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  1. Correction....Frasier but they don't do well this far north. Family used to farm them in NC.
  2. My cousin (mid-late 20's) got it a few years back. Was in tons of pain and ended up with a trach. Spent enough time in the hospital (over a month) that she had to do rehab to learn how to walk again and gain the strength to do so. Took awhile but she's back to normal.
  3. IMO the harrier rod is a great value at $100. I have 7' MH (harrier jigging not harrier x). We routinely fish jigs in the 1.5 - 2.5 oz range on my boat with this rod. Put a whoopin on an 9lb sheepshead this summer too. My buddy has the 7' H as well but uses it more for a ocean fluke rod. My only grip is the handle could be a little long for some. Again, right at the $100 mark it's hard to beat. Edit: talking spinning, haven't used their conventional but I'm sure I'd like them just as much.
  4. Dude...time to turn in your man card. I can maybe let it slide that you paid someone to install a dishwasher but a garbage disposal?
  5. A big thanks for the offer but looking for a heavy unfortunately. I don't but thanks for asking.
  6. Let's bump this and give it another shot.
  7. It's moronic. No way to prove the birds weren't harvested in these limited control zones so they throw this blanket ban in place. Gonna be alot of dead birds tossed in ditches and left at the border because of it. You can't rely on donations, you're not going to find enough people who want them. If I was a freelance hunter I'd cancel but I feel bad for those who booked with outfitters as there's no backing out now. Flipping morons, calendar birds will be hopping the border any time now and the rest will follow shortly with the cold fronts.
  8. We're not going to agree on the topic. Every skateboard brand will break if you do that. Pro skaters break boards all the time just doing tricks, it's very very common. I don't know what marketing team wouldn't happily break an item that probably wholesales for $20 for millions upon millions of views. Cheapest advertising you could ever ask for. Anybody that's remotely interested in skateboarding knows that wasn't an indication of bad quality.
  9. He's a pro skater and sponsored by a board company. It won't cost him a dime for a new board. That video got 4M views overnight so I'm sure his sponsors are stoked about what he did.
  10. I've eaten it back in the day when I was on a tight budget but not anymore. I'm not trusting any farm raised fish that's raised and imported mostly from Asia/China. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they were fed human waste. I just don't trust em. Farmed salmon is down right awful too. Outside of clams, mussels, shrimp and lobster, I only eat seafood that I've caught. I guess maybe I'm snobbish.
  11. I have this one available..
  12. I'll pass on the offer, it's NIB. We're probably too far off but feel free to shoot out a better offer.
  13. I have a new in box. Same terms as I offered in this thread.
  14. I have a brand new one sitting around. It's only been removed from the box to be spooled, never fished. I just have no use for a reel of this size. It has suffix 832, I usually use 30lb but I think but am not certain that it's 40lb. I'll do $280 shipped and will knock off $5 or so if you don't want the braid.
  15. Looking for the older style purple split grip mojo inshore rod in 7' heavy action. Interested in both spinning and conventional. Located in DE.