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  1. hi buddy, PM me, love to meet up with you, heck we both live in the same county,,,LOL,,i live close to Black-Hole's office, in Englewood Cliffs....
  2. I WOULD SAY, the 2-6 rod is more, for you, i threw 1oz. bt's, sp's, ava's, and and didn't have to adjust my cast, i would say this rod behaves , more like a 1-6 oz. rod,3-4 oz metal lips NP, ....
  3. hi buddy, the 2-6 rod, i used during the Fall Run, in Jersey and Montauk, threw as low as 1oz. and up to 5.5 oz., i would say sweet spot on this the 2-6 rod, is 2-4 oz., this rod i field tested, i gather has a broader sweet spot, if that is possilbe, 3oz. pencils made be look like "Tournament Caster".. LOL, LOL, - Butch N.
  4. TY, the reel looks great,,,,nice pixs.
  5. Hey Butch,

    Hey, it's Ed White, I met you up at the Canal this past summer, with Ernie, and I'm getting ready to pop for a 3-10 oz blank for jigging, just wanted to see if you still think the 10' 1002 Heavy rod was the way to go, or should I hold off and see what the new 3-10 is going to be like. Not looking for another surf rod, I have a few, it will just be for jigging in current.

    Hope you're having a Good New Year.



  6. pixs. ?
  7. man,,, beautiful reel, at a beautiful price,,, if i didn't own two already...
  8. hi buddy, i was one of BH"s, field -testers with one of the pronto-type,,,, 2-6 oz., while this rod is of "Thin Diameter", don't let that fool you, this is thin diameter, but thick wall blank, plenty of back bone, with power to spare, myself, i was never a fan of "thin diameter" rods, feeling that they didn't have what its takes, and that they wouldn't handle ,their lure rating..... well this BH rod, has changed my mind ,LOL, Changed my outlook on "thin walled " rods..well i guess, you could teach, a old dog, new tricks,,, so to speak...and priced to sell -Butch N.
  9. hi RR, yes the BH CC 2 HEAVY, is called "heavy", not because the rod is heavy, trust me it is not, i have jigged all nite on many occasions, and, i not fatigued, or tired,and being 63 years young, that is pretty good, i have many friends, who also have, used said the same, when jigging this rod also...BH uses "heavy", on their lure rating, meaning higher lure rating (4-10), their "Regular", meaning, lighter rating, 2-6...
  10. i suggest bringing, Black hole, Surf rods, being that the show , is a Surfcasters show....
  11. well Kil-Song, the show is a"Surfcasters" show, bring all your Surfcasting
  12. Black-Hole, is and will be coming out with a new line , of thin- light , rods this spring,,one of the thinnest and strongest , in the surf rod industry....... getting back what you mentioned, about the CC 2 10ft. heavy,, there is not to many, if not at not , any rod , that can compare the power and strength, of this rod, if there are other rods out there, thinner and lighter, no way they can compare to the CC 10ft. Heavy...
  13. the sweet spot, i use, 2-3 oz. with the 3/4-4 oz., 10ft.ECS...
  14. hi R+R, there are plenty of guys, using the 10,, 11ft. CC Surf ll Heavy up north, heavy jigging, with very good results, with big stripers, in big current....these rods have power to spare...
  15. if reopen i will take for the asking please...