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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. It was awesome. Welcome home. Here's one of my favorite Alaska sunsets...
  2. Good to be home. Up in five hours. Can't wait to catch up but the ocean calls.
  3. I had seven days this entire summer that I wasn't fishing in the rain. Suck it up.
  4. Had to stay up pretty late or be up pretty early but I did get a few.
  5. So fishing was good this summer. What did I miss?
  6. Last Florida fish til September. Peace out y'all. Enjoy your summer.
  7. You are still in Florida and haven't called? Now I'm just hurt.
  8. And if anyone here wants to keep up, you'll have to Google the website for the alagnak lodge. There will be a blog about once a week. I'm deactivating the book of faces while I'm gone and plan on no other internet access by choice. My phone is going because it holds all of my music. Otherwise it's a door stopper.
  9. How may I be of service to this place you speak of? Ps... someone say they wish they had a big ole king right now.. i just happen to be munching on the BEST smoked king dip ever on top of an everything bagel. The struggle is real, y'all
  10. If you're in the mood, absolutely tongue.
  11. Next time any of you see my squiddly, please give him a big hug and kiss for me. Man bun or not.
  12. Are you serious??? I call every man whose name I can't remember Hun, Sweetie, Darling or Dear Quit being so uptight. As long as they aren't calling me Sir, I'm good with whatever. And I get a LOT of that.
  13. Ish is in FL and not even a call? So hurt. You guys really do hate me now don't you? Went kinging yesterday. Got a his and her bonus fish. Plus 50,000 rare and endangered atlantic ocean ARS. It was the ARS Skiing Championships yesterday... and I definitely won that game. Thank goodness they were just chickens and not the brutes I had to hand line in last week. I couldn't have done 30+ of those. Dealt with my share of big bones too. I hate hand lining those things in. I got my second bonus mahi in as many trips (small but perfect for eating and will make a delicious dinner tonight) and he got his bonus hoo.... spent all day saying HOO's your Daddy... because of Father's Day and all.