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  1. 3 tubes 2 1/4” square x 8 1/4” high Will easily hold up to 10” plugs under flap If packed light it’s no bigger than the tubes excluding the pork grind/water bolder holder, but there is 5 slots for metals/jigs/buck tails and plenty of room to pack more tackle in if needed.
  2. Side plate sold, rest is still available.
  3. $160 shipped works for me...pm me for details
  4. works for me sold sold sold pending payment. Thanks BassPD
  5. I'm 5' 10" about 200 and it fits me very well even with a big hoodie underneath. I would imagine it would fit you similarly, but up to you. I'm in Rhode Island. Ended up reaching for my NRS paddling jacket more often than not. HATE HATE the latex wrists and neck, but they do the job and if I ever go for a dip off the SUP or kayak I'd feel better.
  6. What verbiage would be acceptable and I'll edit to keep everyone honest. 'Excellent' 'Wonderful' 'Beautiful'?
  7. side plate sold pending payment
  8. Worn twice before going a different route. Has the neoprene wrists as shown not the latex version. $175
  9. Reel has not been serviced recently by me, but hasn't seen use since previous owner. No gear noise and feels smooth with force on handle.
  10. Used, but in great shape. $50 and will include a couple old wood plugs that need hooks and/or swivels if I get full $50.