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  1. I have used Metallic HT on aynthing from porgy rods to tuna rods with no problem. Capt. Neil uses it exclusively and that in itself is enough for me to believe in it.
  2. I do work on a boat and can say that at least for me it is easier to net a small fish, however it isn't that much more difficult to gaff it. That being said I highly doubt that this is true. Unless they are lip gaffing (which is pretty hard unless you are face to face with the fish) the Capt would never let them do that in front of fares for precisely this reason. Word travels fast and it wouldn't be long before any one important heard about it. They would also lose fares due to the bad press it creates. I def trust you as a source, but am still a little skeptical.
  3. I do repair work for a couple of shops in my area, I would be more than happy to take care of the guide. PM me with a number and I will give you a call and tell you where I am located.
  4. I can say that the best NJ toggin I have done is from the Norma K. The captain is unbelievable and the trip was great.
  5. I also sent a PM
  6. Ihave heard the same thing speaking with one of my buddies that works out on the draggers. He is reliable and I believe him. ------------------ J.Hansen
  7. Hey Billy, theres always me, if I am at work I am about 15 minutes from SI. ------------------ J.Hansen
  8. Hey Al, I have that reel and love it. I use it with braid for blackfish and it is like a winch. I believe that the f series reels have a 4:1 ratio like the jigmaster. Great reel. The only problem with the f series is that the side plates are plastic and when they get cold they crack easily. Replacement side plates are extremely hard to come by. ------------------ J.Hansen
  9. Haven't gotten mine either.
  10. Yes, that is definitly what you want to do. ------------------ J.Hansen
  11. From that list get the Jigmaster or the squidder. I don't think that Newells come with the handle on the "wrong" side do they? ------------------ J.Hansen
  12. I would prefer a reel that has torque over a fast reel for toggin. A jigmaster has about a 4-1 ratio and is pretty good I guess that is why I like the a 235-3.6 newell or even better, an older F series 322. (Just happens to be the two newells I have). That older one is like a winch and brings the big ones up pretty quick. ------------------ J.Hansen
  13. The corsair is definitly crap, I have taken back about 20% of the ones sold from the shop that I work in because they were broken. Everything from snapped arms to cracked spools. They might be fine for some medium to heavy fresh fishing but should be no where hear saltwater. Go with the jigmaster if you want something off of the list but my choice would be a 235-5 newell. It will handle everything you need. ------------------ J.Hansen [This message has been edited by Fencer04 (edited 12-29-2002).]
  14. Billy is right, any crew (past or present) should never be allowed in the pool. Any good boat, including the one that I work on, will never allow that. I have been a puller on other boats and have never been allowed in the pool on any of them. I was just wondering if Gami might have had an incident where one was let in and if so what boat it was on? ------------------ J.Hansen