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  1. Sorry for late post. MDcrappie is correct, most of my fishing was done at the Dam. I'm currently on leave now and live in San Diego. I prefer to sell everything at once, if that doesn't happen by the 8th, then i will part everything you see here in the winter.
  2. Thank you for the support!
  3. So i just came back from deployment on the Carl Vinson and havnt had anytime at all to go fishing and wont have time in the future. I like to sale everything together and prefer to meet up. 13'3 Daiwa Trybeam 35-405 with box. condition 9/10 (Perfect shape barely used and only in fresh water.) 10' St Croix Triump 1-4 oz condition 7/10 8'6'' Med-Heavy 8-17lb 3/8-1oz St croix triump steelhead condition 7/10 9' St Croix Mojo 10-20lb 1-4 oz Condition 6/10 (minor straches on base of Rod) 12'0 tica surge 3-8oz 20-40lb fast Condition 8/10 Diawa Emcast Plus 4500 with 40lb power pro 150yards Condition 5/10(Cleaned and Lubed; makes little noise) Diawa Saltist 4500H with atleast 200yards of 20lb power pro Condition 8/10(replaced roller bearings; cleaned and lubed) Penn Sargus 5000 with atleast 200yards of 20lb power pro Condition 8/10 (used couple of times) Penn Sargus 3000 with power pro 10lb Condition 8/10 (used couple of time) Penn Sargus 2000 with power pro 10lbs Condition 2/10 (Bail Spring needs to be replaced other then that its 7/10) Tackle box XTool Pliers Shimano Rod Wrap Large Shimano reel cover Small Shimano Reel Cover 100s of Hooks. 7/0 Owner hooks: Quantity 8 atleast 15 1/2oz Jig Heads atleast 100 yards of 30lb mono Atleast 200 yards of 10lb mono Cabela Waders Size X Large with Box Condition 8/10 (1pin size hole ) Cabelas 13' Felt bottom wader boots with Box Condition 8/10 bunch of jigs, rigs, sinkers flies. Cold Suit acondition 9/10 Majority of my fishing was done in Fresh water and barely or never saw any saltwater with the exception of the Emcast which was bought used on this site. Everything in the picture will be included in the Lot including thing that i havnt found yet which i will include. If you have any question please feel free to ask. Everything for sale will only be available till July 6. $1000 meet in person
  4. I have for sale a used 16gb white IPhone 4 s with the original box . It will come with a griffen case and charger. The phone has been in the griffen case since the day I bought it so it will be in great condition. No scratches. Also the battery will last you a full day with a full charge. Will not come with ear phones. Asking price is $200 shipped paypal.
  5. Great little reel. I had mine for over 4 years and i cant say anything bad about them. I dunked mine countless number of times and its still very smooth. I was so happy with the 2000 that i purchased the 5000 and 3000.
  6. All i know is that the population and size of these flatheads have been increasing every year, where i fish.