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  1. HillTop, sent you a PM. Thanks in advance.
  2. Take it for $120.00 I guess you would hahahahahahahaha.
  3. SOLD for $150.00..................... PM me your info.
  4. PRICED REDUCED TO $155.00 shipped.
  5. PRICED REDUCED to $155.00 shipped. I have a brand new Akio Scora 80 that I am not using. This has never had line on and was only out of the box for pictures. Comes with a spare spool and reel bag. $175.00 Shipped and Insured. .
  6. I'll check in the AM, I may have two new ones.
  7. The Akios is the same functionally as the Abu. If you haven't bought a reel yet I would suggest the Akios magged. Also with the braid its all about line diameter. Too thin and the line will dig in its not about breaking.
  8. For many years now I have been using 14# Sufix Tri Plus for mono and FINS Wind tamer in 50# on my 6500 size reels no issues. With mono go with a 40 or 50# shock leader and I run straight braid with the fins. You won't have any issues with braid, just remember its about diameter so match your braid close to your mono diameter and your good to go. Both applications are for chunking.
  9. I have a pair of Simms wading boots size (9) that I bought new, wore twice and the are a little too tight. They are in great shape $55.00 shipped Great boot, with very good ankle support and traction on wet decks. 10X better than any zip up flats boots I've found. 2 Pair of Columbia zip off pants size XXL with 50 SPF these run small so I would say they're more a XL. Tags still on. $25.00 per pair shipped or $45.00 for both.
  10. You got it as soon as it comes back.