (it like a scrub brake and they do were out, problem is finding replacement ones) Sorry.
  4. You have two anti-reverse dogs on your reel , Part # 4-750 and # 4A-750, Your rear anti reverse # 4-750 works off of small stainless grabbers that are shot but could be pinched closed once removed and oiled light B4 putting back on but only if there in good shape , your other anti-reverse also known as the silent reverse , that's the knob under your rotor cup , part # 4A-750, works off a spring , part 5-704 ( i think this spring is broken) 10 years is a long time for these parts to last , you been Lucky. I'm sure you can find schematics on this sight. Good Luck. Lion1044
  5. The mounting head of the Penn 700 handle has a slight offset to it, this is why the 704 handle hits the bail wire, you can still use just the handle off a 704 on a 700 as long as the 700 handle mounting nut is used, all the same the 700 handle with it's mounting head would work on your 704 but will sit outward a bit and feels odd when you crank.
  6. Nope, No Problem at all with the braid hanging up but if you notice in the picture of the line roller you can see I bent the arm back just a little , due to the roller being bigger that the stock roller it would spool uneven, bending the arm back that little bit so the bottom of the roller is even with the bottom of the spool when the spool is at it's hightest point the line spools nice and even. useing that 750 SS roller washer between the bail arm and 704 roller allows the roller to turn freely and brain don't get cought.
  7. Fish , I PMed you, Never got your PM Thank's Don
  8. If you say so but for a $2.00 two min fix it's worth a shot and BTW i'v fixed plenty like that over the years.
  9. I'm good on the poppers at $35 shipped P/P if bomberman pass, send me your pp addy if and when ,, Thank's Fish B
  10. There Who's, if Mine Please send me your P/P Address Thank's
  11. OK if it don't work out , I'll take the lot at asking price $45 Shipped P/P Thank's
  12. Them 702/s With the Medallions still on are hard to come by , Nice Reel Al, "GOOD Luck" Free Bump I know it's been awhile but who are these guys:confused:
  13. Well you got alot of ways to replace it,, to fix it Just clean the inside of the rubber handle with alcahol and clean the brass shaft with steal wool and but a little gorilla glue on the brass shaft in the middle and slide the rubber knob back on but be sure you get "NO GLUE on any of the ends of the brass or it will stop the rubber knob from turning.
  14. [img= I did this mod over 20 years ago useing all penn parts , first part is off a penn 722 used as a counter weight , second is a cut down 700 bail wire ,next is the 700/704 line roller (the 700's used a Carbaloid roller) but a 704/704Z works fine , then a roller washer fron a 750SS so the line roller still turns , last is the nut off a Penn 700/704. you can use a cut off from the 704 bail wire and last that is a 704Z handle.]