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  1. Interested in Lot 7 if you will accept PayPal. Good luck with the move! Enjoy the weather!
  2. I would be interested in the tuxedo components if that deal goes through. Lol I’m still hopping back and forth on snagging the whole thing myself. Why hasn’t someone bought this yet?!
  3. I’m interested and would like to check it out if it’s still available when I’m in the area. I might be in the Lancaster area at the end of the month.
  4. As far as I know, yes.
  5. I can use a fishing report like that. I'd much rather be there with as little people around as possible. Avoid all the sh**show that has become of the canal.
  6. lol I read the article on it this morning. Apparently, she still claimed to be winner and never apologized to the real winner, even when they bumped into each other at a 10K run. Same last name of this other douche I know, lol I wonder if they're related.
  7. Would you do $525 shipped? Immediate PayPal.
  8. lol i guess it's all yours ThrowinPlugs, good grab
  9. It's all good. lol I honestly don't think I would drive from MA to NJ anyway, but for that deal, its pretty tempting.
  10. Great price! Where is the pickup location?
  11. Not a problem, thank you very much for taking the time to check for me. Much appreciated!
  12. I am on the North Shore of MA. Thanks for checking!
  13. Figured I’ll try here first before hitting the local shops. Looking to buy this rod if anyone local to MA has it and want to sell it. Shimano Trevala S Jigging Spinning Rod - TVSS63MH
  14. Picture?
  15. The regulation for scup changed significantly this year; it used to be 10.5 but now it’s at 9in, and catch limit increased drastically as well. They probably limit out to the 150 per vessel maybe? With that said, lol I wouldn’t want to measure 150 fish either if they were just being pulled in like that.