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  1. Look at the under side of the tail. W and a dot are barely visible. Pretty sure it’s an earlier one of mine. I coved the eyes for one year. Possibly 2007???? There will always be slight variations in my builds as I tinker freehand rather the mass produce with a duplicator year after year. So you can never really compare. Even today it’s tough as I do three styles of pencils and in many lengths.
  2. Guy you out did yourself this year. I’m simply amazed at what you put together for all of us. I had a great time. I can tell cause my back is wrecked. Lol. Loved talking to your dad and discussing wood working. Seeing old friends, meeting new ones and just the positive attitude of the members that show up is one of the treats of the flings. Tammy would be proud of all of you guys. Mike we missed you. You hold court with the best of them.
  3. Looks like my son canceled the birthday party. I’m a go for the Fling
  4. The 20th is my grandson’s second birthday party. So unfortunately I will not be attending
  5. Winch drive by
  6. I did only a few with Glitter and after I asked Mike for permission. I used “other than red” there are not many painted ones out there. I do use it on naked plugs. Mostly Easter egg glitter or magenta. Again not many out there and they are all signed with my Mark. My pikies and the glitter I used are way different than Mikes look. The guy that was making fake Fixter’s used the very same color glitter and copied Mikes designs.
  7. Winch 4 1/4” Pikie
  8. Nothing wrong with screw eyes
  9. Some Mullets
  10. Mini pikies. 4 1/4” 1.25oz
  11. Creek Cubb and other old time builders also used brass wire. There were times when you hook a good fish and only come back with half a wire. This happened mostly on plugs that had seen a few years. Not sure if it was a freshwater application or availability issues of the time. But it was common
  12. some new horns. winch drive by.
  13. What I’m smoking would kill an elephant.