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  1. That's eelpunt on the left in the last pic is it not? Miss the flings. So many good folks. And bass blitz. Oh man. Hows he doing?
  2. A break from work and went fun fishing in the sweetwater with friends.
  3. Because it pissed me off. Sometimes you gaff them where and when you can.
  4. Bonus fish on the way in yesterday....
  5. Here is what y'all did for the Florida family!!!! Going out of here in a few minutes to spy uncle's house for delivery by Santa Christmas eve after the kiddos are asleep. I freaking love you guys!!!!! Thank you for keeping the tradition alive!!! It'll be nice to have my living room back!!! This is every single thing on the kids' most amazing wish list and then some for the family as well.
  6. Send pics and descriptions to mrs. biggene, sudsy, mike Mc or southcoastphil please!! And as always.... thanks to one of the Christmas Families biggest supporters Rick...
  7. Fun charter getting this kid on his first red. Also a few blacktips and little boo fish.
  8. I have eaten both fresh cobia and fresh blackfin tuna this past week which I have caught. And signed my contract for next year already in Alaska. New lodge. Leading a ladies' group tonight in a fly tying session and doing a kids fishing program tomorrow morning. Looks fishable this weekend. I'll be out there. Glad you guys are getting fish.
  9. Using my buttons to pin this for a minute because this tradition started as the Town Tavern Christmas Family. Respect that you guys stepped up and kept it alive. It's time, boys.
  10. Told my friend I'd buy him a new rod and reel, spool it with braid and take him tarpon fishing for his birthday. So that's what I did.
  11. Eff eebs. Signed- Pieless in FL
  12. It still blows my mind that ya'll purposely fish for albies and bonito.
  13. Nah. You're absolutely right. I gave up trying to explain it years ago.