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  1. well done
  2. As the weather is warming spring fever is starting to kick in and ideas in my brain are starting to brew. In the first weeks of May I have a trip planned to florida for two weeks, we are thinking about driving down my boston whaler Montauk. We will be driving to Ponte Verdra Beach where my dads house is located, refuel and get a days rest then head to the Everglades and then the Florida keys. The tow vehicle is an f150 with tow package, i have full confidence in the truck, but i was looking for some pointers how to prepare the boat and trailer to make this journey. The original plan was to use our canoe an kayak that we own in florida, but i feel that the whaler would make it much easier with three people and we would be able to fish more ground and rougher water. Any tips and pointers would be very helpful, I want to start getting the boat ready now. Thanks a bunch, tight lines Alexander [ATTACHMENT=12078]IMG_0856.jpg (1,532k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  3. Wyckoff, bergen county. Its north jersey
  4. From the album 1985 f250 for sale 4x4

  5. From the album 1985 f250 for sale 4x4

  6. From the album 1985 f250 for sale 4x4

  7. From the album 1985 f250 for sale 4x4

  8. fished the lib inlet last night the banks and even used live spot in the dark, winds calmed down, saw a few shorts pulled. Missed two hits with my friend. Saw birds working and fished them but nothing was under them………strange evening to say the least
  9. price just reduced to 7,500
  10. up the street from me, an older woman's husband passed away about a year after having the truck so she only drove it once a month.
  11. From the album 1985 f250 for sale 4x4