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  1. Nobody drags the upper bay except for mantis shrimp and that is seasonal. Its coming around that time so you may have seen someone bottom trawling for mantis shrimp at night (Legally), but aside from that the amount of hangs and obstructions its in no fishermans interest to trawl the upper bay. The other thing you may have seen is the R/V Chaffee. There was also a Quahog transplant up by the river last week where trawlers were used to transport quahogs.
  2. You are right and the commercial guys have known that for years. Unfortunately though in the western world its been that if its not scientifically documented then its all fishermen's tales. They have been here a long time, but I do think they are increasing.
  3. Look for a group on facebook called galilee fishermen of dock MM. Boats will be fishing sunday after this blow passes
  4. All I can think of right now!
  5. That looks a lot like Fin Rot to me especially looking at the dorsal. An aquatic pathologist I work with was showing me mysterious cases of diseased striped bass coming from a popular river in South County so i wouldnt be shocked if this is that said river.
  6. Yeah, sorry but I dont think thats from draggers. Thinking more than likely it has to do with all the storms we have been having.
  7. It's already happened. Size selective harvests generates smaller fish. Plenty of examples of it in other fisheries such as cod and salmon. Google Scholar has tons of papers about it.
  8. Crowds. It helps with their funding when they show high numbers. Tourists love watching a cute little seal be released and Rhode Island has tons! Who wants to vacation in Connecticut, they aren't even really part of New England
  9. kooky, its been a trap fishing area since well before recreational fishing even started. You can look at documented traps from 1911 in Dr. Oviatts paper. Makomike you are absolutely correct. Not to mention, not only be effective but are regulated by location dating back to the 1800's
  10. Will probably be there until November. Its designated fish trap area but due to block island wind farm construction it hasnt been there in couple years.
  11. Went out in the bay last week and managed 2 shorts. Went out front and managed maybe a dozen shorts. Im friends with a ton of commercial fishermen and they said even they are having to go to really deep waters to find them. Something is up, the bay is dead and even in front. Not seeing much scup or black sea bass in areas I normally find them in heavy.
  12. Dead on Gill! Its never all the beach front properties with pesticides fertilizers leaching into into the estuaries making them anoxic or uninhabitable. Its the damn draggers and commercial fishermen lets blame them! Notime is right about that, large number of dead fish is more than likely some kind of environmental problem rather than fishing related.
  13. Ill put money on it, that its not the draggers. More likely the treble hooks and awful releases.
  14. Capt. Castafly, You are dead on correct about that! Ive been worried for a while now. I work with a lot of the commercial lobstermen who have fished the area for years. I've heard many many stories about the chemicals being pumped into the bay. Its actually their biggest concern. They notice everything that happens over the years, one thing they have noticed over the past couple years is a lack of starfish in the bay. A few of them looked at the chemicals that are allowed currently and found that the same chemical (skipping my mind) that is used to kill the crown of thorns starfish in Australia is being used in our treatment plants. As for the outflow in east greenwich harbor, well I talked to some Massachusetts bay lobsterrmen who fish near deer island treatment plant and they used to bring their traps to the outflow and leave them there for a few days and it would get rid of all the growth on the traps.... I always say, clear water does not mean clean or healthy water!
  15. It's my own boat so I do have the ability to go wherever. But thank you guy's for your input. As for jigs go, I'm used to using 16-22oz norwegian style jigs, is that what is used down here? I also have speed jigs but they have never worked for me.