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    live and let live
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    fishing, firefigthing, family
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    recently retired-dec.1 2010

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  1. they for sure, look like Lupo 's,...yes Lupo's.
  2. i was wrong, i stand corrected, slant head Driftwood, yes i still have many from over 20 years ago, maybe longer, they still catch....
  3. i ,myself, like 70/30 split rods, the rod has more power in the lower half, when fighting a fish, plus it is the closest to a one piece rod,,,which i love...transportation not a problem for me.
  4. correct me, if i am wrong, i believe the original Driftwood didnt make a Danny plug,..
  5. i remember Driftwood very well, ..the old days...
  6. lets go back in time.... does anyone remember the OLD Driftwood Lure co.,,,
  7. you made the right choices, as they are two , very good rod companies....BH, ODM...
  8. LOL, SH#$, Happens, all good Goldy !!
  9. you sent the rod back, ?!.....i dont know your way to fish, but this BH Suzuki, was used and field tested , in the rocks of the CCC, and caught 30'lb.ers..stripers, also fought these fish... in moon currents...!!....this rod beats the odds.
  10. ok ,i will take it, your asking..TY..
  11. i will try to post pixs., these were never used,
  12. if you need more, i got, 2 or 3 more mikes beast darters to sell....
  13. sorry, i been away, can you do $30, for the yellow one, please....
  14. how about,$18, for the bottom one, please...
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