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  1. Yes those four tags. Lol
  2. These are a horrible product compared to the originals. it would be better to look for warrior pre 80’s. Then get them refurbished Ine I’m redoing for a friend.
  3. When you let them grow
  4. More big fish that Harry landed and weighed in.
  5. Yes we did have a lot of salmon runs off the beach. Though looking at Jimmy in his wetsuit my guess would have been the big Rock at mussel. As for buying my first Fixter’s Yes all my money for gear came from my paper route. That or I’d find lures the day after big runs. Guys would be popping off plugs like crazy.
  6. John and Steve Scott. John was part owner in the first Coastside bait and tackle. He was still active in the fishing world. If you ever walked into the Rusty Hook he was the old guy playing Cribbage. Note the limit was 3 or 5 when this picture was taken
  7. Old timer. Way before my time. Rumor is this is Moocks but he flatly denies it
  8. Young guns back in the day. Jimmy Zoph and I think Eugene Otenello.
  9. Thanks Ted. Out here there is a huge gap in those that fished back then and the younger or newer guys that didn’t experience that type of fishing. Im hoping guys will see what this fishery was like and with the hope that guys start releasing schoolies with the thought of sowing the field and getting rewarded with the feeling of hooking bigger fish including some true monsters. Remembering that those sub 35” fish are the future 40# fish i need to actually find my older photos and go back into my computer to search for those.
  10. DD I never swam to Johnny’s Rock. I can’t claim that feat. By the time Johnny was doing that I was at a point of my life where I was knocking spots off my list rather than adding them. Lol. I did however take the picture of those guys catching fish on that rock. See what f I can find it on my phone.
  11. A young Winch with Harry Bode. I spent a lot of time fishing with Harry. Harry with another quality fish
  12. Harry Bode and one of his many 40 pounds plus. Think this is mid 1960’s
  13. Ron Bode sent me these. I’m guessing 60’s. limit was Five back then. I believe that’s the Otenello family
  14. That was a beast
  15. Lol long nose or more round nose? here’s the new ones
  16. Lol
  17. Winch drive by
  18. The White with red eyes. I have one in Yellow. Has to be made by the same guy. The one I have is also stamped. what’s funny is I thought mine was a one of a kind. Take a good look. I’m pretty sure it’s an old shovel handle.
  19. What Charlie said. Can’t tell on the second one but if that head is black instead of red it’s an actual hard to fine color. That if it was not repainted. Lol the eyes look like tack rather than glass of earlier models possibly late 69’s to 70 model in that size. Oh and yes these smaller models were used in the Sacramento delta and river system and in the Bay regions. Uo where you found them I’d think they were trolled. crazy you found two in the same area.
  20. Something I’m playing with now.
  21. I'm hoping to use this thread all winter to see what we as a community can figure out. The story goes like this. Through the years I have seen many different and unique designs of plugs. Too me how these plugs came to be by the thinks we as, first fishermen and then as plug builders of these plugs help us in explaining the what, and why we build like we do. I hang these plugs in my work shed and show them to others. It helps explain the history. My problem is on some of these crazy plugs I have never had a history on them. They came as gifts or as orphans with no story. I want to know about these plugs and more important if any one of the old timers remember the people that built them. Some were commercial and some were Frankenstein step children. Things that were thought and tried and possibly failed, by guys back when there was no color pictures or souped up reels. 40's, 50's 60's or even earlier. So I figured I would share some of what are pretty one of a kind plugs and hope some one out there remembers them being used. I'd love to hear about the builders and if you knew him personally what you thought of them. Don't really care what they are worth, but if I could get the story, I get to teach what I see in them. They hang with honor. So here goes, plug 1. Roy C and Vineyardblues I hope you got your plug thinking hats on. [img=' alt='367'> The plug as you see by the hooks are very old school. Done in old school blue swirl. The wood is split into two pieces, and freely move. My first thought was some sort of darter monster. LOL that could turn into some sort of popper, but the more I looked at it it seems it is supposed to slide when popped. Possibly to make a slap clack sound. If you guys need measurements I could get them for you but with this design if you have seen one. Oh yeah the story as I know it. Can't be sure its all true and will expect some to disagree with the information I got. It came out of New York area. Good luck. I will post others as we progress.