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  1. THANKS, SR, i think, we might both be to late....oh well, we will see...
  2. how many inches, is it , from the tip to first guide....?
  3. i am confused..?
  4. i think, i was first offered "others", first...
  5. i will take other colors...
  6. i thought, i was getting first shot of other offered me first...
  7. if you split, i am interested in the green one, thanks....can meet up
  8. offer $150, meet up Kurt please,,,how are you buddy ?...
  9. "canal fish don't count".......WHY?!!...cause of the breaking fish during a day time blitz ?...or maybe cause , 2017-2019, fish caught ?...well I beg the differ with you, over time and years, i put my time in, maybe you have also, if you have, then you know, that "Jigging", heavy jigging, is not a easy task, knowing, when, where, how, the bottom structure is, at the canal, is putting time in,plus add the current , to deal with, in the wee hours of the nite, yes i get it, your claim, i am HOPING the canal goes back, how is was years prior, less fish, less people, but BIG rewards, After the Hunt, ..."canal fish don't count".....sure it does....
  10. , BM, I AGREE, Casting jigs is one thing,but to my way of thinking, the rod's ability to lift, hold, and allow the jig flutter back down, are a more important consideration.......the lift is everything, any rod with proper lure rating , sure, can cast...
  11. TY , i will take,,,, PM already send....
  12. lol,lol,,, i had a feeling , and i knew, a old-time (experience) fisherman,like yourself, would appreciate, and take these, wonderful, fishcatching, Hellcats, on mine, i loaded some, with BB's, similar, to the Redfins.....- Butch N.
  13. would you take $36, cash.. please..
  14. lami 120m, one of my favorite rods, but not for the canal, to moderate, i use mine at Montauk, under the lighthouse, where a longer rod, only gets in the way, of your casting....
  15. did you buy any bridges....Made in China, is still associated made with junk, Fiber Star Comp. an AMERICAN, made rod company, closed their doors, being, that they could not compete with the " Made in China" bulshit..China- cheap labor, cheap materials used to make the blanks,....i guess you know China is a COMMUNIST country, they are everything our COUNTRY is not, not to make this political, but i am soooo grad Pres. Trump, is briinging back, manufacturing in the really think China, likes the USA,,,There are more bridges to be bought, you think this virus, came from a bat,LOL,,, MORE CHINA hate for the USA...!!!