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  1. Ah, what I have mostly are pencils and BF's mega darter. No metal lips.
  2. What type of plugs are you looking for in a squid color?
  3. My last 3 $40 each, add $10 for shipping. PayPal FF, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp.
  4. I’ll check tonight. Should have some.
  5. Sorry I don’t see any Danny or slim Donny, I have other things though if you’re interested.
  6. I’ll check my stash tomorrow, I might have a few in there.
  7. Currently going through and doing some cleanup. Are there any builders in particular you'd want?
  8. Hi! Curious. Were the eyes on the mack jetty swimmer originally added on by Bill or was it done second hand?
  9. Sorry, unfortunately I can't.
  10. Yes, they are all the same.
  11. I have these available. $45 each, add $10 to ship/insurance. PayPal FF preferred, Venmo, Money Order is fine too. The middle green one has been thrown once. Others are new condition. Let me know, thanks!
  12. Sounds good. Will msg you tonight. Have to get the kids ready for T&T.
  13. $40 each, add $10 for shipping/insurance. PayPal FF preferred, Venmo, Money Order is fine too. Let me know. Thanks!
  14. I’ll take this for $105 shipped.
  15. Maybe ask her to check her workplace benefits as well? Most of the workplaces I’ve seen have some type of employee assistance programs (EAP) that can direct her to legal advice, mental, financial, etc.