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  1. Yeah, not complaining. These last couple weeks have been awesome with spring break going on all over the country. Lots of kids. Lots of firsts. Best office around. Not much time left in the day for personal fishing. Got a grouper trip lined up for may and a kayak freshwater trip lined up the weekend before I head back to AK. That's about the extent of it.
  2. I don't fish any more. I just drive the boat, rig rods, land and unhook fish, tell grown ass men how to reel in a fish, clean fish, clean boats and try not to be too salty on 4-5 hours sleep a night. Hope you're all happy.
  3. Billbob when ya coming? I might be able to swing down for a ravioli visit
  4. Port Canaveral Come on
  5. Sorry for your loss. Next time call
  6. Catching fish in Florida is so easy that girls are doing it.
  7. Where ya at down here?
  8. We've got room for one more guide if you want to do Alaska right.
  9. I am. You wanna come too?
  10. Home in Florida til June
  11. That's eelpunt on the left in the last pic is it not? Miss the flings. So many good folks. And bass blitz. Oh man. Hows he doing?
  12. A break from work and went fun fishing in the sweetwater with friends.