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  1. My old lodge is also looking for a cook with commercial kitchen or restaurant experience.
  2. Tiller jets. Mostly flying though. We have a beaver and an otter. We'll do some fishing from boats on our river but mostly fly to where the fish are.
  3. I'm heading to a new lodge this season so can't speak for the lodge except by reputation (and it's a good one)... But since it worked out last season, figured I'd give some peeps a shot this year. Looking for a bartender, a dishwasher and a masseuse for this season. At least a 3 month commitment, possibly a little more, great pay, room and board. Remote Alaska living. Summer adventure for sure. If you know anyone who is interested, have them contact me.
  4. Id love to fish with a lot of you. And I'd love to tog fish. Next winter, someone should let me know early enough to sign up that there's a tog fling.
  5. not me this year. i am going to a new lodge this summer.... and this lodge doesn't do the shows.
  6. It was a glorious dick. Just right in all ways. Absolutely perfect. And then he turned and kissed his boyfriend.
  7. That's great news! I'm happy to hear that. I am glad he is putting that license to good use! Please send my regards when you next speak to him. I really enjoyed having him around camp this summer.
  8. One time. Once. In my entire life have I ever seen a dick and the clouds parted, the sun shone down and angels sang from the heavens. Once. Dicks are not attractive, guys. They aren't pretty. Don't send pics of them unless asked. And do women actually ask? Don't accidentally take dick pics, folks.
  9. Holidays are here. If you can get ahold of some Six & Twenty bourbon cream... you should.
  10. But I still have the biggest balls. Anyways, if Otter was a foot taller, he'd have you all beat for best looking.
  11. Here is a pano from the Falls viewing platform. For reference.... once the sockeye start dropping eggs, the rainbows get up behind them and gorge on them producing pig trout. We fish beads for them there at Brooks in the riffle below the lower viewing section. Arrow marks the spot. In this photo there are bears there. On some of our trout flyouts, during an 8 hour period for fishing, we spend almost half of that time not fishing and moving away from bears.
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