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  1. Torchbearer Sauces!!! These are my favorite. Not near as hot as the bottle suggests, a nice dollop on top of a triscut and piece of cheese, o yeah! They do make some light your ass on fire stuff but these are mild. Habanero evil is my favorite.
  2. Yes, signed into law. Includes but not limited to... The socioeconomic struggle Black people endured and continue to endure in working to achieve fair treatment in the United States; as well as the agency they employ in this work for equal treatment. The relationship between white supremacy, racism and American slavery. I'll try it again and if you don't get it this time you're dense or chose to iqnore reality. If you teach a kid (black) that he/she is disadvantaged because of whites, how in the world would that not breed hate towards whites? Why would my daughter be taught she's advantaged when she's received zero preferential treatment? They're in the same damn school and are both starting on a level playing field.
  3. Your words...all whites are advantaged. This is being taught as if it still exists, not a history lesson. Why would my 5 year old daughter, whose best friend is black, who attends the same class, lives a mile away, who doesn't see our even understand race be required by the state to be taught that she's privileged. Why would her 5 year old black friend, who sees no color be taught that she's disadvantaged? They're innocent 5 year olds that have had the exact same opportunities in life. How on earth does that not create animosity where it didn't previously exist? It's teaching hate and racism and required by the state for k-12.
  4. I'm not even halfway thru this thread and what bunch of contradictory statements. Does your first statement not create your second?
  5. Ugh oh....there's an American Black Duck too.
  6. I'm in Middletown, haven't heard or seen a single one here.
  7. Had this gal come through the yard today to lay. I let her do her thing and found her leaving. Grabbed her before she got pancaked crossing back across the road. Unfortunately I can almost guarantee I'll have a skunk find the eggs.
  8. What a shame that place is anymore. Used to go catch, no bs, 50-100 bass a night there in October and November. That turned into praying to catch a half dozen rats to not even going anymore. I blame the fishery not the inlet but man it's sad. Best thing about IRI is leaving it to head offshore lol.
  9. Funny seeing outside opinions of DE. Keep hating us...we prefer everyone stays away. Lol. Only good spots left are really between Milford and Townsend but skip over Dover. Tolls....there's only 3 main toll plazas in the state, 2 on rt 1 and 1 on 95. The new 301 bypass is stupid tho.
  10. I haven't followed the latest vaxx studies but I thought the vaccine protected the recipient but they could still possibly pass it along? If the business employees are vaxxed they why do they care if the customer is vaxxed? Mask madate is lifted here. Still seeing store requirements posting but without enforcement. I'd say the mask wearers are still well above 50% yet 59% of the adult residents have been jabbed.
  11. Getting clobbered here in DE as I'm typing this. Solid light show, gutters can't keep up.
  12. I guess from the stories I hear. My pop has one maybe 2-3 years newer than mine. Same story, runs flawless. I used to have a tiny lot. Moved in 2018, have 2 acre waterview now. I only use it for the pool area now. Mow that piece in 5 minutes or so.
  13. Why not get gas? I have a $200-$250 push mower from lowes for probably 15 years. I don't winterize, have never changed or added oil, still the original plugs. Guess what, it starts first pull every time even after sitting all winter.
  14. Stopped into the local yard as my go to spot was sold out due to machine issues. They wanted $37/yard and it's not a high end place. F that, I left with an empty trailer.