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    Certified crazy
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    West coast Surface fishing stripers, hunting Cougars in the off season
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    Vertigo Challenged

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  1. You can even target stripers in Southern Waters
  2. You gonna have to “speak to management” lol
  3. Thanks Mike. It’s funny I still say stuff that Harry used to say back in the day. I’ve had a good fishing life.
  4. Dave I’ve told you for a hundred times. I’don’t have a collection or albums. Just stash piles.
  5. Hey Phil I’m still building pikies. And yes from the Giants to what I call toe nails. Down to 2 1/4” Let me try and post up a few photos.
  6. Price drop to $85.00 shipped closed.
  7. Up for sale Jigman Magnum spook Andrew Bradbury 6 5/8” body length 3.0oz In greenback This was a group of 5 that Andrew built as a thank you to me. I wanted them “bigger” than his standard Jiggy spook that he sold. circa appx 2010 $100.00 add $10 for Priority shipping. PP/FF or buyer covers fees. Thx! Winch
  8. Well this thread is called “Show me you Winch lures.
  9. Some stuff i just finished up. 5 1/2” soft tails
  10. I’ve never used them huge eyes. Here’s some winch stuff
  11. As far as we are concerned it’s called a “Fish? Wad fish?” Less they know the better it is for the fish.
  12. I having been turning plugs for over 20 years and still find no need for a duplicator. i think I do alright. Lol
  13. Buddy hooked and released a 63pounder this week. Sorry no picture for you guys as he has asked me to not promote it. it did measure out to 56 inches in length.
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