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  1. That is exactly how I fish, for monsters. It's low percentage, but so much fun. Big bait, big hooks big cast. Can't wait to get back out there.
  2. Many years where I didn't have anything heavier than a six and started building up an inventory or 8-10 for special occasions. With the long shaft on the Sea Striker and a good shock leader, I go ahead and use a fish finder and let some line out after the sinker grabs. It doesn't always work, but I try it anyway. I have read over the years that Stripers and Drum like a rough surf, but the only fish I've caught in water like Saturday's are Bluefish.
  3. I went up to 10 o.z. Pyramid with no luck holding bottom on or past the outer bar. It did hold in the slough. I switched to a 6 o.z. Sea Striker as well.
  4. Fished all day Saturday 7:30 - 6:30. Rough surf and could not hold bottom without a satellite sinker. One good hit all day. Sun was brutal.
  5. Made it down to AI/VA over the weekend. Nice Sand Bar Sharks in the morning an evening over the outer bar. Pompano and spot up close. I saw a fisherman just south of me land two 40+ inch Drum on Sunday Morning. The beach seams to have a long flat bar reaching from the beach out to about 250 ft for most of the OSV down to the Coast Guard Station. I'll be back on Saturday. See you there.
  6. I'm pretty sure you're right. I'm getting to or over the second bar and I'm sure it's deep there, so the braid is probably going through the sand and shells and what not. This is going to be chronic on Assateague so maybe braid's just not the right kind of line for me. I'm loading up with Suffix Tritanium Plus to try on Saturday. By the way this pattern of line breaking happens with my Bait Casters, not my Spinning.
  7. Line. Shock leader an knot are holding fine.
  8. My question has to do with long distance casting and braided line. I use 50# powerpro slick braid with a 60lb mono shock leader and a 525mag casting reel. When I arrive at the beach I will work my way up to a long cast to allow the line to lay on the reel properly. When I get up to a full effort cast, with good form, the line will often break at the reel @ 1/2 way through the arc of the cast. My form is good and it does not happen every time but does happen often. I am switching to Monofilament to see if the line is wat's causing the issue. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  9. Same routine for me and no fly problems. I don't even use the socks, just burry my feet in the sand.
  10. I have two twelve foot prevail casting rods that I love. I've used them hard with no issues except for having to replace the inserts on the a couple of the guides and that's due to closing them in the Jeep hatch. Getting it serviced was a breeze. Sounds like you got one from a bad batch.
  11. Post this on the "Fishing Industry Insiders" forum for PENN Fishing to see and he will help you get the part you need.
  12. It took me 25 years of surf fishing as an adult to catch my first trophy sized fish from the surf in the DelMarVa. Most of that time I was not serious about the fishing, I just enjoyed the time on the beach with the hope of catching a big one. Over the last 4 years I've focused on Casting, Reading the Water/Beach(I did fluid simulations in a 3D modeling software that helped a lot), Weather(I posted the first iterations of my Catch Data to Weather reading here a few years ago) and the feeding and migration patterns of my target fish. I always catch fish, spring summer and fall, with big sharks and skates mixed in with small pan fish and blues. Stick with it, you'll enjoy the catches more because of the work it takes to get good at surf fishing. Good luck.
  13. Had a great visit with Mom in La Jolla and was able to get out to Torrey Pines beach for a morning of Surf Fishing. Mom got the biggest catch with this Guitar fish. Thanks to the posts in this topic and the guys at Squidco Tackle in San Diego.
  14. Picked up the same real over the winter and it took a while for me to get used to the speed of the spool. I use it with my 10ft rod and it needs lot's of feathering. Works great once you get used to it. Held up well with a 40lb Ray in July. I use 50lb Power Pro V2 Slick braid with a 60lb mono shock leader.
  15. Heading out from the DelMarVa area to visit my Mom in La Jolla. I'm going to hit the surf for a few fishing sessions. Thanks for the advice.