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  1. Im headed up north this weekend, looking to see if anyone has a good recipe for lakers?
  2. Now a girl that will fish with you ..... Thats a keeper
  3. Lobster doesnt have any chance of getting away when its attached to a line. Where does this Lobsterman fish out of ?
  4. This phenomenon of agitated water glowing is due to millions of microscopic diatoms which are bio-luminescent. They light up when they are disturbed, L. polyedrum sp.is a likely candidate. The glow is not caused by phosphorus but rather a very sophisticated chemical reaction that occurs inside of this microscopic plankton. It used a chemical call Luciferin, and lights up by a similar mechanism to that of a fire fly. Interestingly it is thought that this glowing behavior has evolved as a defense mechanism against shrimp or other small invertebrates copepods ect... Shrimp eat the plankton, in turn the plankton light up to attract fish to eat the shrimp. If anything I would say this is probably helping you out rather than hurting you but who really knows. Either way it is beautiful to watch
  5. Rock on
  6. Cannibalism is a common practice among fish. Largest large mouth I ever caught was on another large mouth. I was fishing a few weekends ago at a pond in western NH and a little tike saw me catch a 25 in eastern chain pickerel, he proceeded to ask me "what does he eat" to which I replied -anything that will fit in his mouth
  7. Nice work
  8. Caught a bunch of macks in winter harbor ME last weekend
  9. Best reels ever made for the money, Penn 700z series you will have it forever and they are very inexpensive
  10. gotta love those teeth
  11. Nice fish
  12. When fly fishing in trout streams the etiquette is very very well maintained. I feel this is because trout stream fly fisherman(not all) have a greater understanding of proper manners simply because they are vocal about it. Years ago when I first started fly fishing I waded right through a run an older guy was drifting a nymph through, he called me over and told me what I had done wrong, politely. He knew I was green and taught me a thing or too about the sport. From that point on I was no longer ignorant.
  13. Sad situation, I always say it is worth it to explain to them in a polite way that you wanted to fish that spot solo for a bit longer and that they can have it when you leave. This type of behavior will continue so long as people remain ignorant about fishing etiquette. It is our job to inform them in a calm, polite, manner that being a spot vulture is not acceptable. Ill bet those folks didnt even think they were doing anything wrong simply because no one ever told them.
  14. HAHAHAHAHA.....tuna silly silly people and to think the guy who said it was a cop