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  1. Hey Petey. Doing ok. Hoping to at least get to go up for work detail this summer. Season is canceled. Booo. How you? Fishing?
  2. Not looking good. 2% chance
  3. Oh hai there! Checking in.
  4. Couple pics from charters this week...
  5. Failure
  6. it was great to see the Greek and peaches! and wonderful to meet pete and river runner! thanks for stopping by and breaking up an extremely busy day for us!
  7. turkey. bacon. lto. pickles. not sure what's going on. thought we were going to lunch?
  8. so I'll be there all week. if anyone is still coming tomorrow I'm at the booth for Katmai Lodge. it's a row over from the big fish tank. I'm down to take a couple hours to go to lunch.
  9. can't wait to see you guys!!!
  10. it was too windy here to do anything today so I took my barbie pole and went fishing with my best friend. nice work mybeach!
  11. flying. PM your number or stop by the booth if you go. always down to check out a new bar. lol
  12. nooooooo why?
  13. looking forward to seeing you guys! so excited now!!!!
  14. I'm flying in on the 31st. getting picked up at airport to go straight to expo center to see up booth. Company has an air b&b house rented for us somewhere. I won't have my own transportation. If anyone is there, stop by the Katmai Lodge booth and break up the monotony for me. I can always sneak away for lunch there or something and can probably uber somewhere after the show to meet up with some of you. I miss my tavern schmucks.