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  1. Should get home Sept 1. Still here. Leave camp on 29th. Chilling in Anchorage for a few days before heading home. Lewd, screwed and tattooed kind of thing.
  2. Fished with the bears
  3. Sad but true
  4. It's on up here. Record heat wave. Everything is late. We need rain badly. Kings either blew by or haven't come in yet. So we are all taking advantage of the really late but finally here sockeye run. It's pretty stupid. Arms are even a little stiff from catching. Know who else is excited to see the fish? These guys. Been all kinds of up close and personal with these things quite a bit already. And checked the world famous as seen on discovery channel and nat geo Brooks Falls off of the bucket list. Amazing. No fences. This has been an unusually beary year for me already and it's just getting started. There's a big bastard living right around the lodge. People are getting sloppy at the cleaning table. Lotta cubs this year too. Lot of triplets. I reeled in the first adult king of the season. I caught the first sockeye of the lodge with my bare hands. It slapped the **** out of me in the face for it, but it wasn't getting away. 2 days of clients fishing for fish that were not in the river was horrible. So when I saw that first sockeye swimming up a gravel bar I pointed it out to the kid. He said catch it. I had no net in hand nor a rod. Kid about shat himself. All is well. Looking forward to battling the chums in a week or two... and then the silvers... with a few big rainbow trout days thrown in for fun. Porcupines. They. Climb. Trees. We also ate one before guests got here. Not bad at all. Lotta meat on the ole prickly pig. People here are amazing. Some of the best guides in Alaska guide out of here. And they are willing to show you the ropes. I know there's a side bet on me but I'm not yet sure where I stand in it. Also, a random beaver shot.
  5. We're a long way from sitka. I'd check around but I take off in 7 hours and probably should at least get horizontal. Y'all have a good summer. If you want the wild remote lodge salmon and trophy trout experience, look up Katmai Lodge. Tell em you wanna fish with the chick.
  6. Crime
  7. Got them their first peacocks today. Rest of the family tomorrow. Then raising Ravioli's restaurant
  8. Yeah, not complaining. These last couple weeks have been awesome with spring break going on all over the country. Lots of kids. Lots of firsts. Best office around. Not much time left in the day for personal fishing. Got a grouper trip lined up for may and a kayak freshwater trip lined up the weekend before I head back to AK. That's about the extent of it.
  9. I don't fish any more. I just drive the boat, rig rods, land and unhook fish, tell grown ass men how to reel in a fish, clean fish, clean boats and try not to be too salty on 4-5 hours sleep a night. Hope you're all happy.
  10. Billbob when ya coming? I might be able to swing down for a ravioli visit
  11. Port Canaveral Come on
  12. Sorry for your loss. Next time call
  13. Catching fish in Florida is so easy that girls are doing it.
  14. Where ya at down here?
  15. We've got room for one more guide if you want to do Alaska right.