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  1. I doubt it will fit in a carryon bag. It’s a tough, hard case, so I would carry it on the plane on the way, stow it overhead, and check it on the way home if the country wouldn’t allow it as a carry on.
  2. See this old thread for my Albright rod I still have. $150 plus shipping. thanks, Brian
  3. I think the $150 is as low as I will go. What’s your zip code and I’ll price the shipping?
  4. I’d say it’s sweet spot is the 1.5-3oz lure. Can’t make too much of a judgement call on the M or MH rating, I’d say it’s more moderate than heavy.
  5. Hi Tommy, Model is S104, so I don’t know whether it’s M or MH. It has some scratches on the middle sections. I tried to capture it best I could. It’s cosmetic, but since I thought it was almost new, I’ll come down to $150 plus shipping. Comes with the case and fabric wrap. Hope you like it. thanks!
  6. I have an Albright Explorer travel spinning surf rod. 4 piece, 10', 1-4 oz, practically new, with a travel case. $175 plus shipping from Tennessee, prefer PayPal. thanks, Brian
  7. Stella 14000

    is this still available?
  8. Brand new without tags. Assassin Sierra 2X-Heavy 11’ 2-piece surf rod. I bought it as a backup for Mexico but never used it. It’s rated for 30-50lb line, and 2-4oz. Currently for sale on GT Ice Cream dot com for $299. I’ll take $199 plus 1/2 shipping cost from Tennessee. It also comes with the rod sleeve shown in the picture. It’s a nice rod, I just dont need it.
  9. After thinking about my rod collection, I really don’t need this. If you need the cash, I would be willing to go $145 plus shipping to Tennessee.
  10. Thanks, but I’ll pass unless u want to let it go at the $175. Southwest sent me replacement money from breaking the bottom sections of my FMJ and 1387.
  11. Thanks for the measurement. I’ll offer $175. Brian
  12. What is the measurement to the bottom of the reel seat?
  13. Anyone have a bottom section to the discontinued Batson Rainshadow 1387 rod? Mine was broken by Southwest Airlines along with a Century FMJ. Ryan at Hatteras Jack had found me a replacement bottom for the FMJ. After months of emails and calls with Southwest, they paid $413 towards my rods. Would the 1386 bottom section fit a 1387 top section? I had built the Rainshadow for my first Mexico rooster trip with HPD, SurfnHorns, and Airnuts back in 2012. I caught my first rooster on that rod, so it was very special to me. If you have one laying around, tell me a price. Ryan has been great to work with, and I look forward to a new SS1505. Thanks, Brian
  14. What would you need for the reel without the line?