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  1. Alaska in 50 days. Full season. Come on.
  2. Sharknado continues. This one way bigger. Have gotten at least 1 hammer a day and multiple other sharks. I wouldn't swim in the ocean right now for anything. Come on June 1
  3. It's been a straight up sharknado down here. For some reason, all of my charters want to catch sharks. What is the fascination?
  4. Am I too late for the smiting?
  5. We are going to need to get this thread back to life.
  6. Howdy. Long time no see.
  7. Oh hai oots! Hugs and kisses and stuff. Miss your furry face.
  8. That's because we don't need to ask those questions. We already know.
  9. Show me again how to do that. Am I doing this right? You do know what you're talking about! Look! I also listened to you and am now catching as many fish as my wife!
  10. There is absolutely no way to mistake a dildo for a taser. Nonsense. Mine look nothing alike.
  11. Count me in.