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  1. We saw 30"+ in Spring 2018 and back in 2017 as well.
  2. Fished AI/MD Saturday 10/26 9-6. No fresh bait available, so used frozen. 1 Flounder and 1 Shark. The day was beautiful. I think this is my last run for the fall.
  3. Stop by and say hi next time you see me. I'm in a red Jeep Cherokee 2017, usually trying to make the Hatteras Cast work :). It would be great to meet some folks from the forum.
  4. My brother and I fished AI/MD Thursday through Sunday. It was absolutely beautiful out there. We caught Blues all day with a few sharks and skates mixed in to keep us busy and happy. On Thursday, we were alone way south on the island when another fisherman showed up on the outgoing tide @3:30, he hooked a huge Red and fought it all the way down to where I was fishing. He landed it on the beach and then lost it to a wave when his shock leader broke off. I know he was upset, but it was a great fish and I was happy he got it to shore. I caught one unexpected fish
  5. Added arrows showing wind direction on the wind line Drum_Data_2016_2017.pdf
  6. Here's the latest with 2016 data for comparison. It looks to me like the kick-off for the Drum that frequent AIMD is the fall Equinox combined with water temperature dipping to the lower end of their preferred range (70). They seam to move in and out of the surf as the storms move through, eating up pre-storm (Barometer falling) and post-storm (Barometer rising) with an aversion to barometer reading below 1015mb. For both 2016 and 2017 there appears to be a storm event in mid to late October that puts an end to the season. drum_v2.pdf
  7. I spent all of the 90's and the early 2000's going to Avon and the point. I made lot's of mistakes then and had no plan for fishing, I have a few hilarious stories of missteps (including loosing a rod into the surf to a fish). The craziest thing is that my buddy Mike from MA that goes surf fishing with me and has less experience than I do caught a 50lb Drum on my least expensive gear, using tiny pieces of bait on a little fireball rig on a flubbed cast that he did not feel like redoing. That was 15(or more, they go by so fast) years ago and I need to catch up with him on the Drum catching. The whole story is really funny. The 6 hour drive got to be too much for weekend trips so we switched to AIMD and fell in love with the place.
  8. I will be pulling that data as well, my macros are built for the NOAA data so I'll hit that first.
  9. NOAA got back to me yesterday and the older data is available now. I'll incorporate it over this coming weekend.
  10. I was able to reach noaa, they have a bug in their website for the 2016 data I'm going to pull, they think it will be fixed by the weekend. I'll pull the data and add it in over the weekend. Thanks to everyone for the advice and feedback, I will be making the trip to Assateague every Saturday starting the last week in September and schedule my long weekend trips for the first weekend in October and the third weekend in October. I've been working on my reading the beach skills, casting, knot tying and not getting my Jeep stuck so I'll be relaxing and enjoying myself, Drum or no Drum. Good luck to everyone.
  11. Beautiful pictures. I guess there's no way to stay dry when you're releasing a big Drum
  12. Thanks LuckyOC, castnet and KOSS your feedback is really important. I figured that the catch data would be anecdotal butt the fisherman in the DelMarVa community where the only ones I found giving reports. I was sure it would be under reported but it was something. On another note, I read an article on the Weather Channel site about coastal fishing and how the Barometric Pressure effects the fish's Swim Bladder. The article stated that falling barometric pressure caused fish discomfort as their swim bladder expanded and that they would move to deeper water to relieve the pressure and return to shallower water 24-48 hours afterwards. I'm seeing a little of that in the data.
  13. I went through all the posts in the Fishing Reports for September and October 2017, I'll be doing the same for 2016 over the next few weeks. You will see the list on the third page of the PDF. The noaa data is proving a little difficult to get to for 2016 for the OC observation station, but if they archive it I'll find it. I'm being careful not to include any location of the catch other than AIMD as I know many folks feel strongly about their favorite spots.
  14. I've been fishing Assateague Island, MD for some years now and I'm getting serious about the fall Red Drum run in 2018. I just love surf fishing and go whenever I can get time off in the spring and fall and have a great time whether or not I catch fish. My brother and I go as well as friends from MA. When you have to plan ahead and can only stay for a long weekend, It's important to try and hit the beach when you have the best chance of catching fish. I looked through last years weather patterns and the fishing reports to try to find a trend to plan my fall trip. I thought I would share it and get the DelMarVa forum's thoughts. Here you go: * 2017_drum_Catch_data.pdf
  15. I don't post often but am a longtime Assateague Island fishing fan. Granddaughter and I went out on Saturday and caught a few small Stripers.