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  1. i can offer you, $32 shipped please...
  2. i am looking to purchase and buy northbar bottledarters, color does not matter....THANK YOU
  3. TY, reel is sold to mikejd, for asking price, $610........please close....
  4. pixs, through cell, PM me
  5. WTS, VS 275, very, very GOOD condition, American Made, BLK/SILVER, 50lb. power pro, on reel, would like to meet up, within 50 -60 mi., pixs, on request, asking $610,, please don't try to low ball, this reel is worth every penny, thank you ......
  6. Hi Brian,its more the rod first, then the anglers technique....
  7. no not really, you need the proper rod, for heavy jigging, including for downward flutter, sure, sure, i have seem big fish caught jigging with the most unpopular rod for jigging, but for the majority of the time, to put yourself, in the driver seat, its important to have a proper " Jigging" rod , at the CCC. - Butch N.
  8. same rod, kelvar handle,50/50 split, 11ft. 1-5, moderate action...
  9. yes kelvar handle,Armalite,can meet up...
  10. yes original owner, pixs, with cell phone only, PM me for number....
  11. 50/50 split, where in LI ?
  12. they are the same rod.... 50/50 split
  13. i am selling a VS 300 American made,with close to 300 yds. of 50lb. power-pro braid, and a power ball handle, very good condition, color black, weight is the same as a VS 275, i brought this reel for shark fishing,but i only used it maybe a half dozen times, * would like to meet up, pick up, from south jersey (toms river area-seaside), to within 100 mi., asking $485, if shipped, buyer pays the shipping... thank you..
  14. i am selling a hardly used , CENTURY 11ft. Nor'easter Armalite 1-5 oz. rod, very good to excellent condition, thinning out the herd, pictures through cell phone texts, PM me, would like to meet up,pick up, any where from south jersey (toms river- seaside area) to within 100 mi. ,,, asking $310... thank you.....if shipped, buyer pays the shipping..
  15. i am interested !, my son, is looking, i am in Toms River,. PM ya..