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  1. Hey guys, looking for a conventional reel for jigging tuna. Would you guys recommend? $300-400 would be great.
  2. Hmmmm. I’ll check it out. Anybody else?
  3. Hey guys, buddy just got a 2000 26ft Grady. Last night about doing 20knts the boat would lean hard to the left or right at any time as if we were getting hit broadside from a big wave. However the water was flat last night . Any ideas what can cause this?
  4. All 1 piece
  5. Looks good but I don’t have the rails.
  6. Hey guys I have a ram with a trifold hard cover. How are you transporting ur rods ? I like the 1 that mounts to a tool box but I don’t have 1
  7. Anybody?
  8. Hey guys, buddy is looking at new boat. 26ft NORTHCOAST and 25ft seahunt gamefish. Opinions please . Never been on either. Looking to go offshore on the right days.
  9. Will do, thank you.
  10. Anybody?
  11. Hey guys, buddy got this off beach few days ago. I’m hearing brown, blk tip or spinner. What do you think?
  12. Seemed b4 only older battery was doing it, now yesterday the newer battery( 2016) is also doing it
  13. 1 battery is 3 yrs other is 1 year. Had they both load tested bEfore the year started
  14. Hey guys. When I restart my boat and have the GPS/VHF powered on when I turn the key they both shut off. I have to power up the GPS however the VHF is a direct line to the battery so it powers up itself. Any ideas it may b?
  15. Hey guys, was gonna beach the boat in mansquan river sun. With wife son and couple of his friends. Have not been there in few years. Is island there at hight tide. What's best times to injoy the day there. Thanx for ur input