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  1. Just got back from a trip to Florida where I got a chance to take my ZeeBass for it's maiden voyage. Frankly a bit disappointing. Everything worked great except the drag. When casting from the surf things were fine. The problem started when we decided to soak some bait from the beach. I would tighten the drag to cast .... to keep it from slipping during the cast. When I put the reel in the sand spike I would back the drag off significantly to avoid losing the rod when a fish hit. In short order it became obvious that sand was getting into the drag ..... more likely under the drag cap/knob. I could actually feel the sand as I tightened the drag and the drag would actually tighten as I pulled line. From the pictures that I could find I think the drag knob/cap is the one that is supposed to eliminate any sand problems. I have searched the forum and found the expected combination of "it is a problem" and "the problem does not exist". Well the problem definitely exists ..... at least with this reel. I was fishing a VS on another rod at the same time with no problem. The ZB was on it's maiden voyage and was exactly the way it came out of the box. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 6 1/2 pound largemouth bass on 4# mono. Blugill fishing with an ultralight spinning rig. Shimano reel and Loomis rod
  3. A lot of my surf fishing is in Florida and involves throwiing 1/4-3/8 oz plugs. I have used a 9 ft steelhead rod for the last several years and it works great. I have caught everything from small pompano to 20 pound redfish. Get a reel that balances well with the rod, has decent line capacity and a good drag. You obviously are not going to horse a big fish onto the beach with this kind of rig. Just take your time and you will be surprised with the size fish you can land. I had absolutely no problem landing the 20 pound redfish. The only fish that I have lost because I was outgunned was a large shark that grabbed a small jack that I had hooked and headed to Cuba. Last time I saw him he was still steaming in that direction. Loads of fun. As prior post indicates, if you are fishing with bait, it is a different game. While the bait may be small, you typically will want to throw it with a weight big enough to hold bottom in the surf. In most conditions that I fish this is typically at least 2 ounces ... in which case I go with a different rig.
  4. Was looking through the colection last night. A shame the amount of "stuff" I have collected that is just taking up space and should be put to good use. Please PM address. Thanks Tom
  5. I have not had any experience. However, you might want to take a look on the "Retriever Training Forum" ..... just google retriever training forum and go from there. I train labs and use RTF frequently for training advice. There are a number or professional and amateur retriever trainers who frequent the forum. There are a number of threads ... use the search feature .... on ACL repairs. Bottom line, ACL tears and repairs are fairly common ..... and many of these dogs are working field trail dogs who return to a very rigerous training and trialing schedule. The surgery is fairly straightforward. Lots of experince with various rehab techniques with a very high success rate. There are posters on the site from all over the US. You might even be able to get a recommendation on a vet to make the repairs. I would think that you would want to identify a vet who has a lot of experience with this particular surgery.
  6. Certainly an option. Could also shower between casts. There is a public beach access facility with a shower a half mile or so away that would work fine.
  7. I hope I can be of some help by offering a solution- My 2nd gen Z27's drag knob will screw down on to the shaft way before the knob itself is seated against the spool. I noticed from your comments that you loosened the knob after your cast and then when you tightened it you experienced the sand problem. I fear you loosened it so much that you created a space between the drag knob and the spool so that sand had a place to intrude. I suggest experimenting with the reel and you will no doubt find that the knob will not be seated against the spool even though it (the knob) has engaged the threads on the shaft. The trick if you are going to use your procedure for bait fishing is NOT to loosen the knob so much as to unseat it (create a space) between it and the spool. Please let us know how you make out, Marc You may be onto something. I first notice the problem as I am walking out of the surf and begin to loosen the drag ..... after casting. The process is to loosen the drag a bit and pull on the line to see if the drag is loose enough. Almost every time the drag would actually tighten as I pulled on the line and the drag began to slip .... even when it was still too tight to put in the sand spike. Obviously the sand was already under the drag knob at that point. I do not think it got under the knob while the drag was tightened down. Therefore I suspect it got under the knob at some point while the drag was fully backed off. Possible l guess, as I check the drag periodically while the rod is in the sand spike ...... by simply holding the reel and pulling on the line. If I had the drag knob backed off too far ..... or further than was absolutely necessary ..... it might create a gap big enough for sand from my hands to find its way onto the top of the reel and work its way under the drag knob. Worth a try the next tine out as I have pretty much concluded from all the various input that the reel is as good as it is going to get. I either find a way to work with it or get something else. Thanks to all for the input.
  8. ZeeBaas you mean... Yes ...... The ZB does not handle th sand as well.
  9. I have the drag knob without holes. . Quote: I recommend doing a search. There are about ten million posts about your problem. I have searched and found what I indicated in an earlier post. Some suggest it is a problem while others clearly are having the same problem I have experienced. No one really had any suggestions other than to replace the dtrag knob with holes. Once you sort out the comments from the ZB fan club and the ZB haters, appears to me that there is a problem. Some people clearly have not had the problem while others have. My guess is that it is because of the service the reel sees. I find it hard to believe that there is that much reel to reel variability. Even I saw a drastic difference depending on what I was doing with the reel. When I stayed in the surf, with the reel constantly in and out of the water, or even from the beach and was not adjusting the drag, it seemed to work fine. When I began to work in and out of the surf, and probably more important, began to adjust the drag from very loose to very tight with sand on my hands, I had a problem virtually every time. I was doing exactly the same with a Stella and a VS with absolutely no problem. Clearly the VS I have does not handle the sand as well as the other two reels. Will likely give ZB a call next week to see if they have any suggestions. Certainly owe them an opportunity to take a shot at the problem. Would very much like to get the reel working as it casts like a dream and is smooth as silk. That said, I am not going to have a reel that costs as much as the ZB that I have to think about where/how I will be fishing when I am loading the truck.
  10. Sand comes from wherever sand comes from while fishing on the beach. Rods get dropped while unhooking fish, off your hands when handling sandy bait, off the bottom rig that gets dragged up the beach. This is a soft sand beach and sand gets into everything. However, I have been fishing a couple of ZB's and a couple of Stella's for the last few years in the same location with absolutely no sand/drag problems. With the ZB I would literally have to walk into the surf to rinse the reel off to get the drag working correctly. If this is unusual for a ZB I will keep working to figure out what I need to do differently. ......... or figure out what is wrong with the reel. However, I expect the reel to deal with sand ..... wherever the sand comes from.
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  24. Works for me. Pls PM your address and I will get in the mail ..... probably Tuesday as I don't think I can get to the post office on Monday. Thanks Tom
  25. Only interested in the popper ..... 1 for 1. Tom