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  1. Problem solved! it was a fuse..could have swore i heard the solinoid clicking but when i looked at it again, it wasn't. traced it out to a blown fuse under the console. Have to say i did contact the mfg...Insta Trim Boat Leveler....they were really helpful and went out of their way for me. Thanks guys for the help!
  2. Actually made by a co called " the boat lever company" Any way to confirm this diagnosis? I hate throwing parts at a problem to try and fix it. Thanks!
  3. I have a Crown line Cuddy with boat leveler trim tabs. Last trip out they got both got stuck in the down position. All I hear is a click from the unit when I push either button. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this issue? I can run the boat without them operating, is there a way to manually get them to go up? Any advice is greatly appreciated in advance...Thanks!!!
  4. Thanks to Dave for once again organizing this!
  5. Is the Bossman joining us this year???
  6. It looks like there are quite a few haddock around. Do ya think we can get Bob and Dave to give the jigs a break and dunk some bait?
  7. My Father has one, and it is nice, as long as there isn't any seaweed in the water. If ya get seaweed in the rod, it can be impossible to clean out. I am not a distance caster, so I can't comment on that...
  8. Here! Thanks Matt for holding a spot 4 me! I am in.
  9. I really don't have anything against the bypass models. Last time I installed a Lennox unit, it was an aprilaire unit with a Lennox sticker on it. Ted may be able to verify this. Either one will do the job.I really must stress the automatic humidistats, with outdoor temp, regardless of the brand. Depending on the installation, Ted is right about the actual space available on the plenum. you could be better off with a bypass model. But you have to fit the bypass in as well. The only other advice I can give you is I don't recommend using the saddle tap self piercing valve for the water supply that they provide. I believe they are illegal according to MA plumbing code, and they usually leak eventually. I use either a 1/2" x 1/4" compression angle stop or a ball valve with adapter down to 1/4" compression. I also have put in a few of the Honeywell steam units, I am a little leary on the electrical usage on them, especially when the manufacturers rep cant give me any info on the power consumed to boil water off and create steam. They do brag that they don't waste much water, but last I checked water is still pretty cheap compared to electricity.
  10. Not a problem that I am aware of. The unit humidifies the home based on the setting on the humidistat typically installed on the return plenum/ riser. It also has an outdoor temp sensor which adjusts the actual setpoint based on the temp. the lower the temp outside, the less humidity you can put in your house. too much humidity will condense on the cold windows and drip down onto your sills. The one I put in yesterday was in a 1700 sq ft ranch with 3 tons of AC, FYI. Any more ? please ask.
  11. Panasonic, hands down. As others said, an undercut of the door will help. I also want to make you aware that the best fan in the world will suffer with a poor duct run. If at all possible run straight off the fan for at least a foot before your first elbow. Keep the duct run short and sweet and make sure you use hard pipe, not flex!!! I find it necessary to insulate the duct in a cold attic. it will solve any condensation problems you may have. Hot steamy air traveling through an ice cold duct will condense and water and or ice will form in the pipe. This all depends on where you live and if your attic is properly insulated and vented. A timer is also a great idea.
  12. I have installed quite a few. Mostly Aprilaire. I actually like the 700a, which is a fan powered unit. the important part, to me, is to go with an automatic unit which works on outdoor temp. This way you won't over humidify your home. I actually have a 700A to install tomorrow. The wiring is probably the most difficult part, the instructions are pretty good though. Good luck!
  13. I would be game Jeff. Depending on the date. I have a **** ton of lead and 5 or 6 molds, some hooks. put me down as a definite maybe.
  14. Matt, i will help you with the rib eyes. the freezer is not a good place for good steak.
  15. I am not gonna make it....sorry.