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  1. Whats up Vin?
  2. Hola EdE
  3. Stay safe
  4. Maybe I'll work from home
  5. Does Suck especially with the Toms River and back bay has been on fire. Bass , perch and winter flounder in a few spots. Bunker all over the place. Oh well It is what it is
  6. Hook House Bait and Tackle shut down until further notice. 2 flats of bloods will be going in the garbage in a couple days. Fresh Bunker that came in this morning will be frozen for crab bait. Ed E should be frozen and or put in the Garbage as well.
  7. A win is a win regardless what they were wearing Ed E watches the Ass Landers in his underwear so whats your point
  8. For Florida?
  9. Why did work give you a new laptop? Did you poop on the old one? Again
  10. It's Time See everyone tomorrow
  11. Flyers Eff Chum
  12. Go Sixers
  13. Enjoy your Birthday Dinner
  14. Happy Birthday Mr. Tim